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Explore Catania in Italy with one of our free walking tours. Click on a marker on the map to get started and view details about the tour. Below is an overview of the sightseeing tours. A total of 8 tours are available in Catania, Italy.

Activities in CataniaIndividual Sights in Catania
Price 0$
Languages English, Spanish, Italian
Duration 2h 15min
Reviews 4.9/5 stars, 156 ratings

Catania lovers free walking tour
Welcome to Catania! Join this free walking tour to live a complete and unforgettable experience of this beautiful city. Our tour is an experience that actively involves participants. Not only are...
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Languages English, French, Italian
Duration 2h
Reviews 4.7/5 stars, 1452 ratings

 Catania Historic Center Tour
With us Guiding Sicily guides you will have a unique experience because we are able to combine professional knowledge of the city with daily experience as we are all Catanian. Ours will be a visit...
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Price 0$
Languages English, Spanish
Duration 2h 30min
Reviews 8.6/10 stars, 260 ratings

First Time in Catania: Have a Walk With Mirco
(If there are no places to reserve, write me privately in please don't come to the meeting point). If you have just landed in Catania and you want to orientate yourself around the city centre,...
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Price 0$
Languages English
Duration 2h 15min
Reviews 8.4/10 stars, 370 ratings

Free Walking Tour Catania
We are licensed local guides who established the first and original Free Walking Tour in Catania. We provide free tours and private tours to offer a deeper and original experience of Catania...
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Price 0$
Languages English
Duration 2 hours
Reviews 9.7/10 stars, 784 ratings

On this free tour of Catania, we'll discover the history of a city that had to rise from the ashes more than seven times like a phoenix.

Self-guided Tour #1

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Number of sights 20 sights
Distance 3.9 km
Ascend 66 m
Descend 78 m

  • San Nicolò l'Arena
  • Chiesa della Santissima Trinità
  • Foro Romano
  • Casa Museo Giovanni Verga
  • Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi all'Immacolata
  • Fontana dell'Elefante
  • Badia di Sant'Agata
  • Catania Cathedral
  • Amenano Fountain
  • Fontana dei Sette Canali
  • Fontana di Sant'Agata
  • Chiesa di San Placido
  • Cappella Bonajuto
  • Fontana delle Conchiglie
  • Fontana dei Delfini
  • Basilica Maria Santissima dell'Elemosina
  • Chiesa di San Benedetto
  • Chiesa di San Francesco Borgia
  • Chiesa di San Giuliano
  • Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo ai Minoriti
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Self-guided Tour #2

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Number of sights 6 sights
Distance 2.9 km
Ascend 67 m
Descend 56 m

  • Chiesa di Sant'Agata al Borgo
  • Fontana di Cerere
  • Piccolo Teatro della Città
  • Santa Maria di Gesù
  • Museo di Zoologia
  • Teatro Giovanni Verga
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Self-guided Tour #3

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Number of sights 15 sights
Distance 7.9 km
Ascend 189 m
Descend 166 m

  • Parrocchia Santa Maria della Guardia
  • Fontana dei Malavoglia
  • Basilica Santuario di Maria Santissima Annunziata al Carmine
  • Chiesa San Gaetano alle Grotte
  • Monumento a Vincenzo Bellini
  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Ipogeo di Sant'Euplio
  • Villa Bellini
  • Teatro Metropolitan
  • Chiesa di San Domenico
  • Museo di Zoologia
  • Santa Maria di Gesù
  • Teatro Giovanni Verga
  • Fontana di Cerere
  • Chiesa di Sant'Agata al Borgo
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