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Number of sights 13 sights
Distance 5.3 km
Ascend 94 m
Descend 110 m

Explore Zagreb in Croatia with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Activities in ZagrebIndividual Sights in Zagreb

Sight 1: Mala scena

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Mala scena I would appreciate being notified if you use my work outside Wikimedia. More of my work can be found in my personal gallery. / CC BY 3.0

The Mala Scena Theatre is a theatre in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It is credited as Croatia's leading theatre for children. It is also the oldest private theatre for young audiences in Croatia. In 1996, the first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman awarded the founders Vitomir Lončar and Ivica Šimić with the Order of Danica with the figure of Marko Marulić for special merits to culture. In 2009, the theatre received the City of Zagreb Plaque for its work.

Wikipedia: Mala Scena Theatre (EN)

493 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 2: Kazalište Komedija

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Kazalište KomedijaDonatus Darko Tepert / CC BY-SA 4.0

Komedija Theatre is a theatre in Zagreb, Croatia which specializes in musicals. It was opened in 1950 as a legal successor to the Zagreb Drama Theatre and the Vedri Kerempuh Theatre. Notable pieces that premiered there include the 1971 musical Jalta, Jalta and the first Croatian rock opera Gubec-beg (1981).

Wikipedia: Komedija Theatre (EN)

91 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 3: crkva svetog Franje Asiškog

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crkva svetog Franje AsiškogDonatus Darko Tepert / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Franciscan monastery and church at Kaptol in Zagreb is the seat of the Croatian Franciscan Province of St. Francis. Cyril and Methodius.

Wikipedia: Franjevački samostan i crkva na Kaptolu (HR)

510 meters / 6 minutes

Sight 4: Zagreb City Museum

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Zagreb City Museum or Museum of the City of Zagreb located in 20 Opatička Street, was established in 1907 by the Association of the Brethren of the Croatian Dragon.

Wikipedia: Zagreb City Museum (EN), Website

102 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 5: Narodni dom

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The National Home Palace is a palace located in Gornji Grad, the old town of the Croatian capital of Zagreb, at Opatička Street 18. The palace is currently owned by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and hosts its Institute for the History of Croatian Literature, Theatre and Music.

Wikipedia: National Home Palace (EN)

241 meters / 3 minutes

Sight 6: St. Mark's Church

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The Church of St. Mark is the parish church of old Zagreb, Croatia, located in St. Mark's Square. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Zagreb.

Wikipedia: St. Mark's Church, Zagreb (EN)

145 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 7: Museum Natural History

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The Croatian Natural History Museum is the oldest and biggest natural history museum and the main body for natural history research, preservation and collection in Croatia. Located on Dimitrije Demeter Street in Gornji Grad, one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the Croatian capital Zagreb, it owns one of the biggest museum collections in Croatia, with over 2 million artefacts, including over 1.1 million animal specimens. It was founded in 1846 as the "National Museum". The National Museum was later split up into five museums, three of which were in 1986 merged as departments of the newly named Croatian Natural History Museum. The museum contains a large scientific library open to the public, and publishes the first Croatian natural history scientific journal, Natura Croatica.

Wikipedia: Croatian Natural History Museum (EN), Website

141 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 8: Hrvatski povijesni muzej

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Croatian History Museum is a museum of history located in the Vojković Palace on Antun Gustav Matoš Street in the historic Gornji Grad district of Zagreb, Croatia. The museum holdings consist of around 300,000 objects divided into 17 collections. In addition to a part of the Meštrović Pavilion, it also administers the Ivan Goran Kovačić Memorial Museum in Lukovdol.

Wikipedia: Croatian History Museum (EN), Website

193 meters / 2 minutes

Sight 9: Museum of Naïve Art

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The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art is a fine art museum in Zagreb, Croatia dedicated to the work of naïve artists of the 20th century. The museum holdings consist of over 1,900 works of art - paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, mainly by Croatians but also by other well-known international artists in the genre.

Wikipedia: Croatian Museum of Naïve Art (EN), Website

20 meters / 0 minutes

Sight 10: crkva svetog Ćirila i Metoda

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The Greek Catholic Co-cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius is the historicistic co-cathedral church of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Križevci. It belongs to the Vicariate of Diocese of Žumberak-Križevci. It is located in the Street of St. Cyril and Methodius on the Upper Town in Zagreb, near St. Mark's Square.

Wikipedia: Greek Catholic Co-Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Zagreb (EN)

1388 meters / 17 minutes

Sight 11: Blaise of Sebaste Church

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Church of Saint Blaise is a Catholic parish church located in the Lower Town of Zagreb, Croatia. It is dedicated to the Saint Blaise, and was designed by the Croatian architect Viktor Kovačić in the eclectic style. It is notable for its cuppola, made out of reinforced concrete, first of its kind in the region.

Wikipedia: Church of Saint Blaise, Zagreb (EN)

1068 meters / 13 minutes

Sight 12: Teatar EXIT

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Exit Theatre, sometimes stylized as EXIT, is an independent theatre in Zagreb, Croatia whose productions are mainly oriented towards adults. The theatre has won hundreds of awards and frequently performs abroad. In 2009, it was declared as one of top Croatian brands.

Wikipedia: Exit Theatre (EN)

859 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 13: Lauba House

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Lauba is a private-owned contemporary art gallery in the Črnomerec district of Zagreb, Croatia. It houses exhibits from the Lauba collection, a large private collection of works by modern and postmodern Croatian artists. The venue is also used for exhibitions of foreign contemporary artists and for hosting various arts-related events.

Wikipedia: Lauba (EN)


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