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Explore interesting sights in Sabadell, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Sabadell, Spain.

1. Sant Julià d'Altura

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Sant Julià d'Altura is a church in Sabadell that was initially a rural parish in the former municipality of Terrassa and, later, in Sant Pere de Terrassa. When the municipality of Sant Pere de Terrassa was dissolved in 1904, Sant Julià was included in the municipality of Sabadell and today forms part of the Ca n'Oriac neighbourhood. Within the municipality there was the castle of Ribatallada, owned by the Montcada family (1136-1310) and later by the Clasquerí family, as well as the fortress farmhouse of Castellarnau and a good number of farmhouses. It is located in one of the most beautiful places of the stand, near the timba of the Ribatallada torrent and touching the forest of Can Deu.

Wikipedia: Sant Julià d'Altura (CA)

2. Sant Vicenç de Verders

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Sant Vicenç de Verders

Sant Vicenç de Verders or Sant Vicenç Sarriera. is a Romanesque style chapel in the municipality of Sabadell. It has pre-Romanesque and Lombard characteristics. The access door is in a round arch and with stone framing. It has a single nave with a barrel vault and a semicircular apse decorated with Lombard arches above a central double-glazed window. The main door and the side door have a semicircular arch. Today the entire roof is made of slabs, although previously there were only slabs in the apse. Above it there is a small opening with the same characteristics. The roof is on two sides and tiled. The portal to the main façade faces west and has a second access to the south façade.

Wikipedia: Sant Vicenç de Verders (CA)

3. F

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The Font Nova laundry is an old public laundry in Sabadell, in the Vallès Occidental. They are located in the downtown district of the city, on the corner of Carrer de les Paus, 35 and Carrer de la Font Nova, 36. On the site they occupy there had already been a laundry dating from the 1830s, where in 1892 the architect Miquel Pascual i Tintorer carried out a modernist style project to enclose and cover the laundry. From the 1950s onwards the utility rooms lost their original function and fell into disuse. There are currently guided tours and workshops for schools.

Wikipedia: Safareigs de la Font Nova (CA)

4. Granja del Pas

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La Granja del Pas is a farmhouse located on the border between the municipality of Sabadell and Barberà del Vallès, on land that previously included several farmhouses and that are now largely occupied by the Sabadell Aerodrome. Before the eighteenth century it had been called Mas Castellar i Mas Murtra and, since then, Granja del Pas or Can Font del Pla. The building consists of a floor and an attic with side water slopes. It was a farm dedicated to livestock activity.

Wikipedia: Granja del Pas (CA)

5. Plaça del Treball

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The Plaça del Treball is the nerve square of the Gràcia district of Sabadell. It is an urban green space, delimited by the streets of Sant Ferran, Permanyer, Manso and Verdaguer. Before urbanizing it, he had hosted the football field of the Mercantile Gymnastic Club. At number 1 of the square is the Civic Center of the neighborhood.

Wikipedia: Plaça del Treball (CA)

6. Ermita de Togores

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Ermita de Togores

The Hermitage of Togores is a monument in the municipality of Sabadell protected as a cultural asset of local interest. It is a chapel and farmhouse possibly from the fourteenth century, located to the left of the Ripoll, in the valley of the Tort river, in an esplanade surrounded by oaks.

Wikipedia: Ermita de Togores (CA)

7. Santíssima Trinitat

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The church of the Holy Trinity is a parish church of Sabadell located on the corner of La Rambla and Zurbano street. At the level of ecclesiastical administration depends on the archpriest of Sabadell Centre which, in turn, is part of the bishopric of Terrassa.

Wikipedia: Església de la Santíssima Trinitat (Sabadell) (CA)


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