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Are you ready for an unforgettable time in Fez, Morocco? Then you've come to the right place with our sightseeing tours. Whether you prefer a guided free walking tour with insider knowledge or enjoy the freedom of a self-guided route, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Click on a tour and find out more about the highlights that await you!

Activities in Fez

Civitatis: Fez Free Tour

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Languages English
Duration 3 hours
Reviews 9.3/10 stars, 3 ratings

Fez Free Tour
Just arrived in Fez and would like to visit its major landmarks? Then this free tour is the perfect way to discover the most interesting tourist highlights in this beautiful Moroccan city.
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Self-guided Tour #1

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Number of sights 6 sights
Distance 3.4 km
Ascend 48 m
Descend 43 m

  • Musée Batha
  • Dar al-Magana دار ماغانيا
  • Bab Bou Jeloud
  • Jnan Sbil Gardens
  • Royal Palace
  • Ibn Danan Synagogue
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Why Visit Sights? Self-guided sightseeing tours are a free and safe alternative to bus tours. You can explore Fez at your own pace, any time! Do something good for your health by walking.