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1. Kauno tvirtovės VII fortas

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The Seventh Fort or VII Fort is a defensive fortification built in Žaliakalnis district of Kaunas, Lithuania, during implementation of the first phase of the construction of the Kaunas Fortress. It is located near the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. This Fort became the last brick fortification of Kaunas Fortress. The Seventh Fort is close to the central defenses and it is located in the rear of Kaunas Fortress. The first owner of fort was the 11th company of Kaunas Fortress Artillery. In 1915, German Army occupied the Fort without resistance. The Seventh Fort is one of the best surviving examples of a two-rampart fort, showing the typical design of a 19th-century Russian brick fort. Many authentic elements survive, such as iron window frames, ammunition warehouse gate fragments. During the Fort's restoration, a number of authentic interior details were found.

Wikipedia: Seventh Fort (EN), Website

2. Kauno Gerojo Ganytojo bažnyčia

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Kauno Gerojo Ganytojo bažnyčia / GFDL

Kaunas Good Shepherd Parish Church is a church in Kaunas, in dainava microdistrict. The parish was established on April 28, 1998. By decree No. 773 of the Archbishop of Kaunas Sigitas Tamkevičius, after the separation of part of st. St. Anthony's Parish Territories. Initially, the parish used the premises of Kaunas Dainava Secondary School. of 5 March 1999 The authors of the church project approved by the Ecclesiastical Art Commission of the Archdiocese of Kaunas are architects Algimantas Kančas and Marius Preisas. According to the project, the church provides for 350 seats. The building is modern, in harmony with the architecture of the Dainava microdistrict. On 3 July 1999, the foundations began to be laid. On August 31 of the same year, the cornerstone of the church was consecrated.

Wikipedia: Kauno Gerojo Ganytojo bažnyčia (LT)

3. Gričiupio parkas

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In a buckwheat ward near Grippy Park in Manchester. After the park's name was obtained from Greaves Creek, it presumed that it started with the name of the same shop. The park includes part of the sewer stream, but the water surface of this valley. One side of him is the student dormitory, and the other side is the KTU church hall. Exclusive lowland waterfront is connected by illuminated concrete stairs and small bridges through buckwheat. This park was designed in 1993. With the continuous expansion of natural population, its area is 2.81 hectares. The identity of the park was approved in this district, 1996. December 3rd. The Chicago City Board of Trustees decided in 1999 to approve the restrictions on Park 1196. February 17th.

Wikipedia: Gričiupio parkas (LT)

4. Taikos kalno ąžuolas

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The oak of the Peace Hill is a state-protected natural heritage object in Kaunas Pažaislis silo. It is the thickest oak tree in Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park. The oak tree is swallowing in the shilling right next to the bicycle path, which meanders between the coast of Kaunas Lagoon and the south side of pažaislis monastery. The tree, named after the Oak of Peace Mountain, was of almost a similar age and shape, began to be patronized in 2001, when it "occupied" the site of the pažaislis oak, an old natural monument that grew nearby. The oak of The Peace Mountain is currently the oldest and thickest in Kaunas. The natural monument of Kaunas city has been named since 25 October 2001.

Wikipedia: Taikos kalno ąžuolas (LT)

5. Atominis bunkeris

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Museum "Atomic Bunker" is a civil protection museum located in a Soviet bunker in Kaunas, vilijampole microdistrict, Raudondvario pl. 164A (yard). Here are exhibited exclusive technical exhibits from both world wars, interwar, Cold War and present-day times. The main idea of the museum is the history of the protection of mankind. The most diverse protective technique is accumulated here. The exhibits come from private collections, some of which were donated by individual enthusiasts. The commanders of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and reserve officers contributed to the creation of the exposition. The author of the idea is businessman Julius Urbaitis.

Wikipedia: Atominis bunkeris (LT)

6. Aleksoto funikulierius

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Aleksoto funikulierius

Aleksotas Funicular is a funicular railway located in Aleksotas elderate of Kaunas, Lithuania. The funicular constructed on the right bank of the Nemunas River was officially opened on 6 December 1935. The track of the Aleksotas funicular remained unchanged. The track has a separation in the centre of the track for carriages to pass. Special automatic brakes were installed in carriages not to let them run down in case of cable damage. The length of funicular is 142 metres (466 ft), gradient - 29.5 degrees. Authentic traction equipment, including the genuine pre-war wagons, wooden seats, and stop platforms of the funicular are still used.

Wikipedia: Aleksotas Funicular (EN)

7. Pažaislis Monastery

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Pažaislis Monastery and the Church of the Visitation form the largest monastery complex in Lithuania, and the most renowned example of Baroque architecture in the country. The church is the most marble-decorated Baroque church of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It is situated in the Pažaislis neighborhood of the Petrašiūnai elderate of Kaunas, Lithuania, on a peninsula in the Kaunas Reservoir. It was declared a cultural monument and a site of Catholic pilgrimage in Lithuania. In 2021, Pažaislis Church and Monastery Complex was awarded as the best European Film location in 2020 during the 2021 Berlin International Film Festival.

Wikipedia: Pažaislis Monastery (EN), Website

8. Kauno pantomimos teatras

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Kaunas pantomime theatre is pantomime theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. Theatre was established in 1968. Founder and leader of Kaunas Pantomime theatre was artistic director Kestutis Adomaitis (1948–1996). Kaunas Municipality becomes the founder of Kaunas Pantomime Theatre in 2003. Kaunas Pantomime theatre is the only Lithuanian professional ensemble theatre with a repertoire of this genre only. The theatre performed in many foreign countries, such as Germany, Russia, Romania, Latvia, Syria, Jordan, China, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Denmark.

Wikipedia: Kaunas Pantomime Theatre (EN)

9. Veršvų piliakalnis

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Veršvų mound is a mound and a former settlement in the territory of Kaunas district municipality, Šilainiai eldership. It is accessible from the Icelandic highway ring at fort IX by driving along the Žemaičiai highway towards Vilijampole, Baltų avenue, Šilainiai highway and Gabija street until its turn to the right in the western direction, further walking past the residential houses on the north side of the deepened highway-western bend 300 m to the southwest, is slightly to the right, descending the slope to the Nemunas Valley.

Wikipedia: Veršvų piliakalnis (LT), Website

10. Jurgio Mačiūno aikštė

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George Magellan Square is a square named after George McGeev, located in the new city, the intersection of Three Cold, and Pasito. The intersection ahead is covered by the square on the square. Building 1, I lived in the same big house as a child. The public introduction of the plaza was made in 2017. However, the unveiling ceremony of the official square on July 20th has not yet been held. It has been argued that this would be a philosophy against the Floux movement, which was embodied and established on the basis of the square.

Wikipedia: Jurgio Mačiūno aikštė (LT)

11. Museum of Aviation

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The Lithuanian Aviation Museum is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The museum was officially opened in 1983. The permanent collection of the museum contains more than 18 000 displays of different fields of technology. The major part of the collection is dedicated to the history of aviation in Lithuania. It includes about 40 flying machines, models of airplanes, flyers, gliders and helicopters of various times, and designed during the Interwar period of Lithuania first combat aircraft the ANBO I by General Antanas Gustaitis.

Wikipedia: Lithuanian Aviation Museum (EN), Website

12. Dubravos arboretumas

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Dubravah's tea ceremony is in Girioni, near the oblong road in 1902. This is a place where trees are collected from the breeding cavity in the northeast direction, where the road runs from medulla oblongata to Begonia and around the city. Its accumulation, storage and display of valuable science from the cognitive and decorative point of view of local and imported flavonoids in plants. Translocation occupies 51.5 hectares. More than 800 kinds of plants are planted here, including subspecies, fancy and woody plants.

Wikipedia: Dubravos arboretumas (LT)

13. Vieškūnų piliakalnis

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The public body mound is located in the east of Kaunas city, in Palemonas, near kaunas lagoon, in the former territory of Publickūnai village. Located between the Nightingale Valley (in the north) and the Pažaislis Yacht Club (in the south), next to it are the remains of the fortifications of the Railway (Palemonas) fortifications, and from the west comes the stream of Shueliškiai Ravo. It is one of the best preserved mounds in Lithuania, as it was unknown for a long time and was discovered only in 1992.

Wikipedia: Vieškūnų piliakalnis (LT), Website

14. Church of Jesuites

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The Church of St. Francis Xavier is located in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. The church, dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, was built in the Town Hall Square in the Old Town of Kaunas by Jesuits. The Jesuits opened their first residence in Kaunas in 1642 and established a chapel in the House of Perkūnas in 1643. Later they also founded a first four-form school in the city in 1649. The construction of the church started in 1666, and it was consecrated in 1722.

Wikipedia: Church of St. Francis Xavier, Kaunas (EN)

15. Kauno lėlių teatras

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Kaunas State Puppet Theatre is a puppet theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. The professional theatre was established in 1958. Each theatrical season it offers to the spectators twenty puppet performances, and 4–5 new plays are usually staged. There are two halls for spectators – 226 and 50 seats each in the theatre. Small museum of puppets characters is set at the premises of theatre. The theatre performed plays in festivals of many foreign countries.

Wikipedia: Kaunas State Puppet Theatre (EN)

16. VIII Fortas

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Kaunas Eighth Fort, also known as Linkuva, is a former military fort in Šilainiai elderate, Kaunas, Lithuania. Built in 1889–1890, it is part of Kaunas Fortress, which was constructed by the Russian Empire. The Eighth Fort was the first element of Kaunas Fortress to use concrete. The structure is currently abandoned and semi-flooded. The slopes of the fort have been used since the interwar period as a community garden.

Wikipedia: Eighth Fort (EN)

17. V Fortas

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V Kaunas Fort - part of Kaunas Fortress in the southwestern part of the city, in the bunny, next to the Kaunas Lagoon, on the upper terrace of the Surmena stream. On the north side, the fort is surrounded by Vaišvydava Street, in the southeastern - Alksnių Street. The fort is currently in the territory of Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park. In the Register of Cultural Heritage - Since 2002, a unique code 26353.

Wikipedia: V Kauno fortas (LT)

18. House of Perkunas

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The House of Perkūnas is one of the most original and Gothic secular buildings, located in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. Originally built by Hanseatic merchants and served as their office from 1440 until 1532, it was sold in the 16th century to the Jesuits who had established a chapel there in 1643. The Jesuits have also completed the Church of St. Francis Xavier at the Town Hall Square in 1722.

Wikipedia: House of Perkūnas (EN)

19. Aukštųjų Šančių piliakalnis

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The High Šančiai Mound is a mound in the territory of Kaunas municipality, on the banks of the Nemunas, Šančiai eldership. It is reached in High Šančiai by driving from K. Baršauskas Street by Breslauja, French and Verkiai streets, without reaching the soldiers' cemetery, 250 m to the left in the east direction from the car park – the track leads from the park, 100 m south of the site.

Wikipedia: Aukštųjų Šančių piliakalnis (LT), Website

20. Church of Saint George the Martyr

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St. George the Martyr Church, Kaunas is a Roman Catholic church in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania, which stands in front of the Kaunas Castle. It is a prominent example of Gothic architecture in Lithuania. The church was heavily damaged during the Napoleonic Wars and most recently during the occupation of the Baltic states when the church was converted into a medicine warehouse.

Wikipedia: Church of St. George the Martyr, Kaunas (EN)

21. Synagogue of Kaunas

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Kaunas Synagogue is one of two operating choral synagogues in Lithuania. It is located in Centras eldership, Kaunas. The Neo-Baroque synagogue was built in 1872. In 1902, before the Holocaust in Lithuania, it was one of over 25 synagogues and Jewish prayer houses in the city. The radically designed synagogue claims to have one of the most beautiful arks in the entire Jewish world.

Wikipedia: Kaunas Synagogue (EN)

22. St. Michael the Archangel Church

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St. Michael the Archangel's Church or the Garrison Church is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania, closing the perspective of the Laisvės alėja, the main pedestrian street. It was built between 1891 and 1895 when Kaunas was part of the Russian Empire, in Neo-Byzantine style largely for the use of the Russian Orthodox garrison of Kaunas Fortress.

Wikipedia: Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Kaunas (EN)

23. Tibeto skv.

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Tibetan Square - Square in Kaunas, at the triangle island of Trakai and Krėva streets, southeast of the intersection of these streets, eastern Krėvos str. by the side, north of the Peace Park. Named after the autonomous Tibetan region seeking independence. There are institutions of representatives of various nations and religious denominations near the square.

Wikipedia: Tibeto skveras (Kaunas) (LT)

24. Kauno Šv. Gertrūdos bažnyčia

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Church of St. Gertrude is located in the Old Town of Kaunas and is one of the oldest Brick Gothic churches and buildings of Gothic architecture in Lithuania. Located just off Laisvės alėja, the church is somewhat hidden away and can be accessed from Laisves aleja through a gate at a hotel which is located nearby the Court building on Laisves alėja.

Wikipedia: Church of St. Gertrude, Kaunas (EN)

25. Kauno Viešpaties Apsireiškimo cerkvė

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The Druze of Novorossiysk performed in droves before the Eucharist at the Old Monastery in Gane, at Green Gagagana in Ghana, and at Mount Ga. 1A, the former barracks are on campus. There are vigils in the church, St. John's Church. Sergion Radonik, one of the top six Sagittarius fortresses. In 2014. Writes culture values to the registry.

Wikipedia: Kauno Viešpaties Apsireiškimo cerkvė (LT)

26. Kauno Švč. Sakramento bažnyčia ir Domininkonų vienuolynas

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Church of the Blessed Sacrament or Corpus Christi Church is a Roman Catholic church in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. The church was damaged by the Napoleonic Army in 1812 and together with the Dominican Monastery was closed in 1845 by the order of Russian tsar Nicholas I of Russia, in 1865 it was converted into an Orthodox church.

Wikipedia: Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Kaunas (EN)

27. Aleksoto Šv. Kazimiero bažnyčia

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St. Alexoth's Church in Alexoth. Casimir Church is a Catholic church in Kaunas, Aleksotas, Antakalnio str. 35, about 0.6 km north of Aleksotas market place. On the main street of the district Weivers, uphill, a link to the sightseeing object to st. St. Casimir's Church. Next to each other stands the old wooden and new brick churches.

Wikipedia: Aleksoto Šv. Kazimiero bažnyčia (LT)

28. Linkuvos dvaras

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Linkuva Manor is a former manor house dab. Kaunas part of The City of Linkuva, Šilainiai sen. Fragments of the manor house are located in the northwestern part near the western bypass of Kaunas Via Baltica. Easily found by road directions from the wide Balts Avenue. The surviving manor house is a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Linkuvos dvaras (Kaunas) (LT)

29. Kauno Šv. Sergijaus Radonežiečio cerkvė

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St. John's Church of the Cowboys. The Sergion Radonik's hood stands on the left bank of Nim, west of Fredo's estate, adjacent to the VDU Botanical Gardens. Along with the defenders, at the Quds Church, at the Quds Church, this is one of the first six tanks of the former tanks. Is a registered cultural object.

Wikipedia: Kauno Šv. Sergijaus Radonežiečio cerkvė (LT)

30. Aukštosios Panemunės Švč. Mergelės Marijos Vardo bažnyčia

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High-order blessings without awns. The name of the Virgin Mary is near the church, standing in Manchester, at Panmen, at the mouth of the seed. To the southwest of the church is a 250-meter Panamen cemetery. The parish is at the top of the church, as well as the saints. The chapel of the Pius Brotherhood.

Wikipedia: Aukštosios Panemunės Švč. Mergelės Marijos Vardo bažnyčia (LT)

31. Vytautas Magnus Church

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Vytautas Magnus Church

Church of Vytautas the Great or the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Roman Catholic church in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania, and is the oldest church in the city and an important example of Gothic architecture in Lithuania, having the only Gothic cross-shaped plan in Lithuania.

Wikipedia: Church of Vytautas the Great (EN)

32. Panemunės Aušros Vartų Švč. Mergelės Marijos, Gailestingumo Motinos, koplyčia

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Panemunė Aušra Gates Švč. The chapel of M. Mary, Mother of Mercy, is st. Mary's Chapel of St. Mary. Pius X Fraternity Chapel in Kaunas, Panemunė district, Birutės str. 1, near panemunė trolleybus ring. It does not belong to the High Panemunė Švč. to the parish of the Name of the Virgin Mary.

Wikipedia: Panemunės Aušros Vartų Švč. Mergelės Marijos, Gailestingumo Motinos, koplyčia (LT)

33. Mažoji Kristaus Prisikėlimo bažnyčia

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The Church of the Resurrection of Christ is in Catholic Kaohsiung, in Jiageng, in Gaoke. No.4 is the second parish of Christ Resurrection Parish, which is the center of Christ Resurrection Cathedral. The two holy places stand in the blue sky of the same block, 0.4 kilometers apart from each other.

Wikipedia: Kauno Mažoji Kristaus Prisikėlimo bažnyčia (LT)

34. Kauno evangelikų liuteronų bažnyčia

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Kaunas Lutheran Holy Trinity Church is a Lutheran church in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. It is one of the first Lutheran churches in Kaunas, built in 1683. The wooden main altar dates from 1692. The church was closed by the Soviet authorities, nowadays it used by the local university.

Wikipedia: Kaunas Lutheran Holy Trinity Church (EN)

35. Kauno evangelikų reformatų bažnyčia

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Kaunas Evangelical Reformed Church is located in Kaunas, in the center, at E. Ožeškienės str. 41, its tower is located on the hill of the beginning of Savanorių Avenue. On the steep slope next to the church there is a concrete staircase connecting Savanorių ave. with Ožeškienės st.

Wikipedia: Kauno evangelikų reformatų bažnyčia (LT)

36. IV Fortas

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IV Kaunas Fort – part of Kaunas Fortress in the south of the city, in Rokai, Plytinės str. 15. The fort lies on the upper terrace of the left valley of the Nemunas, at the source of the Merry Creek. Included in the Register of Cultural Property in 2002, unique code – 10708.

Wikipedia: IV Kauno fortas (LT)

37. Romainių fortas

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Romainių fortas / GFDL

Romainiai or X fort is a part of Kaunas Fortress in the second ring of forts, on the western edge of Šilainiai eldership, in Romainiai. The unfinished object is located in the forest 300 m from Kaunas Forest Enterprise, nearby – Romainiai Tuberculosis Hospital.

Wikipedia: Romainių fortas (LT)

38. Zoo of Lithuania

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Lithuanian Zoological Garden previously known as Kaunas' Zoological Garden is the oldest scientific zoo in Lithuania. It is located in an Ąžuolynas oak grove park in the south-western Žaliakalnis elderate of Kaunas. The territory of the zoo is 15.66 hectares.

Wikipedia: Lithuanian Zoo (EN), Website

39. Povilo Stulgos lietuvių tautinės muzikos instrumentų muziejus

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The Povilas Stulga Museum of Lithuanian Folk Instruments is located in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. Its permanent collection contains Lithuanian and international musical instruments, recordings, books, placards, photographs, and letters.

Wikipedia: Povilas Stulga Museum of Lithuanian Folk Instruments (EN), Website

40. Istorinė prezidentūra

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The Historical Presidential Palace is a Neo-baroque building in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania that served as the Presidential Palace during the interwar years. Today, the palace is a branch of the M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum.

Wikipedia: Historical Presidential Palace, Kaunas (EN), Website

41. Kauno Šv. Dvasios bažnyčia

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St. John's Church of the Cowboys. The Church of the Spirit (Saint-Das) stands in Gaoling, Jehol, 0.2 km northeast of the Millikonke Highway and Millikonke. At the intersection. Serving one of the largest cowboy parishes in the city.

Wikipedia: Kauno Šv. Dvasios bažnyčia (LT)

42. Kaunas mosque

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Kaunas Mosque is the only mosque in the city and district of Kaunas, one of only four mosques in Lithuania as well as the only brick mosque in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. It is in Centras eldership, Tatars Street 6 Kaunas.

Wikipedia: Kaunas Mosque (EN)

43. Kauno Apreiškimo Švč. Dievo Motinai soboras

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Kaunas Annunciation Švč. For the Mother of God, the sobor is an Orthodox chapel, which stands in Kaunas, in the southern part of the Tranquility Park, next to Kaunas Church of the Resurrection of Christ and Kaunas Bus Station.

Wikipedia: Kauno Apreiškimo Švč. Dievo Motinai katedra (LT)

44. Kaunas State Musical Theatre

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The Kaunas State Musical Theatre is a musical theatre in Kaunas, Lithuania. It was established on November 27, 1940, in the former State Theatre hall adjoining the Laisvės Alėja. For some time, it mostly presented operettas.

Wikipedia: Kaunas State Musical Theatre (EN), Website

45. Kauno Pastarųjų dienų šventųjų Jėzaus Kristaus bažnyčia

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Kaunas Latter-day Saints' Church of Jesus Christ is a Mormon church of a religious movement based on Christianity, operating in Kaunas, dainava microdistrict, Draugystės ave. 1. A modern meeting house was built here.

Wikipedia: Kauno Pastarųjų dienų šventųjų Jėzaus Kristaus bažnyčia (LT)

46. Pakalniškių piliakalnis

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Pakalniškės Mound is located in Kaunas district, on the left bank of the Nemunas, east of the current Bunny, in Girionys. Accessible from Grand St. Vaišvydavos. In 2022, the Girioniai mound was discovered nearby.

Wikipedia: Pakalniškių piliakalnis (Kaunas) (LT), Website

47. II Fortas

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The second Caucasian fortress is part of the high platform fortress of Julianava. Built from 1887 to 1888 and rebuilt from 1893 to 1898. In 1908. Cultural value registration since 2002, the unique code is 26351.

Wikipedia: II Kauno fortas (LT)

48. Kauno Šv. Mikalojaus Stebukladario sentikių cerkvė

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Kaunas St. Nikolajus Magadaris Church is the only old believers' church in Kaunas, Žaliakalnis district, at the intersection of Kapsai and Širvintos streets. Žaliakalnis pro-gymnasium is located nearby.

Wikipedia: Kauno Šv. Mikalojaus Stebukladario sentikių cerkvė (LT)

49. National Theater of Drama in Kaunas

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The National Kaunas Drama Theatre is the biggest theatre in Kaunas, and one of the oldest functioning theatres in Lithuania. There are six different creative spaces for events in the Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Wikipedia: Kaunas State Drama Theatre (EN)

50. Kauno Naujoji apaštalų bažnyčia

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Kaunas New Apostolic Church – The New Apostolic Church, located in Kaunas, dainava microdistrict, V. Krėvė ave. 80 A. On the other side of the street there is a Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd.

Wikipedia: Kauno Naujoji apaštalų bažnyčia (LT)


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