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Here you can find an overview of free self-guided walking sightseeing tours in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Click on a marker on the map to get started and view details about the tour. Underneath is an overview of the sightseeing tours with the names of the sights per tour. A total of 5 tours are available in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

List of cities in Taiwan Individual sights in Kaohsiung

Tour 1

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Number of sights6 sights
Distance 2.0 km
Ascend 26 m
Descend 21 m

  • 鳳山縣舊城東門--鳳儀門
  • 龍虎塔
  • 城邑左營慈濟宮
  • 鳳山縣舊城北門
  • 鳳邑舊城城隍廟
  • 春秋御閣
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Tour 2

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Number of sights6 sights
Distance 3.0 km
Ascend 30 m
Descend 29 m

  • 西子灣
  • 雄鎮北門
  • 哈瑪星代天宮
  • 高雄武德殿
  • 哈瑪星台灣鐵道館
  • 高雄港港史館
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Tour 3

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Number of sights5 sights
Distance 3.6 km
Ascend 31 m
Descend 34 m

  • 原日本海軍鳳山無線電信所
  • 大東文化藝術中心
  • 鳳山龍山寺
  • 鳳儀書院
  • 鳳山雙慈亭
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Tour 4

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Number of sights8 sights
Distance 6.2 km
Ascend 83 m
Descend 85 m

  • 高雄鼓山亭
  • 前金萬興宮
  • 玫瑰聖母聖殿主教座堂(前金天主堂)
  • 高雄歷史博物館
  • 高雄港港史館
  • 哈瑪星台灣鐵道館
  • 高雄武德殿
  • 哈瑪星代天宮
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Tour 5

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Number of sights7 sights
Distance 6.7 km
Ascend 114 m
Descend 105 m

  • 高雄歷史博物館
  • 玫瑰聖母聖殿主教座堂(前金天主堂)
  • 前金萬興宮
  • 高雄鼓山亭
  • 城市光廊
  • 逍遙園
  • 自來水公園
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Why Visit Sights? Self-guided sightseeing tours are a free and safe alternative to bus tours. You can explore Kaohsiung at your own pace, any time! Also you are doing something good for your health by walking.