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Explore interesting sights in Sabadell, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Sabadell, Spain.

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1. Masia de Can Rull

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Masia de Can Rull

Can Rull is a Renaissance farmhouse in the city of Sabadell protected as a cultural asset of local interest. Formerly known as Mas d'en Torrella and later Can Julià Ferrer, its current name was given by Josep de Rull who was regent of the Royal Council of Catalonia, of the Ministry of the Supreme Council of Aragon and Chancellor of the Royal Council. Currently the farmhouse gives its name to the neighborhood that surrounds it, begun in 1919. Basilica farmhouse with slopes that give water to the side facades. The main façade is exceptionally oriented to the east, has an attic with arched windows, voussoired door and Renaissance style windows. The materials used in construction are stone and pebbles. In the midday part there is an arch that could be from the fifteenth century. In the cup there is an engraved stone that dates back to 1682.

Wikipedia: Masia de Can Rull (CA)

2. Sant Julià d'Altura

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Sant Julià d'Altura is a church in Sabadell that was initially a rural parish in the former municipality of Terrassa and, later, in Sant Pere de Terrassa. When the municipality of Sant Pere de Terrassa was dissolved in 1904, Sant Julià was included in the municipality of Sabadell and today forms part of the Ca n'Oriac neighbourhood. Within the municipality there was the castle of Ribatallada, owned by the Montcada family (1136-1310) and later by the Clasquerí family, as well as the fortress farmhouse of Castellarnau and a good number of farmhouses. It is located in one of the most beautiful places of the stand, near the timba of the Ribatallada torrent and touching the forest of Can Deu.

Wikipedia: Sant Julià d'Altura (CA)

3. Sant Vicenç de Verders

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Sant Vicenç de Verders

Sant Vicenç de Verders or Sant Vicenç Sarriera. is a Romanesque style chapel in the municipality of Sabadell. It has pre-Romanesque and Lombard characteristics. The access door is in a round arch and with stone framing. It has a single nave with a barrel vault and a semicircular apse decorated with Lombard arches above a central double-glazed window. The main door and the side door have a semicircular arch. Today the entire roof is made of slabs, although previously there were only slabs in the apse. Above it there is a small opening with the same characteristics. The roof is on two sides and tiled. The portal to the main façade faces west and has a second access to the south façade.

Wikipedia: Sant Vicenç de Verders (CA)

4. Torre de l'Aigua

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The Torre de l'Aigua de Sabadell is a modernist water tank considered one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, to the point of being its identifying symbol. It stands on the east side of the city, almost on the edge of the banks of the Ripoll river, near the Caldes de Montbui road. It operated as a depot between 1922 and 1967. It is considered one of the 100 "Elements of Industrial Heritage of Catalonia" and guided tours can be made on the days of the Festa Major, the first weekend of September. The tower is listed as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest with registration number 1508-I.

Wikipedia: Torre de l'Aigua (Sabadell) (CA)

5. Museu d'Història de Sabadell

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Museu d'Història de Sabadell

The Sabadell History Museum or MHS is a pluridisciplinary museum that brings together collections on the archaeology, history and ethnology of the city of Sabadell, especially in relation to wool manufacture and the textile industry. Lectures and talks are given on subjects regarding the city's history. Entrance is free and wheelchair accessible.

Wikipedia: Sabadell History Museum (EN)

6. Plaça del Treball

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Plaça del Treball is the nerve centre of the Gràcia district of Sabadell. It is an urban green space, bounded by the streets of Sant Ferran, Permanyer, Manso and Verdaguer. Before it was developed, it had housed the football field of the Mercantile Gymnastics club. At number 1 of the square is the civic center of the neighborhood.

Wikipedia: Plaça del Treball (CA)

7. Capella de Sant Nicolau

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Capella de Sant Nicolau

The hermitage of Sant Nicolau, within the municipality of Sabadell, is located on the left side of the Ripoll river, next to the cemetery of Sabadell and in the neighborhood called Sant Nicolau in allusion to the hermitage. It is one of the four Romanesque churches in the city and today is owned by Sabadell City Council.

Wikipedia: Capella de Sant Nicolau (CA)

8. Ermita de Togores

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Ermita de Togores

The hermitage of Togores is a monument in the municipality of Sabadell protected as a cultural asset of local interest. It is a hermitage and farmhouse possibly from the fourteenth century, located to the left of Ripoll, in the valley of the Tort river, on an esplanade surrounded by oaks.

Wikipedia: Ermita de Togores (CA)

9. Castell d'Arraona

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Castell d'Arraona

The Turó del Castell d'Arraona is a mountain of 212 meters above sea level that is located in the municipality of Sabadell, in the Vallès Occidental region. At the top of the summit, the ruins of the old castle of Arraona remain.

Wikipedia: Turó del Castell d'Arraona (CA)

10. Santíssima Trinitat

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The ancient Roman church is an Abad parrish church, located at the junction of Ambra and Urban Street. The administrative level of the church depends on the bishop of Abad, who belongs to the wrong bishop.

Wikipedia: Església de la Santíssima Trinitat (Sabadell) (CA)


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