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Explore interesting sights in Keelung, Taiwan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 15 sights are available in Keelung, Taiwan.

Sightseeing Tours in Keelung

1. 奠濟宮

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The palace of the Lai Ji, also known as the temple of the Holy King, the temple of the Holy King, is located in the charity district of Keilong City, Taiwan, built in the first year of Qingguang (1875), the master sacrifice of the Kaizhang Holy King, and the Kelon Temple of the Guiling City, Kelon Qingying'an Palace is collectively called "Kelon Three Temples". Keilong Temple Night Market is named after the Palace of Lai, and it is centered on the surrounding streets. The back temple "Qingying Palace" was originally built by the Quanzhou people of Dongguang years to honor the temple of the Waterazhi king, and the Japanese era merged with the Palace of Lake for a reason. After renovation, the temple still has a pillar of Qingying years, and also ancient monuments.

Wikipedia: 奠濟宮 (ZH)

2. Qing An Temple

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Qing'an Palace, also known as Keelung Mazu Palace, Keelung Mazu Temple, is located in the Renai District of Keelung City, Taiwan, built in the 45th year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1780), the main worship of the Virgin Mary of Heaven (its main deity is also known as "Keelung Ma"), and the Dian Ji Palace, Keelung City God Temple together known as the "Keelung Three Temples", also listed as one of the "Keelung Eight Views". The statue of Mazu enshrined in the temple can be divided into Meizhou Ma, Quanzhou Ma, and Zhangzhou Ma according to the source, symbolizing the reconciliation of the Zhangquan weapon fight in the past.

Wikipedia: 基隆慶安宮 (ZH)

3. 許梓桑古厝

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The Khóo Tsú-song old house is a historical site located in Keelung, Taiwan. The place is named after its main owner, Khóo Tsú-song (1874-1945), a Taiwanese notable who has been in charge of Keelung city as well as Taipei province during the Japanese period. Khóo Tsú-song (許梓桑) is his name pronounced in Hokkien, his mother tongue, but he is more well-known today as Hsu Tsu-sun, which is the same name with a pronunciation in Mandarin. Adding to his political responsibilities, he was also a well-known personality in artistic circles, especially connected with poets from all over the country.

Wikipedia: Khóo Tsú-song old house (EN)

4. 基隆護國城隍廟

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Keelung Huguo City God Temple, referred to as Keelung City God Temple, is a city god temple dedicated to the city god of Keelung Hall, and together with Dian Ji Palace and Qing'an Palace, it is known as the three major temples of Keelung. In addition, the temple also enshrines the prince of the Western Qin, the lady of the city god, the prince of the city god, the civil and military judges, the Yin and Yang Division, the Zhu Division, the day and night parade, the general Fan Xie, the general of the cow and the horse, the general of the shackles, etc.

Wikipedia: 基隆護國城隍廟 (ZH)

5. 球子山燈塔

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Qiuzishan Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in Qiuzishan, Keelung City, Taiwan, which was built in 1956 and suspended after 1991. The main body of the lighthouse tower was originally white, and then it was mainly colored for national defense (green). The lighthouse was the first lighthouse designed and constructed by the Republic of China itself. In April 2018, the Airport and Port Bureau of the Ministry of Communications completed the restoration of the Qiuzishan Lighthouse, and the exterior was painted back to its original white.

Wikipedia: 球子山燈塔 (ZH)

6. 基隆神社遺址

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Keelong Shrine is a shrine in Yikhucho, Keilong, Taipei, during the Japanese period. The shrine was formerly established in 1912 as the "Kilon Golden Knife Bero Shrine", and in 1915 it was changed to "Kelon Shrine", and in 1936 the society was upgraded to the county society, the prince can long, the great soul, the noble life, the name of the Youkya, the name of the Emperor of the King, the great master and the Emperor of the Chongde. Its original site is the Zhongxin Temple of Keilong City, Taiwan, and Keilong Zhong Park.

Wikipedia: 基隆神社 (ZH)

7. Keelung Maritime Plaza

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Keelung Ocean Plaza is a public plaza located in Renai District, Keelung City, Taiwan, between Zhongyi Road and Keelung Port, with a total area of about 5,000 square meters and a composite wooden platform designed and built on the water surface of Keelung Port, which is one of the important tourist attractions in Keelung city center. The plaza is decorated with wooden reefs, wavy streamlines and rain to shade the ocean, and a large colorful LED font called "KEELUNG".

Wikipedia: 基隆海洋廣場 (ZH)

8. Fairy Cave

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Xian Dong Yan (仙洞巖), also called Fairy cave or Deity's cave, is a natural sea cave in Zhongshan District, Keelung, Taiwan. It is a designated Cultural Landscape by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage in Taiwan. The cave was a shrine and resting place for fishermen during Qing dynasty period and was converted into a Buddhist Temple since Japanese occupation period.

Wikipedia: Xian Dong Yan (EN)

9. 西班牙諸聖教堂考古遺址

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All Saints Church is located in the ruins of a Catholic church located on Ping Yi Road, Heping Island, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, Taiwan, which was established by the Spaniards in 1620~1630 AD, near the city of San Salvador, and the church (monastery) is also the earliest place for Catholicism to preach in Taiwan.

Wikipedia: 諸聖教堂 (和平島) (ZH)

10. Takasago park Site

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Takasago park Site

Takasago Park is a park that once existed in Keelung City, Taiwan, established in 1903 during the Japanese occupation period of Taiwan, and no longer exists, and its location is about the area surrounded by Xiao Yi Road, Xiao 4 Road, Zhong San Road and Xiding River in Renai District.

Wikipedia: 高砂公園 (ZH)

11. 靈泉禪寺

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Lingquan Zen Temple, located in Zhichengli, Xinyi District, Keelung City, Taiwan, is the main mountain of the Yuemei Mountain School of the four major lineages of Buddhism in Taiwan, and the ancillary buildings are listed as historical buildings of Keelung City's cultural assets.

Wikipedia: 靈泉禪寺 (ZH)

12. 基隆築港殉職者紀念碑

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Keelung Port Martyrs Monument is located in Zhongshan District, Keelung City, Taiwan, which was built in 1930 to commemorate the martyrs of Keelung Port during the Japanese occupation era, and was registered as a historical building in Keelung City on January 20, 2003.

Wikipedia: 基隆築港殉職者紀念碑 (ZH)

13. Taiwan Level Origin

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The horizontal origin of Taiwan is the reference point for calculating the altitude of various parts of Taiwan, and is now located in the northern coastal highway section of Badouzi, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, that is, 70 kilometers from the Taiwan 2 line.

Wikipedia: 臺灣水準原點 (ZH)

14. 聖安宮

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Keelung Sheng'an Palace, located in the Mazu Temple in Xiandong, Zhongshan District, Keelung City, Taiwan, is the first incense temple in Dajia Zhenlan Palace, and is also the belief center of Dajia people living in Keelung.

Wikipedia: 基隆聖安宮 (ZH)

15. Catholic Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

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Keelung Sacred Heart Church, also known as Xiding Road Catholic Church, is a Catholic church located in Zhongshan District, Keelung City, Taiwan. Its parish jurisdiction is Zhongshan District and On Happiness District.

Wikipedia: 耶穌聖心堂 (基隆市) (ZH)


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