Free Walking Sightseeing Tour #3 in Suzhou, China


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Tour Facts

Number of sights 5 sights
Distance 3.5 km
Ascend 29 m
Descend 30 m

Explore Suzhou in China with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Individual Sights in Suzhou

Sight 1: 宫巷基督教堂

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Located in Gongxiang in the center of the ancient city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Lok Kwan Society Church (Suzhou Gong Xiang Tang) is one of the three main churches built in Suzhou by the Meinan Supervisory Committee (the other two are St. John's Church and Yang Xiang Salvation Church in Suzhou. It was founded in 1891. In 1921, it was expanded by the American missionary Xiang Lie and the Chinese pastor Sha Dinghuai, and was renamed Lok Kwan Social Church because of its concurrent social service work. In 1934, the palace lane was widened into a road, the church was set back 4 meters, and the original gate and second gate were demolished. Now the construction area is 2458 square meters. In 1966, when the Cultural Revolution began, the headquarters of the Red Guards in Suzhou occupied the Lequn Social Hall. After that, it was not until 1987, 21 years later, that the Education Bureau and Health Bureau of the church were moved, and the Lequn Social Church was renamed Christian Palace Lane Hall and reopened.

Wikipedia: 乐群社会堂 (ZH)

452 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 2: Mystery Temple

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Xuanmiao Temple is a prominent Taoist temple with a long history, located at the center of old Suzhou City.

Wikipedia: Xuanmiao Temple (EN)

1319 meters / 16 minutes

Sight 3: 万寿宫

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Wanshou Palace is located at No. 98, Minzhi Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City, which is a palace-style building built in the Qing Dynasty and was listed as a cultural relics protection unit in Suzhou City in 1963. It is now the location of Suzhou University for the Elderly.

Wikipedia: 万寿宫_(苏州) (ZH)

646 meters / 8 minutes

Sight 4: Dinghui Temple

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Dinghui Temple haier7917 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Dinghui Temple is located at No. 34, Dinghui Temple Lane, Fenghuang Street, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Wikipedia: 定慧寺 (苏州) (ZH)

1054 meters / 13 minutes

Sight 5: 甲辰巷砖塔

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Jiachen Lane Brick Tower is located in the south of Jiachen Lane, Xiangmen Neiganjiang East Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, is a five-storey and eight-sided pavilion-style tower, using blue brick imitation wood structure, 6.82 meters high, 0.51 meters wide at the bottom. Each layer is to the water chestnut tooth and the eaves brick stacked astringently pick out the waist eaves, the wall surface under the eaves is hidden out of the forehead, the column head fang and the corner paving, the eaves erect a flat seat, the eight sides of the interval to open the pot door and hide out of the mullioned window, the position of the four doors and four windows is staggered layer by layer.

Wikipedia: 甲辰巷砖塔 (ZH)


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