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Number of sights 12 sights
Distance 6.1 km
Ascend 124 m
Descend 147 m

Explore Kaunas in Lithuania with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Activities in KaunasIndividual Sights in Kaunas

Sight 1: Aleksoto Šv. Kazimiero bažnyčia

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St. Alexoth's Church in Alexoth. Casimir Church is a Catholic church in Kaunas, Aleksotas, Antakalnio str. 35, about 0.6 km north of Aleksotas market place. On the main street of the district Weivers, uphill, a reference to the attraction to st. St. Casimir's Church. Next to each other stands the old wooden and new brick churches.

Wikipedia: Aleksoto Šv. Kazimiero bažnyčia (LT)

1229 meters / 15 minutes

Sight 2: Aleksoto funikulierius

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Aleksotas Funicular is a funicular railway located in Aleksotas elderate of Kaunas, Lithuania. The funicular constructed on the right bank of the Nemunas River was officially opened on 6 December 1935. The track of the Aleksotas funicular remained unchanged. The track has a separation in the centre of the track for carriages to pass. Special automatic brakes were installed in carriages not to let them run down in case of cable damage. The length of funicular is 132.9 metres (436 ft), gradient - 18 degrees. Authentic traction equipment, including the genuine pre-war wagons, wooden seats, and stop platforms of the funicular are still used.

Wikipedia: Aleksotas Funicular (EN)

1588 meters / 19 minutes

Sight 3: Kauno Šv. Gertrūdos bažnyčia

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Kaunas st. Gertrūda's church is a Gothic-style church in the east of Kaunas Old Town, at the end of Laisvės avenue, in a small courtyard.

Wikipedia: Kauno Šv. Gertrūdos (Marijonų) bažnyčia (LT)

227 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 4: Kauno Tado Ivanausko zoologijos muziejus

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Kauno Tado Ivanausko zoologijos muziejus

The Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum was established in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1919 by Tadas Ivanauskas (1882–1970).

Wikipedia: Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum (EN), Website

496 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 5: Kauno valstybinis lėlių teatras

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Kaunas State Puppet Theatre is a puppet theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. The professional theatre was established in 1958. Each theatrical season it offers to the spectators twenty puppet performances, and 4–5 new plays are usually staged. There are two halls for spectators – 226 and 50 seats each in the theatre. Small museum of puppets characters is set at the premises of the theatre. The theatre performed plays in festivals of many foreign countries.

Wikipedia: Kaunas State Puppet Theatre (EN)

130 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 6: Kauno miesto kamerinis teatras

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Kaunas city Chamber Theatre is a municipal theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. The theatre was established in 1976 as Kaunas Youth Musical Studio.[1] Its founder and long-standing director was the Lithuanian actor and opera singer Stanislovas Rubinovas.[2] The theatre obtained the status of a professional theatre in 1986 and was called Kaunas Youth Chamber Theatre. Its name was changed to Kaunas Chamber Theatre in 2005. After Stanislovas Rubinovas death, his son, actor and director Aleksandras Rubinovas, was leading the theatre as artistic director from 2014 till 2016. From April 2016 former municipal budget office Kaunas Chamber Theatre was replaced by the public institution Kaunas City Chamber Theatre. The theatre, in addition to his own productions, also started to represent chamber productions of other Lithuanian theatres more intensively.

Wikipedia: Kaunas Chamber Theatre (EN), Website

122 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 7: Kaunas State Musical Theatre

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The Kaunas State Musical Theatre, formerly Kaunas City Theatre, is a theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. It is home to a musical theatre company of the same name, established on 27 November 1940 in the former State Theatre hall on the Laisvės Alėja.

Wikipedia: Kaunas State Musical Theatre (EN)

450 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 8: National Theater of Drama in Kaunas

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The National Kaunas Drama Theatre (NKDT), formerly Kaunas State Drama Theatre, is a theatre and theatre company in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company is the oldest professional theatre troupe in Lithuania, founded in 1920 at the building now known as the Kaunas State Musical Theatre. It moved to its current location, the building formerly housing the "Metropolitain" cinema, in 1959.

Wikipedia: National Kaunas Drama Theatre (EN)

780 meters / 9 minutes

Sight 9: St. Michael the Archangel Church

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St. Michael the Archangel Church

Kaunas st. The church of the archangel Michael (Crew) stands in kaunas new town, in the eastern part of Laisvės avenue, in the center of a specially formed square.

Wikipedia: Kauno Šv. arkangelo Mykolo (Įgulos) bažnyčia (LT)

426 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 10: Jurgio Mačiūno aikštė

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Jurgis Maciunas Square is a square named after The Founder of Fluxus Jurgis Maciunas, located in Kaunas, Naujamiestis, at a tripartite intersection connecting Vytautas Avenue, Donelaitis and Exhibition streets. The aforementioned intersection is located in front of the building No. 1 of Parodos str., where J. Maciunas himself lived as a child. The square was presented to the public on July 20, 2017, but the official ceremony of unveiling the square did not take place. This is said to have been contrary to the philosophy of the Fluxus movement, whose manifesto is based on the square.

Wikipedia: Jurgio Mačiūno aikštė (LT)

403 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 11: Tibeto skv.

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Tibet Square is a square in Kaunas, in a triangular islet at the intersection of Trakai and Krėva streets, southeast of the intersection of these streets, on the east side of Krėvos st., north of Tranquility Park. Named after the independence-seeking autonomous region of Tibet. Near the square operate institutions of representatives of various nations and religious denominations.

Wikipedia: Tibeto skveras (Kaunas) (LT)

270 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 12: Kaunas mosque

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Kaunas Mosque is the only mosque in the city and district of Kaunas, one of only four mosques in Lithuania as well as the only brick mosque in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. It is in Centras eldership, Tatars Street 6 Kaunas.

Wikipedia: Kaunas Mosque (EN)


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