Self-guided Sightseeing Tour #3 in Karlsruhe, Germany


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Number of sights 9 sights
Distance 4.6 km
Ascend 166 m
Descend 167 m

Experience Karlsruhe in Germany in a whole new way with our self-guided sightseeing tour. This site not only offers you practical information and insider tips, but also a rich variety of activities and sights you shouldn't miss. Whether you love art and culture, want to explore historical sites or simply want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of a lively city - you'll find everything you need for your personal adventure here.

Activities in KarlsruheIndividual Sights in Karlsruhe

Sight 1: Rathaus Grötzingen

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Rathaus Grötzingen Sandra Haumacher / CC BY-SA 3.0

The town hall in Grötzingen, a district of Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg, was built in 1668. The town hall, executed in half-timbered construction, is a protected cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Rathaus (Grötzingen) (DE)

605 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 2: Stadtkirche

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The Evangelical City Church is a listed church building in Grötzingen, a district of Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg). It belongs to the Protestant parish of Karlsruhe-Grötzingen in the Protestant church district of Karlsruhe and Durlach.

Wikipedia: Stadtkirche (Grötzingen) (DE)

1457 meters / 17 minutes

Sight 3: Turmberg

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Turmberg Günter Josef Radig / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Turmberg is a hill located in Durlach, a suburb of Karlsruhe in Germany. It is home to a castle ruin.

Wikipedia: Turmberg (EN)

825 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 4: Talstation

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The Turmbergbahn is a funicular railway in Karlsruhe in Germany. It is the oldest operating funicular in Germany. From Karlsruhe's former center Durlach, the line climbs the Turmberg, which on a clear day provides a lookout point with views of the Rhine Valley, the Palatinate forest and the adjacent parts of Alsace.

Wikipedia: Turmbergbahn (EN)

793 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 5: Karlsburg

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Karlsburg Castle in the Durlach district of Karlsruhe characterizes the history of the Baden since 1563. Only the Prinzessinnenbau of the historical building still stands.

Wikipedia: Karlsburg Castle (EN)

327 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 6: Evangelische Stadtkirche

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Evangelische Stadtkirche Peter Eich / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Durlach City Church is a Protestant hall church in Durlach, whose origins date back to the 13th century. It has been rebuilt several times over the centuries and received its present Baroque appearance in 1701.

Wikipedia: Stadtkirche Durlach (DE)

225 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 7: Basler Tor

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The Basel Torturm in Durlach, a district of Karlsruhe in northern Baden-Württemberg, is the last preserved city gate of the formerly margravial residence city. The torture is a protected cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Basler Torturm (DE)

133 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 8: Alter Friedhof

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The Old Cemetery was a cemetery in Durlach, Germany.

Wikipedia: Alter Friedhof Durlach (DE)

228 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 9: Sankt Peter und Paul

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The Roman Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul is a protected cultural monument with No. 01463 according to the Monument Protection Act. It is in Durlach, a district of Karlsruhe. The parish belongs to the parish of Karlsruhe-Durlach-mountain villages in the dean's office in Karlsruhe of the Archdiocese of Freiburg.

Wikipedia: St. Peter und Paul (Durlach) (DE), Website


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