Free Walking Sightseeing Tour #1 in Carpentras, France


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Tour Facts

Number of sights 10 sights
Distance 3.3 km
Ascend 45 m
Descend 42 m

Explore Carpentras in France with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Sight 1: Graineterie Roux

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The Roux Graineterie of Carpentras, seed company founded in 1907, at 34 rue Bel Air Carpentras in Vaucluse, France is an outstanding example of this industry, which now has five such institutions in France of which only two are classified as historical monuments. Since the order of September 9, 2005 the building is listed as monument. Graineterie the works for nearly a century from 1919 until the early 2000s.

Wikipedia: Roux Graineterie of Carpentras (EN)

619 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 2: Chapelle du Collège

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Chapelle du Collège

The Carpentras Boys College is a former educational institution, run by the Jesuits, now used as a house of associations and cultural space.

Wikipedia: Collège de garçons de Carpentras (FR)

121 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 3: Musée Sobirats

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The Sobirats Museum is a municipal museum of Carpentras, recognized Museum of France, which presents the collections of decorative arts, Provençal and Comtadins, of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Wikipedia: Musée Sobirats (FR)

166 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 4: Tribunal judiciaire

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Tribunal judiciaire Vi..Cult... / CC BY-SA 3.0

The episcopal palace of Carpentras, is a building in Carpentras, in the department of Vaucluse, seat of the former bishopric, currently used as a courthouse.

Wikipedia: Palais épiscopal de Carpentras (FR)

105 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 5: Cathédrale Saint-Siffrein

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Cathédrale Saint-Siffrein Szeder László / CC BY-SA 4.0

Carpentras Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church and former cathedral in Carpentras, Provence, France.

Wikipedia: Carpentras Cathedral (EN)

124 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 6: L'arc romain

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L'arc romain

The Arch of Carpentras is a Roman triumphal arch from the beginning of the first century AD, located at Carpentras in the French department of Vaucluse.

Wikipedia: Arch of Carpentras (EN)

194 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 7: Sous-préfecture

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Sous-préfecture Szeder László / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Hôtel de Camaret is an eighteenth-century mansion located in Carpentras, France.

Wikipedia: Hôtel de Camaret (FR)

115 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 8: Synagogue

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The synagogue of Carpentras, the oldest active French synagogue, was built by the Jews Comtadins de Carpentras in 1367.

Wikipedia: Synagogue de Carpentras (FR)

269 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 9: Porte d'Orange

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Porte d'Orange Szeder László / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Orange Gate is located in the commune of Carpentras (Vaucluse), north of the city center.

Wikipedia: Porte d'Orange de Carpentras (FR)

1590 meters / 19 minutes

Sight 10: Aqueduc

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The Carpentras Aqueduct is an architectural element that overlooks the Auzon River, north of Carpentras.

Wikipedia: Aqueduc de Carpentras (FR)


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