Free Walking Sightseeing Tour #7 in Leipzig, Germany


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Number of sights 7 sights
Distance 5.4 km
Ascend 39 m
Descend 38 m

Explore Leipzig in Germany with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Activities in LeipzigIndividual Sights in Leipzig

Sight 1: Gohliser Schlösschen

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The Gohliser Schlösschen is a Rococo building built as a representative bourgeois country house in the Leipzig district of Gohlis. It is one of the city's sights.

Wikipedia: Gohliser Schlösschen (DE), Website

375 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 2: Friedenskirche/Paxkirche/Jugendkirche Leipzig

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The Friedenskirche - also known as a Paxkirche since 2016 -, an Evangelical Church in Leipzig's district of Gohlis, has been used as a youth church since 2016.

Wikipedia: Friedenskirche (Leipzig) (DE), Website

800 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 3: Michaeliskirche

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The Michaelis Church in Leipzig is a Protestant church building dedicated to the archangel Michael from the time of the Revolution 19. to 20th century.

Wikipedia: Michaeliskirche (Leipzig) (DE), Website, Website

450 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 4: Gasbehälter Gaswerk I

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The list of cultural monuments in Leipzig-Mitte (Center-Nord) contains the cultural monuments of the Leipzig district of "Center-Nord", which were recorded in the list of monuments of the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments by June 20, 2013.

Wikipedia: Liste der Kulturdenkmale in Leipzig-Zentrum-Nord (DE)

1254 meters / 15 minutes

Sight 5: Apelstein 36

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Apelstein 36

The Apel-stones, named after the writer Theodor Apel from Leipzig who commissioned them, mark important events during the Battle of Leipzig. There are 50 in total. They were sculpted by A. F. Aster, and put up between 1861 and 1865.

Wikipedia: Apel-stones (EN)

1201 meters / 14 minutes

Sight 6: Freund und Feind im Tod vereint

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The Nordfriedhof is a public cemetery run by the city of Leipzig, located at Berliner Straße 125–127 in the district of Eutritzsch between Hamburger Straße, Theresienstraße and Maximilianallee, directly adjoining the smaller Old Jewish Burial Ground.

Wikipedia: Nordfriedhof (Leipzig) (EN)

1354 meters / 16 minutes

Sight 7: Gedächtniskirche

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The Schönefeld Memorial Church is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Leipzig's Schönefeld district. The former village church was rebuilt between 1816 and 1820 as a classicist hall church.

Wikipedia: Gedächtniskirche Schönefeld (DE), Website


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