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Explore Mechouar Fes Jdid in Morocco with one of our free walking tours. Click on a marker on the map to get started and view details about the tour. Below is an overview of the sightseeing tours. A total of 7 tours are available in Mechouar Fes Jdid, Morocco.

Activities in Mechouar Fes JdidIndividual Sights in Mechouar Fes Jdid
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Languages English
Duration 3h
Reviews 5/5 stars, 679 ratings

The Most FES-cinating English Tour
Jump with me into a time machine and travel 1200 years back in History. My name is Abdou Rahim. I was born and grew up in the historical car-free medina of Fes. I'm a Professional Tour Guide...
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Languages English
Duration 3h
Reviews 4.8/5 stars, 527 ratings

Funky Walking Tour :  16 of The Best Things to Do in Fez, Morocco
The most important places we will visit during the visit to Fez Medina. Panoramic View of the old town. Andalusian Mosque. Tannery Chouara: It's one of the three most famous tanneries in Fez. Al...
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Languages English, Spanish, French, Italian
Duration 2h 30min
Reviews 4.6/5 stars, 647 ratings

Tour from the biggest labyrinth in the world: Fez
Welcome to Fez! So, you have finally arrived at the spiritual capital and oldest city of Morocco! Now you can finally enjoy all that this magical city has to offer, and if you want to know its...
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Languages English, Italian, Spanish
Duration 2h 30min
Reviews 9.6/10 stars, 87 ratings

Tour from the Biggest Labyrinth in the World: Fes
This visit is an excellent way to discover the narrowest streets, the history, the art and especially to taste the gastronomy of the city which is placed 2nd in the world!! Socialize with other...
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Languages English, French
Duration 3 hours
Reviews 9.3/10 stars, 24 ratings

Discover the Extraordinary of Fes: Guided Adventure
Our journey commences with a visit to the world's oldest university, the Qarawiyyin Mosque. Along the way, we'll encounter the historic Madrasa Attarrin, a venerable Quranic school. From there,...
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Languages English, Italian
Duration 4 hours
Reviews 8.3/10 stars, 4 ratings

Walking Tour with an Incredible Guide
I extend a warm welcome to all visitors to join us in exploring the historical monuments and handicrafts of Fes City. Together, we can immerse ourselves in the heart of the medina, strolling...
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Self-guided Tour #1

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Number of sights 5 sights
Distance 3.1 km
Ascend 37 m
Descend 42 m

  • Ibn Danan Synagogue
  • Royal Palace
  • Bab Bou Jeloud
  • Dar al-Magana دار ماغانيا
  • Musée Batha
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