Free Walking Sightseeing Tour #3 in Cochabamba, Bolivia


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Number of sights 8 sights
Distance 5.5 km
Ascend 78 m
Descend 310 m

Explore Cochabamba in Bolivia with this free self-guided walking tour. The map shows the route of the tour. Below is a list of attractions, including their details.

Activities in CochabambaIndividual Sights in Cochabamba

Sight 1: Cristo de la Concordia

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Cristo de la Concordia Jimmy Gilles / CC BY-SA 3.0

Cristo de la Concordia is a statue of Jesus Christ located atop San Pedro Hill, to the east of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is accessible by cable car, or by climbing 2,000 steps. The statue is 33.44 metres (109.7 ft) tall, on a pedestal of 6.24 metres (20.5 ft), for a total height of 39.68 metres (130.2 ft).

Wikipedia: Cristo de la Concordia (EN)

1480 meters / 18 minutes

Sight 2: Jardín Botánico Martín Cárdenas

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Jardín Botánico Martín CárdenasLucas from Campinas, Brazil / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Martín Cárdenas Botanical Garden is a botanical garden in the city of Cochabamba, it is a member of the Association of Botanical Gardens of Latin America and the Caribbean, and presents works for the International Agenda for Conservation in Botanical Gardens, its code of international recognition as a botanical institution is COCHA.

Wikipedia: Jardín botánico Martín Cárdenas (ES)

417 meters / 5 minutes

Sight 3: Mariscal José Ballivián y Segurola

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Mariscal José Ballivián y Segurola

José Ballivián Segurola was a Bolivian general during the Peruvian-Bolivian War. He also served as the ninth president of Bolivia from 1841 to 1847.

Wikipedia: José Ballivián (EN)

817 meters / 10 minutes

Sight 4: Andrés de Santa Cruz

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Andrés de Santa Cruz

Andrés de Santa Cruz y Calahumana was a Bolivian general and politician who served as interim president of Peru in 1827, the interim president of Peru from 1836 to 1838 and the sixth president of Bolivia from 1829 to 1839. He also served as Supreme Protector of the short-lived Peru-Bolivian Confederation from 1836 to 1839, a political entity created mainly by his personal endeavors.

Wikipedia: Andrés de Santa Cruz (EN)

0 meters / 0 minutes

Sight 5: Antonio José de Sucre

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Antonio José de Sucre

Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá, known as the "Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho", was a Venezuelan general and politician who served as the president of Bolivia from 1825 to 1828. A close friend and associate of Simón Bolívar, he was one of the primary leaders of South America's struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.

Wikipedia: Antonio José de Sucre (EN)

104 meters / 1 minutes

Sight 6: Tanque Vickers - Armstrong Type B

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The Vickers 6-ton tank or Vickers Mark E, also known as the "Six-tonner", was a British light tank designed in 1928 in a private project at Vickers. Though not adopted by the British Army, it was picked up by several other armed forces, and licensed by the Soviet Union as the T-26. It was also the direct predecessor of the Polish 7TP tank.

Wikipedia: Vickers 6-Ton (EN)

1481 meters / 18 minutes

Sight 7: Apóstol San Pablo

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Apóstol San Pablo

Paul, commonly known as Paul the Apostle and Saint Paul, was a Christian apostle who spread the teachings of Jesus in the first-century world. For his contributions towards the New Testament, he is generally regarded as one of the most important figures of the Apostolic Age, and he also founded several Christian communities in Asia Minor and Europe from the mid-40s to the mid-50s AD.

Wikipedia: Paul the Apostle (EN)

1193 meters / 14 minutes

Sight 8: Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny

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Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Alcide d'Orbigny Museum of Natural History is a cultural entity in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Wikipedia: Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny (ES), Website, Facebook


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