16 Sights in Tallinn, Estonia (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Tallinn, Estonia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 16 sights are available in Tallinn, Estonia.

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1. Suur Tõll

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Suur Tõll Original uploader: et:Kasutaja:Boy (Estonian language wikipedia). / CC BY-SA 3.0

Suur Tõll is an Estonian steam-powered icebreaker preserved in the Estonian Maritime Museum in Tallinn. She was originally built for the Russian Empire in 1914 by AG Vulcan in Stettin, Germany, as Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich. In 1917, she was taken over by the Bolsheviks and renamed Volynets. However, in 1918 she was captured by Finland and served as Wäinämöinen until 1922, when she was handed over to Estonia according to the Treaty of Tartu and renamed Suur Tõll. When Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1940, the icebreaker rejoined the Soviet fleet and was again named Volynets. She remained in service until 1985.

Wikipedia: Suur Tõll (icebreaker) (EN)

2. Kaitseväe kalmistu kabel

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Kaitseväe kalmistu kabelgette from Stavanger, Norway / CC BY 2.0

The Defence Forces Cemetery of Tallinn, sometimes called the Tallinn Military Cemetery, is one of the three cemeteries of the Tallinn City Centre Cemetery. It is situated about 3 kilometres outside the centre of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. During Estonian independence before the Soviet and German occupations of the 1940–1991 period, it was Estonia's foremost military cemetery.

Wikipedia: Defence Forces Cemetery of Tallinn (EN)

3. Solidaarsus

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The Solidarity Memorial Stone is a monument in Tallinn's Freedom Square next to St. John's Church. On the turf side of the St. John's Church Music School, there is a Chopin bench playing music. The author of both monuments is the sculptor Aime Kuulbusch. The work was commissioned by the Polish Embassy in Tallinn. The objects were opened in August 2010.

Wikipedia: Solidaarsuse mälestuskivi (ET)

4. Islandi väljak

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Iceland Square is a square located in the center of Tallinn, Estonia, bordering Rävala Boulevard and the driving and parking strip on the southeast side of it between the square and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. The name of the square is dedicated to Iceland, which was the first country to recognize the restored Republic of Estonia.

Wikipedia: Iceland Square (EN)

5. Vladimir Lenin

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Lenin's monument in Tartu was a monument to Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, on Riga Hill in Tartu, in front of the main building of the Estonian Agricultural Academy. The authors of the monument were sculptors August Vomm, Ferdi Sannamees and Garibaldi Pommer, and architects Mart Port and Lorenz Haljak.

Wikipedia: Lenini monument Tartus (ET)

6. Mart Saar

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The Mart Saare monument is a monument created in memory of the composer Mart Saare. The monument, completed in 1982, was designed by sculptor Aime Kuulbusch-Mölder and architect Ike Volkov. The monument is located in Tallinn in the green area at the corner of Narva Road and A. Weizenbergi Street.

Wikipedia: Mart Saare monument (Tallinn) (ET)

7. Memorial stone to Jewish cemetery

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The Old Jewish Cemetery was a cemetery in the City Centre district of Tallinn, with its current address at 27 Magasin Street. It was destroyed in 1963. The location of the cemetery is marked by a tombstone walled in an old window valley along Magasin Street. The area of the cemetery is 0.36 ha.

Wikipedia: Tallinna vana juudi kalmistu (ET)

8. Joey Dunlop Memorial

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William Joseph Dunlop was a Northern Irish motorcyclist from Ballymoney, County Antrim, who won the Formula One World Championship five years in a row (1982–86) and was noted for his performances at the Isle of Man TT. In 2015, he was voted Northern Ireland's greatest-ever sports star.

Wikipedia: Joey Dunlop (EN)

9. Seaplane Harbour

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The Tallinn seaplane hangar in the current Seaplane Harbour was built in 1916–1917. It was planned to build three hangars, from the second hangar only the foundation could be built, which today is believed to have been preserved in the soil. The third hangar was not built at all.

Wikipedia: Tallinna vesilennukite angaarid (ET), Website

10. Marie Under

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The Marie Under Memorial is a monument erected in front of the National Library of Estonia in Tallinn in honor of the poet Marie Under. It opened on September 25, 2010, as 30 years passed since Marie Under's death. The authors of the memorial are Mati Karmin and Tiit Trummal.

Wikipedia: Marie Underi mälestusmärk (ET)

11. Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi ausammas

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The Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald Monument is a monument erected in memory of the Estonian writer and doctor Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald in Kadriorg Park in Tallinn. The authors of the monument are Endel Taniloo, Martin Saks and Harald Arman. It was completed in 1958.

Wikipedia: Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwaldi monument (Tallinn) (ET)

12. Tallinna Jumalaema Kõikide Kurbade Rõõmu pühakuju kirik

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The Church of the Holy Statue of the Mother of God of All Sorrows in Tallinn is an Orthodox church in Tallinn, one of the former buildings of the Baltic Cotton Factory. The church is recognized as a national cultural monument.. The address of the building is Sitsi 15a.

Wikipedia: Tallinna Jumalaema Kõikide Kurbade Rõõmu pühakuju kirik (ET)

13. Paul Keres

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The Paul Keres Memorial is a monument erected on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres in Tõnismäe, Tallinn, at Pärnu mnt 44 // Tõnismägi 11a. The memorial was created in 1991. In 1995, it was recognized as a cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Paul Kerese mälestusmärk (ET)

14. St. John's Church

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St. John's Church is a large Lutheran parish church in Tallinn, Estonia. It is dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist, a disciple of Jesus Christ and author of the fourth Christian Gospel. Construction began in 1862, and the church was opened in 1867.

Wikipedia: St. John's Church, Tallinn (EN)

15. Great Guild Hall

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The Great Guild building is a building located in the Old Town of Tallinn, where the Tallinn Grand Guild, which unites merchants, operated in the Middle Ages. Currently, it is one of the buildings where the Estonian History Museum is located.

Wikipedia: Suurgildi hoone (ET)

16. Parditiigi park

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Parditiigi Park is a park located in the Siili subdistrict of Mustamäe district, Tallinn, in the area between Nõmme tee, A. H. Tammsaare road and Sõpruse puiestee, which has arisen on a natural loggia.

Wikipedia: Parditiigi park (ET)


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