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Number of sights 13 sights
Distance 9.1 km
Ascend 174 m
Descend 158 m

Explore Brno in Czechia with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Activities in BrnoIndividual Sights in Brno

Sight 1: Nanebevzetí Panny Marie

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The Baroque Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is located in the eastern part of Zábrdovice, belonging to the Brno-Židenice district. It is situated near the banks of the Svitava River at the intersection of Lazaretní and Zábrdovická streets.

Wikipedia: Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (Brno-Zábrdovice) (CS)

1858 meters / 22 minutes

Sight 2: Moravské náměstí

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Moravian Square is a public space in the centre of the Brno-střed district, located on the north-eastern edge of the cadastral area of the City of Brno. Its northern part is occupied by two parks, separated by a tram and a road. In the eastern one there is a monumental monument "The Victory of the Red Army over Fascism" by sculptor Vincenc Makovský. The western part is in the form of a recreational park with trees and flower beds, in its middle there is a multifunctional area with a water feature. In the southern part of Moravian Square stands the Church of St. Thomas with the adjacent Augustinian monastery. The paved square is enclosed by the block of the DOPZ building with the Scala cinema from the south and the seat of the Supreme Administrative Court from the west.

Wikipedia: Moravské náměstí (CS)

862 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 3: Park Obilní trh

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Obilní trh is a square with a park in Brno, in the Veveří district, between Údolní and Gorkého streets.

Wikipedia: Obilní trh (CS)

359 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 4: sv. Rodiny

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The Church of the Holy Family is a Roman Catholic monastery church attached to the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in Grohova Street in the Veveří district of Brno, in the Brno-střed district. It belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Third Order of St. Joseph. Františka, which was founded in Brno on 15 March 1886.

Wikipedia: Kostel Svaté rodiny (Brno) (CS)

625 meters / 8 minutes

Sight 5: Botanická zahrada

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Botanická zahradaThis image is a work by Mercy. When reusing, please credit me as: Mercy from Wikimedia Commons. I would appreciate being notified if you use my work outside Wikimedia. Do not copy this image illegally by ignoring the terms of the license below, as it is not in the public domain. If you would like special permission to use, license, or purchase the image please contact me to negotiate terms. More of my work can be found in my personal gallery. / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University is located in Brno at the intersection of Kotlářská and Veveří streets, near Konečný náměstí.

Wikipedia: Botanická zahrada Přírodovědecké fakulty Masarykovy univerzity (CS), Website

860 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 6: Husův sbor

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Husův sbor Fredericus / CC BY 3.0

The Hussite Congregation in Botanická Street in Brno is a functionalist building located in the centre of Brno.

Wikipedia: Husův sbor (Brno-Veveří) (CS), Url

609 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 7: Blahoslavův dům

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The Blahoslav House is the spiritual centre of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren with a church in the Veveří district of Brno, in Lidická Street. 79.

Wikipedia: Blahoslavův dům (CS), Website

510 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 8: Lužánky

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Lužánky is the largest city park in Brno and the oldest municipal park in the Czech Republic. The park is located in the Brno-střed District and covers an area of 22.3 hectares.

Wikipedia: Lužánky (EN)

584 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 9: náměstí 28. října

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28. října Square is a square in Brno, Czech Republic, located in the Černá Pole district between Milady Horákové Street and Lužánky Park. The square has a rectangular ground plan and is oriented from north to south. In the middle of the square there is a city park, which has housed a memorial to the Brno victims of the Holocaust since 2014.

Wikipedia: Náměstí 28. října (Brno) (CS)

465 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 10: Löw-Beer Villa in Brno

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Löw-Beer Villa in Brno Pokud má díla používáte mimo projekty Wikimedia, ocenil bych upozornění. Nekopírujte tento snímek nelegálně tím, že ignorujete níže uvedené licenční podmínky, neboť se nejedná o volné dílo. Více z mé práce najdete v mé osobní galerii. / CC BY-SA 4.0

Villa Löw-Beer is an Art Nouveau villa in Brno-Černá Pole built between 1903 and 1904 according to the design of architect Alexander von Neumann for the industrialist Moritz Fuhrmann. From 1913 to 1939, the villa was inhabited by the family of Alfred and Marianne Löw-Beer, the parents of Grete Tugendhat. Both the villa and the garden of the villa are open to the public.

Wikipedia: Vila Löw-Beer (Brno-Černá Pole) (CS), Website

613 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 11: Vila Tugendhat

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Villa Tugendhat is an architecturally significant building in Brno, Czech Republic. It is one of the pioneering prototypes of modern architecture in Europe, and was designed by the German architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. It was built between 1928 and 1930 for Fritz Tugendhat and his wife Greta, of the wealthy and influential Jewish Czech Tugendhat family. Of reinforced concrete, the villa soon became an icon of modernism. Famous for its revolutionary use of space and industrial building materials, the building was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001.

Wikipedia: Villa Tugendhat (EN), Website

529 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 12: Schreberovy zahrádky

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Schreber's gardens is the designation of the park in the Brno district of Brno-sever. The 2.4 ha park is located in the cadastral territory of Černá Pole on the approximate triangle between the streets of the Lesnická, Yugoslav and Volejníkova streets.

Wikipedia: Schreberovy zahrádky (CS)

1208 meters / 14 minutes

Sight 13: Botanická zahrada a arboretum Mendelu

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Botanická zahrada a arboretum Mendelu

The Botanical Garden and Arboretum of Mendel University in Brno covers an area of 10.96 hectares in the south-east of the cadastral area of Ponava near the border with the Brno-North district, near Drobného Street and Generála Píky Avenue. Since 1990 it has been part of the Brno-Královo Pole district. There is an important collection of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants, including exotic ones, imported from Japan. The Botanical Garden and Arboretum is an educational and purpose-built facility of Mendel University in Brno, which was founded by August Bayer in 1938, originally on an area of 2 hectares. Wedding ceremonies can be held in the garden. Exhibitions are held here several times a year.

Wikipedia: Botanická zahrada a arboretum Mendelovy univerzity v Brně (CS), Website


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