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Explore interesting sights in Toledo, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 18 sights are available in Toledo, Spain.

Sightseeing Tours in Toledo

1. Iglesia de Santa Justa y Rufina

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The Iglesia de las Santas Justa y Rufina is a medieval church in Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It is one of a group of so-called Mozarabic parish churches in Toledo, whose existence has been documented since 1156. However, certain material remains reveal the existence in this place of an Islamic construction, which would undoubtedly have to be identified with a mosque. Until very recently, the only testimony of the existence of an Islamic construction consisted of a fragment of arch that, on a Visigothic pilaster, was embedded in the northwest facade of the temple. The reuse of a piece from previous period, combined with the characteristics of the cutting of the arch, allow them to think of an Islamic work dating around 10th century.

Wikipedia: Iglesia de las Santas Justa y Rufina, Toledo (EN)

2. Church of Santo Tomé

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The Iglesia de Santo Tomé is a church located in the historical center of the city of Toledo (Spain), and was founded after the reconquest of this city by King Alfonso VI of León. It appears quoted in the 12th century, as constructed on the site of an old mosque of the 11th century. This mosque, together with other mosques in the city, were used as Christian churches without major changes, since in the taking of the city there was no destruction of buildings.

Wikipedia: Church of Santo Tomé, Toledo (EN), Website

3. Capilla de San Blas

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The chapel of San Blas is a chapel in honour of Saint Blas de Sebaste that is located on the ground floor of the cathedral of Toledo and its octave vault on a square floor plan draws attention to its final funerary destiny. The perception offered of it made it seem dissociated from the cloister, although the architectural elements and its internal structure make it an inseparable part of it, as evidenced by the fact that it lacks direct external access.

Wikipedia: Capilla de San Blas (Catedral de Toledo) (ES)

4. Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz

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The Mosque of Cristo de la Luz is a Catholic chapel and former mosque in Toledo, Spain. It is the one of the ten that existed in the city during the Moorish period. The edifice was then known as Mezquita Bab-al-Mardum, deriving its name from the city gate Bab al-Mardum. It is located near the Puerta del Sol, in an area of the city once called Medina where wealthy Muslims used to live.

Wikipedia: Mosque of Cristo de la Luz (EN)

5. Convento de San Antonio de Padua

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The Convento de San Antonio de Padua is a Franciscan convent located in Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. Dedicated to St Anthony of Padua, the institution was created in 1525 in the former palace of the advisor comunero Don Fernando de Ávalos, confiscated by order of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor because its owner was a comunero. The entrance is Gothic-Mudéjar of the 15th century.

Wikipedia: Convento de San Antonio de Padua, Toledo (EN)

6. Alcázar of Toledo

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The Alcázar of Toledo is a stone fortification located in the highest part of Toledo, Spain. It is a large quadrangular building measuring 60 meters on a side, framed by four large towers 60 meters high, each crowned by the typical Madrid spire. Most of the building was rebuilt between 1939 and 1957 after the siege of the Alcázar during the Spanish Civil War.

Wikipedia: Alcázar of Toledo (EN)

7. Palacio de fuensalida

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Palacio de fuensalida Francisco Javier Martín Fernández / CC BY 2.0

The Palace of Fuensalida, is a palace located in city of Toledo built at the end of the first half of the 15th century by Pedro López de Ayala, the first lord of Fuensalida, is a great example of the Toledan Mudéjar, a historical typology that is scarce in Toledo built heritage, where merge three styles: Gothic, Plateresque and Mudéjar.

Wikipedia: Palacio de Fuensalida (EN)

8. The Sephardic Museum

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The Sephardic MuseumMaxim B. from Atlanta, GA, USA / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Sephardic Museum is a national museum in Toledo, Spain, that exhibits a collection of the Jewish cultural heritage in Spain, as well as of the Sephardim, the descendants of the Jews who lived on the Iberian peninsula until 1492. It occupies the former convent of the Knights of Calatrava, annexed to the Synagogue of El Tránsito.

Wikipedia: Sephardic Museum (Toledo) (EN)

9. Old Synagogue Santa Maria la Blanca

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The Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca or Ibn Shoshan Synagogue is a museum and former synagogue in Toledo, Spain. Erected in the late twelfth or early thirteenth century, it is disputably considered the oldest synagogue building in Europe still standing. The building was converted to a Catholic church in the early 15th century.

Wikipedia: Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca (EN)

10. Synagogue of El Tránsito

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The Synagogue of El Tránsito, also known as the Synagogue of Samuel ha-Levi or Halevi, is a historic synagogue, church, and Sephardic museum in Toledo, Spain. Designed by master mason Don Meir (Mayr) Abdeil, it was built as an annex of the palace of Samuel ha-Levi Abulafia, treasurer to King Peter of Castile, in 1357.

Wikipedia: Synagogue of El Tránsito (EN)

11. Parroquia de Santiago del Arrabal

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Santiago del Arrabal is a church in Toledo, Spain, built in 1245–48, at the orders of Sancho II, on the site of an earlier building, possibly a mosque. Many characteristics of Islamic architecture, such as the horseshoe arch, have remained in the present building which is built in the Mudéjar style.

Wikipedia: Church of Santiago, Toledo (EN)

12. Iglesia de San Bartolomé

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The Church of San Bartolomé is a medieval building in Toledo, in Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It is located in the southern part of the walled city, at the corner of calle San Bartolomé and calle Cristo de la Para, a few hundred meters south-west of the Cathedral of Santa María.

Wikipedia: Church of San Bartolomé (Toledo) (EN)

13. Teatro de Rojas

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The Teatro Rojas is a theater in the city of Toledo. It was inaugurated in 1879 on the old corral de comedias called Mesón de la Fruta and in its construction participated several architects. It is denominated like this in honor of the Toledan playwright Francisco de Rojas.

Wikipedia: Teatro Rojas (EN)

14. Iglesia de San Ildefonso

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The Church of San Ildefonso is a Baroque style church located in the historic center of the city of Toledo, in Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It is also known as the Jesuit church and is consecrated to Saint Ildefonso of Toledo, patron of the city and Father of the Church.

Wikipedia: Church of San Ildefonso, Toledo (EN)

15. Army Museum

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Army Museum

The National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology in Cartagena (Murcia), Spain is an underwater archaeology museum. It owns a large collection of pieces recovered from shipwrecks that begins in the Phoenician period, and arrives until the 19th century.

Wikipedia: National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology (EN), Website

16. Federico Martin Bahamontes

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The Statue of Federico Martín Bahamontes is an instance of public art located in Toledo, Spain. It consists of a bronze statue representing Federico Martín Bahamontes, winner of the 1959 Tour de France and adoptive son of the city of Toledo.

Wikipedia: Statue of Federico Martín Bahamontes (EN)

17. Iglesia de San Vicente

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The Iglesia de San Vicente is a medieval church located in Toledo, it appears as a parish already in 1125, although, there is documentation that speaks of its being founded by Alfonso VI shortly after his conquest of the city in 1085.

Wikipedia: Church of San Vicente, Toledo (EN)

18. Iglesia de San Román

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The Iglesia de San Román is a church in Toledo. The church was built in the Mudéjar style in the 13th century. On this site there was an old Visigothic structure and probably an ancient Roman building.

Wikipedia: Church of San Román, Toledo (EN), Website


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