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Explore Regensburg in Germany with one of our free walking tours. Click on a marker on the map to get started and view details about the tour. Below is an overview of the sightseeing tours. A total of 4 tours are available in Regensburg, Germany.

Individual Sights in Regensburg
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Languages English
Duration 2h
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Free Walking Tour Through the Historic Center of Regensburg
You are hereby invited to explore Regensburg with me in a fun and informative way. You will learn interesting inside stories about the stone bridge, the cathedral, the history of the medieval...
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Self-guided Tour #1

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Number of sights 20 sights
Distance 5.8 km
Ascend 59 m
Descend 54 m

  • Herz Marien
  • St. Leonhard
  • Scots Monastery
  • Dominkanerkirche St. Blasius
  • Volkssternwarte Regensburg
  • Emmeramer Tor
  • Bischof-Johann-Michael-von-Sailer Denkmal
  • Dreieinigkeitskirche
  • Justitiabrunnen
  • Kepler Gedächtnishaus
  • Old Town Hall
  • Domschatzmuseum
  • Sankt Johann
  • Saint Peter's Cathedral
  • Museum Sankt Ulrich
  • Herzogsturm
  • Niedermünster
  • Museum der Bayerischen Geschichte
  • Karmelitenkirche Sankt Joseph
  • Jüdisches Gemeindezentrum
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Self-guided Tour #2

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Number of sights 16 sights
Distance 5.9 km
Ascend 63 m
Descend 61 m

  • Donau-Schiffahrts-Museum Regensburg
  • Domschatzmuseum
  • Sankt Johann
  • Brückturm
  • Steinerne Brücke
  • Kepler Gedächtnishaus
  • Justitiabrunnen
  • St. Oswald
  • Herz Jesu
  • St. Leonhard
  • Herzogspark
  • Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie
  • Eckzeichen
  • Dörnbergpark
  • Sankt Fidelis
  • Herz Marien
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Self-guided Tour #3

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Number of sights 5 sights
Distance 2.1 km
Ascend 18 m
Descend 27 m

  • Keplerdenkmal
  • Ostentor
  • St. Cäcilia
  • Gedenkbüste Theobald Schrems
  • Emma Einstein
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