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Number of sights 29 sights
Distance 12.1 km
Ascend 145 m
Descend 152 m

Experience Copenhagen in Denmark in a whole new way with our self-guided sightseeing tour. This site not only offers you practical information and insider tips, but also a rich variety of activities and sights you shouldn't miss. Whether you love art and culture, want to explore historical sites or simply want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of a lively city - you'll find everything you need for your personal adventure here.

Activities in CopenhagenIndividual Sights in Copenhagen

Sight 1: Kains efterkommere

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Cain's descendants or "Jabal, Jubal and Tubalkain" is a monument erected at the end of Lyshøj Allé facing Toftegårds Allé, near Toftegårds Plads in Valby in Copenhagen. The bronze sculpture was made by the Frenchman Paul Maximilian Landowski (1875-1961) and paid for by the Albertina Scholarship. It depicts three Old Testament old men. Cain was the great-great-grandfather of Lemek, who had three sons. In the 1. Genesis, chap. 4, it is said that Lamech had two of them with his wife Ada: Jabal the shepherd, who became the ancestor of all those who live in tents and keep cattle, Jubal the poet, who became the father of all them, plays the harp. With Zilla, he got the blacksmith Tubalkain, who became the ancestor of all those who forge copper and iron. He stands and guards the fire.

Wikipedia: Kains efterkommere (DA)

513 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 2: Johannes Døbers Kirke

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St. John the Baptist's Church is located on Trekronergade in Valby in the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Wikipedia: Johannes Døbers Kirke (DA)

802 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 3: Jesuskirken

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JesuskirkenMatthew Black from London, UK / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Jesus Church is a church situated just off Valby Langgade in the Valby district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was commissioned by second-generation Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen and designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup. Noted for its extensive ornamentation and artwork, it is considered to be one of the country's most idiosyncratic and unconventional examples of church architecture. The church was built as a mausoleum for Carl Jacobsen and his family and is located close to their former house as well as the former Carlsberg brewery site. Their sarcophagi lie in the crypt. Throughout the church, there are ornaments and inscriptions associated with the family.

Wikipedia: Jesus Church, Copenhagen (EN)

559 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 4: Søndermarken

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Søndermarken is a park in Frederiksberg on the border to Valby and the Carlsberg area in Copenhagen, Denmark. It shares much of its history with Frederiksberg Gardens from which it is separated only by Roskildevej. Cisternerne—an underground venue for art exhibitions in the former cisterns—are located inside the park.

Wikipedia: Søndermarken (EN)

440 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 5: Mindehøjen i Søndermarken

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The Memorial Mound, situated on a slope in Søndermarken, close to Frederiksberg Palace, is a memorial to Danish emigrants in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wikipedia: Memorial Mound, Copenhagen (EN)

920 meters / 11 minutes

Sight 6: J.C. Jacobsens Have

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J.C. Jacobsens HaveThomas Angermann from Copenhagen, Denmark / CC BY-SA 2.0

The J. C. Jacobsen Garden, also known as the Academy Garden, is a public garden in the Carlsberg area of Copenhagen, Denmark. The main entrance is through a pergola on the left-hand side of the Tap E building, a former bottling plant which now serves as a cultural venue.

Wikipedia: J. C. Jacobsen Garden (EN)

538 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 7: Enghave Kirke

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Enghave Kirke

Enghave Church is located in Vesterbro Parish, which is located in the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Wikipedia: Enghave Kirke (DA), Website

985 meters / 12 minutes

Sight 8: uKirke

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Gethsemane Church is located in Vesterbro Sogn in the City of Copenhagen, in Dannebrogsgade on Vesterbro. The church was one of the 16 churches that the Copenhagen Diocese of the Copenhagen Diocese was initially recommended to be closed. Minister of Culture Marianne Jelved recommended that the church be closed down December 31, 2014.

Wikipedia: Gethsemane Kirke (DA), Website

285 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 9: Vejprisen

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The Road Award was established by the Danish Road Directorate in 1994. The award is intended as a gesture that focuses on the elevation of the aesthetics, cultural history, functionality and design of the Danish roads.

Wikipedia: Vejprisen (DA)

1377 meters / 17 minutes

Sight 10: Trold, der vejrer kristenblod

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Trold, der vejrer kristenblodPedro Cambra from London, United Kingdom / CC BY 2.0

Trold, der vejrer kristenblod is a bronze sculpture made by Niels Hansen Jacobsen (1861–1941).

Wikipedia: Trold, der vejrer kristenblod (EN), Website

301 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 11: Dæmonen

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Dæmonen is a floorless steel roller coaster at the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, it reaches a height of 28 metres (92 ft), is 564.0 metres (1,850.4 ft) long, and reaches a maximum speed of 77 kilometres per hour (48 mph). The roller coaster features a vertical loop, an Immelmann loop, and a zero-gravity roll. Dæmonen replaced Slangen, a family roller coaster, and officially opened on 16 April 2004. A record number of guests attended the park that year, but the public has since given the ride mixed reviews.

Wikipedia: Dæmonen (EN)

98 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 12: The Concert Hall

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Tivoli Concert Hall is a 1,660-capacity concert hall at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. The building, which was designed by Frits Schlegel and Hans Hansen, was built between 1954 and 1956. The concert hall is used for classical music, Broadway musicals, and jazz musicians.

Wikipedia: Tivoli Concert Hall (EN)

133 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 13: Tivoli Gardens

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Tivoli Gardens European Commission / CC BY 4.0

Tivoli Gardens, also known simply as Tivoli, is an amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. The park opened on 15 August 1843 and is the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world, after Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg, also in Denmark, and Wurstelprater in Vienna, Austria.

Wikipedia: Tivoli Gardens (EN), Website

83 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 14: Glassalen

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The Glass Hall is a 957-seat theatre venue located inside the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wikipedia: Glass Hall (Tivoli Gardens) (EN)

145 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 15: The Ferris wheel

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The Ferris wheel

The Balloon Fry is an amusement ride in Tivoli from 1943.

Wikipedia: Ballongyngen (DA)

75 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 16: Star Flyer

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Star Flyer is a carousel-meets-watchtower style amusement ride in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark. It was manufactured by Funtime and opened in May 2006.

Wikipedia: Star Flyer (Tivoli Gardens) (EN)

83 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 17: Rutschebanen

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The Roller Coaster in Tivoli in Copenhagen is a roller coaster built in 1914, and it is one of the world's oldest roller coasters. It was built by the engineer Walther Queenland from Ireland, who also built the Roller Coaster at Dyrehavsbakken in 1932. The roller coaster in Tivoli ran its first ride with guests in mid-June 1914.

Wikipedia: Rutschebanen i Tivoli (DA)

508 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 18: Mariakirken

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St. Mary's Church is located on Istedgade in Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

Wikipedia: Mariakirken (DA)

529 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 19: Det Ny Teater

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Det Ny Teater is an established theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, first opened in 1908. It is based in a building which spans a passage between Vesterbrogade and Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen's theatre district on the border between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg.

Wikipedia: Det Ny Teater (EN), Website

144 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 20: Eliaskirken

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Eliaskirkenschmilblick from Stockholm, Sweden / CC BY 2.0

Elijah's Church is a Church of Denmark parish church located on Vesterbros Torv in the heart of the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Completed in 1908 and designed by Martin Nyrop, who has designed Copenhagen City Hall, it was the largest church to be built by the Copenhagen Church Foundation.

Wikipedia: Elijah's Church (EN)

229 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 21: Skydebanehaven

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SkydebanehavenLisa Risager from Denmark / CC BY-SA 2.0

Skydebanehaven is a small public park in the heart of the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Its name refers to the former shooting range of the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society which used to be located on the site. The most distinctive feature of the park is the Neo-Gothic Shooting Range Wall which was constructed in 1887 to shield traffic on Istedgade from stray bullets. The other end of the park is bounded by the rear of the former headquarters of the Shooting Society, a Neoclassical mansion which has more recently housed the Museum of Copenhagen.

Wikipedia: Skydebanehaven (EN)

393 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 22: Apostelkirken

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The Apostle Church is a church building of the Church of Denmark in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen. It was built in 1901 by architect Valdemar Koch.

Wikipedia: Apostle Church (EN)

431 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 23: Sankt Matthæus Kirke

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St. Mathew's Church is the oldest and largest church in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located at the corner of Mathæusgade and Valdemarsgade and was completed in 1880 to design by city architect Ludvig Fenger.

Wikipedia: St. Matthew's Church, Copenhagen (EN)

421 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 24: Kristkirken

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Christ Church is a Church of Denmark parish church situated on Enghave Plads in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was designed by Valdemar Koch, who also built several other churches in Copenhagen around that time. Completed in 1900, it was the first new church to be opened in the fast-growing neighbourhood to relieve the pressure on St. Mathew's. Its style is inspired by Italian Romanesque church architecture.

Wikipedia: Christ Church, Copenhagen (EN)

238 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 25: Enghaveparken

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EnghaveparkenJane Mejdahl from Copenhagen, Denmark / CC BY-SA 2.0

Enghaveparken is a public park in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was laid out in the late 1920s to cater for the citizens of the expanding city. The park is completely closed off while undergoing comprehensive renovations June 2018-December 2019.

Wikipedia: Enghaveparken (EN)

453 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 26: Vesten for Humlen

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West of the hops is a small park in Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen. The park was completed in 2018 along with the rest of the new buildings and is located next to Ny Carlsberg Vej.

Wikipedia: Vesten for humlen (DA)

332 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 27: Thor's battle against the Jötunns

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Thor's battle against the JötunnsMatthew Black from London, UK / CC BY-SA 2.0

Thor in Battle with the Giants is a sculpture by Carl Bonnesen on the roof of the brewery of Ny Carlsberg in Copenhagen.

Wikipedia: Thor i kamp med jætterne (DA)

286 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 28: Bakkehusmuseet

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Bakkehuset is a historic house museum on Rahbeks Allé in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dating from the 1520s, it has served a number of functions over the years, including as a farmhouse, inn, private home, psychiatric hospital and orphanage. It is particularly associated with the Danish Golden Age when it was owned by Knud Lyne Rahbek and his wife, Kamma Rahbek, used it as a venue for her salons.

Wikipedia: Bakkehuset (EN), Website

766 meters / 9 minutes

Sight 29: Teatret Ved Sorte Hest

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The theatre at Sorte Hest Vesterbrogade 150 is one of Copenhagen's oldest intimate theatres. The theatre was founded in 1978 by actors Brigitte Kolerus, Michael Lindvad and set designer Ves Harper.

Wikipedia: Teatret ved Sorte Hest (DA), Website


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