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Number of sights 8 sights
Distance 5.2 km
Ascend 124 m
Descend 105 m

Experience Kunming in China in a whole new way with our self-guided sightseeing tour. This site not only offers you practical information and insider tips, but also a rich variety of activities and sights you shouldn't miss. Whether you love art and culture, want to explore historical sites or simply want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of a lively city - you'll find everything you need for your personal adventure here.

Individual Sights in Kunming

Sight 1: Sino-Japanese War Memorial Hall

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Sino-Japanese War Memorial Hall

The Anti-Japanese War Victory Memorial Hall, formerly known as the People's Victory Hall, is located in Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, in the center of Kunming, with Guanghua Street in the south, Renmin Middle Road in the north, Yunrui East Road and Yunrui West Road on both sides, sitting in the north and facing south, covering an area of 28.12 acres.

Wikipedia: 抗战胜利纪念堂 (ZH)

935 meters / 11 minutes

Sight 2: Shiping Guildhall

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Shiping Guild Hall, located at No. 24, Zhonghe Lane, south of Cuihu, Huashan Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China, is the most well-preserved guild hall building in Kunming and belongs to the provincial cultural relics protection unit.

Wikipedia: 石屏会馆 (ZH)

577 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 3: 昆明胡志明旧居

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The former residence of Ho Chi Minh in Kunming, located at No. 91 and 92 Huashan South Road, Huashan Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China, is one of the residences of Ho Chi Minh, chairman of the Workers' Party of Vietnam, in Kunming during the Anti-Japanese War.

Wikipedia: 昆明胡志明旧居 (ZH)

603 meters / 7 minutes

Sight 4: Dade Double Pagoda Temple

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The twin towers of Dade Temple are located at No. 43, East Huashan Road, Qingnian Road Community, Huguo Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China, in the dormitory of Yunnan Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau. The original temple has been destroyed, and only the twin towers remain. It is now a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit.

Wikipedia: 大德寺双塔 (ZH)

338 meters / 4 minutes

Sight 5: Underground Communist Party HQ

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The former site of the underground party building of the Communist Party of China in Yunnan is also the former site of the founding of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, located at No. 39, Jiexiao Lane, Qingnian Road Community, Huguo Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China. In the autumn of 1926, Li Xin, a member of the Communist Party of China, was instructed by the Guangdong District Committee to come to Kunming to establish a party organization to carry out work, and in November established a special branch of the Communist Party of China in Yunnan, with Wu Cheng as secretary. In February 1927, according to the instructions of the Guangdong District Party Committee, Wang Desan led some Communist Party members and revolutionary youths in the cadre training class to return to Kunming to expand and establish the Yunnan Provincial Provisional Working Committee of the Communist Party of China on the basis of the Yunnan Special Branch. The old house remained basically unchanged, and was once converted into a staff dormitory. After 1990, it was partially recovered for management and use by the cultural relics. It is now open to the public free of charge from Monday to Friday.

Wikipedia: 中共云南地下党建党旧址 (ZH)

663 meters / 8 minutes

Sight 6: Zhu De former residence

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Zhu De's former residence is located at No. 4 Honghua Lane and No. 3 Xiaomeiyuan Lane, Huashan Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. From 1921 to 1922, Zhu De, then director of the Yunnan Provincial Police Department, lived here.

Wikipedia: 朱德旧居 (昆明) (ZH)

886 meters / 11 minutes

Sight 7: Yuantong Temple

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Yuantong Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple in Kunming, Yunnan, China. It is located in a protected natural depression and in recent years it has been expanded with funding from Thailand. In the 1950s, it hosted a grand ceremony to greet and send on the sacred teeth of the Buddha and so became important in Southeast Asia.

Wikipedia: Yuantong Temple (EN)

1169 meters / 14 minutes

Sight 8: Kunming Zoo

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Kunming Zoo

Yuantong Mountain is a park in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China, located in Luofeng Mountain in the northeast of the urban area, covers an area of about 26 hectares, 1930 meters above sea level, because of the steep mountain, lush plants, has the reputation of "Luofeng Stacked Cui", is one of the "Eight Views of Kunming". Yuantong Mountain is adjacent to Yuantong Temple, and there is Kunming Zoo on the mountain, which includes many cultural and historical attractions such as the tomb of Tang Jiyao in addition to animal display areas and leisure and entertainment facilities.

Wikipedia: 圆通山 (ZH)


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