10 Sights in Biarritz, France (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Biarritz, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Biarritz, France.

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1. Rocher de la vierge

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Notre Dame Rock is a natural tourist attraction shaped like a long hull with a statue of Notre Dame on it. It is an iconic monument to the city of Biarritz in the Pyrenees. From the top of this rock, you can enjoy the whole of Biarritz Bay, with wide beaches on one side and the Basque coast on the other, all the way to the Pyrenees.

Wikipedia: Rocher de la Vierge (FR)

2. Hôtel du Palais

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The Hôtel du Palais is a hotel located beside the Atlantic beach in the resort town of Biarritz, on the Côte Basque in the French department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. It was originally built for the Empress Eugénie around 1855 as a summer villa. It was due to the visits of the imperial couple that the village of Biarritz developed into a fashionable resort. In 1880, the villa was sold and converted into a hotel casino. It was devastated by fire in 1903, but was lavishly rebuilt and enlarged within the original walls. For many years the hotel attracted the international elite, including members of the European royalty such as King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, who paid several extended visits. Although the hotel later fell into disrepair, and closed for a period in the 1950s, it has since been refurbished and is again a luxury hotel. The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Wikipedia: Hôtel du Palais (EN)

3. Église Sainte-Eugénie

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St. Eugenie's Church is located in Biarritz in the Pyrenees. It relies on the Parish of Notre Dame de Rochelle, which is formed in association with the parish communities of St. Joseph's Church, St. Charles' Church, St. Martin's Church, Brau Holy Spirit Chapel and St. Teresa's Church in Biarritz. The community of St. Martin has served the church since 2012 at the request of Bishop Elle, Bishop of Bayona.

Wikipedia: Église Sainte-Eugénie de Biarritz (FR)

4. Église Saint-Martin

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The Church of Saint-Martin is a Roman Catholic church located in Biarritz, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. It is part of the parish of Notre-Dame-du-Rocher together with the church of Sainte-Eugénie, the church of Saint-Charles, the church of Saint-Joseph, the chapel of the Holy Spirit of Braou and finally the church of Sainte-Thérèse of Biarritz. The parish depends on the diocese of Bayonne.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Martin de Biarritz (FR)

5. Musée de la Mer

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Biarritz Aquarium, also known as le Musée de la Mer, is an aquarium in Biarritz. The building, in art deco style, was opened in 1933. It went through the first renovation in 1992 to add an important collection of marine animals. An extension was added between 2009 and 2011 which doubled the visiting area and added more tanks, at the expense of space for birds.

Wikipedia: Biarritz Aquarium (EN)

6. Château Boulard

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Blatter Castle is a private residence located in Biarritz (Piernes-Atlantis) at an altitude of 63 meters. Designed by the architect of the Paris Courts, Joseph Louis Duque, in the eclectic style that prevailed in the last quarter of the 19th century, it today retains all the architectural features and major decorative elements of the original building.

Wikipedia: Château Boulard (FR)

7. Pâtisserie Miremont

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La P â tisserie Miremont is a building located in the Biarritz commune in 1 bis Place Clemenceau in the French province of Pyr é n é es-Atlantiques. According to the decree of October 1, 2006, the shop and its interior decoration have been registered in historical monuments.

Wikipedia: Pâtisserie Miremont (FR)

8. La Citadelle

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The citadel of Bayonne, baptized "Citadelle général Georges-Bergé" on September 15, 1999, is a fortified work designed by Vauban in 1680 and built at the end of the seventeenth century, at the request of Louis XIV who wanted to fortify the city of Bayonne.

Wikipedia: Citadelle de Bayonne (FR)

9. Gare du Midi

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Gare de Biarritz-Ville is a closed railway station on the line from Biarritz-la-Négresse to Biarritz-Ville, located in the commune of Biarritz in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of southwestern France.

Wikipedia: Gare de Biarritz-Ville (FR)

10. Chapelle Impériale

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The Royal Chapel of Biarritz is a Catholic religious building built by Emile Boswelwald between 1864 and 1866. It is located in Biarritz, the Pyrenees-Atlantis, and is the only imperial resort relic in the city.

Wikipedia: Chapelle impériale de Biarritz (FR)

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