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Number of sights 10 sights
Distance 3.4 km
Ascend 50 m
Descend 35 m

Experience Bonn in Germany in a whole new way with our self-guided sightseeing tour. This site not only offers you practical information and insider tips, but also a rich variety of activities and sights you shouldn't miss. Whether you love art and culture, want to explore historical sites or simply want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of a lively city - you'll find everything you need for your personal adventure here.

Activities in BonnIndividual Sights in Bonn

Sight 1: Villa Deichmann

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Villa Deichmann

The building at Basteistraße 18 is a villa in Rüngsdorf, a district of the Bonn district of Bad Godesberg, which was built from 1900 to 1902. It lies above the banks of the Rhine (Von-Sandt-Ufer) at the end of a cul-de-sac starting from Basteistraße. The villa, as well as the adjoining gardener's house and the neighbouring former Deichmann coach house, are listed as architectural monuments.

Wikipedia: Basteistraße 18 (Bonn) (DE)

273 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 2: Villa Cappell

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The Heisterbachstraße 39 building is a villa in Rüngsdorf, a district of the Bonn district of Bad Godesberg, which was built in 1904/05. It is located above the banks of the Rhine (from Sandt bank) at the end of Heisterbachstrasse. The villa was a residence of the British ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany until the end of the 1990s and is a monument protection as a monument.

Wikipedia: Heisterbachstraße 39 (Bonn) (DE)

209 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 3: Alter Kirchturm

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Alter Kirchturm Nicolas von Kospoth (Triggerhappy) / CC BY-SA 2.0 de

The Rüngsdorf church tower, a Romanesque choir tower, is the only remnant of the old parish church of St. Andreas in the Bonn district of Rüngsdorf, which belongs to the district of Bad Godesberg. Together with grave crosses from the 17th/18th century and a stone cross, it is listed as an architectural monument.

Wikipedia: Rüngsdorfer Kirchturm (DE)

306 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 4: Villa Camphausen

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Villa Camphausen is a villa in Mehlem, a district of the Bonn district of Bad Godesberg, which dates back to the second half of the 19th century. It is located on the east side of Mainzer Straße with a park extending to the banks of the Rhine. The villa, together with the park and a Prussian milestone, is listed as an architectural monument.

Wikipedia: Villa Camphausen (DE)

849 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 5: Adele Levy

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The list of Stumbling Stones in Bonn contains Stumbling Stones that were laid in Bonn as part of the art project of the same name by Gunter Demnig.

Wikipedia: Liste der Stolpersteine in Bonn (DE), Website

760 meters / 9 minutes

Sight 6: Trinkpavillon Kurfürstenquelle

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The Kurfürstenquelle with healing water is located in the city park of the Bonn district of Bad Godesberg. In addition to this healing water spring served in the drinking pavilion there, there is the Draitsch spring in the local fountain avenue, where both healing waters are offered for sale.

Wikipedia: Kurfürstenquelle (Bad Godesberg) (DE)

218 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 7: Kleines Theater

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The Kleines Theater is a venue for plays, boulevard comedies and musicals in Bad Godesberg, a district of Bonn. The current theatre building, built in 1922/23, is located in the spa gardens in the Alt-Godesberg district at the address Koblenzer Straße 78. It is a listed building.

Wikipedia: Kleines Theater (Bad Godesberg) (DE)

235 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 8: Redoute

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The Redoute in Bad Godesberg, now part of Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is a hall opened in 1792 for balls of the court of Archduke Maximilian Francis of Austria. When Bonn was the location of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, from 1949 to 1990, state receptions were held at the Redoute. Today, the listed historical building is used for events.

Wikipedia: Redoute, Bad Godesberg (EN), Website

209 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 9: Schauspielhaus

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The Schauspielhaus Bad Godesberg is the largest theatre in the city of Bonn and the first new theatre building in the Federal Republic of Germany in the post-war period. The building was constructed in the Bad Godesberg city centre in the early 1950s. It now belongs to the Alt-Godesberg district of Bonn and is located at Theaterplatz 9 / Am Michaelshof 9 ; it is under Denkmalschutz.

Wikipedia: Schauspielhaus Bad Godesberg (EN)

335 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 10: St. Marien-Kirche

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The church of St. Marien in Bad Godesberg, built in the early 1860s, is a church of the Catholic parish of St. Marien and St. Servatius. The church, located at Burgstrasse 43a, has a Gothic Pietà from the end of the 13th century from the estate of the artist Paul Kemp. It is a listed building.

Wikipedia: St. Marien (Bad Godesberg) (DE)


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