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Civitatis: Manresa Guided Tour

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Price 8.7$
Languages English
Duration 2 hours
Reviews 9.6/10 stars, 44 ratings

Manresa Guided Tour
Discover the iconic landmarks of Manresa, such as the Basilica de la Seu and the modernist period city center, with this fantastic guided tour.
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Price 15.3$
Languages English
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Reviews 8.7/10 stars, 6 ratings

Sant Benet Monastery Tour
Go on a journey through more than a thousand years of history with this medieval tour of the Sant Benet de Bages Monastery. You'll learn lots of fascinating details about this monastic complex...
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Price 6$
Languages English
Duration 1 hour
Reviews 8.2/10 stars, 9 ratings

Guided Tour of Carrer del Balc
Travel back to the 14th century with this fantastic tour of the Carrer del Balc Interpretation Centre, the perfect introduction to medieval Manresa.
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Price 9.83$
Languages English, Catalan
Duration 2 hours

Escape Room at Cardona Castle with VisitEscape APP
Visit the most unusual corners of Cardona Castle, learn about its past and end up having a drink in the town square. All this through VisitEscape. One night, a woman shows up at the mayor's house,...
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Price 212.9$
Languages English
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

Manresa Hot Air Balloon Ride
In this hot air balloon flight over Manresa and its surroundings, we'll fly over mountains such as Montserrat, the plain of the Pla de Bages, and see the lake of Parc de l'Agulla.
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Price 12$
Languages English
Duration 1 hour

Modernist Tour of Sant Benet Monastery
On this modernist tour of the Sant Benet Monastery, you'll go on a unique journey through the rooms of the former residence of the painter Ramon Casas. Discover the secrets of this monastery that...
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