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Explore interesting sights in San Juan County, United States. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 14 sights are available in San Juan County, United States.

1. Kin Kletso

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Kin Kletso is a Chacoan Ancestral Pueblo great house and notable archaeological site located in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Nageezi, New Mexico, United States. It was a medium-sized great house located 0.5 miles (0.8 km) west of Pueblo Bonito; it shows strong evidence of construction and occupation by Pueblo peoples who migrated to Chaco from the northern San Juan Basin in the time period of 1125 to 1200. From its masonry work, rectangular shape and design Kletso is identified as Pueblo III architecture by prominent Chaco archaeologists Stephen H. Lekson and Tom Windes. They also argue that this great house was only occupied by one or two households. Fagen writes that Kletso contained around 55 rooms, four ground-floor kivas, and a two-story cylindrical tower that may have functioned as a kiva or religious center. Evidence of an obsidian production industry were discovered here. The house was erected between 1125 and 1130.

Wikipedia: Kin Kletso (EN)

2. Hungo Pavi Great House

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Hungo Pavi is an Ancestral Puebloan great house and archaeological site located in Chaco Canyon, northwestern New Mexico, United States. A set of ruins located just 1 mile (2 km) from the ruins of Una Vida, Hungo Pavi measured 872 feet (266 m) in circumference. Initial explorations revealed 72 ground-level rooms, with structures reaching four stories in height. One large circular kiva has been identified. Its ruins now lie within Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

Wikipedia: Hungo Pavi (EN)

3. Chetro Ketl

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Chetro Ketl

Chetro Ketl is an Ancestral Puebloan great house and archeological site located in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico, United States. Construction on Chetro Ketl began c. 990 and was largely complete by 1075, with significant remodeling occurring in the early and mid-1110s. Following the onset of a severe drought, most Chacoans emigrated from the canyon by 1140; by 1250 Chetro Ketl's last inhabitants had vacated the structure.

Wikipedia: Chetro Ketl (EN)

4. Penasco Blanco

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Peñasco Blanco is a Chacoan Ancestral Puebloan great house and notable archaeological site located in Chaco Canyon, a canyon in San Juan County, New Mexico, United States. The pueblo consists of an arc-shaped room block, part of an oval enclosing a plaza and great kiva, along with two great kivas outside the great house. The pueblo was built atop the canyon's southern rim to the northwest of the great houses in the main section of the canyon.

Wikipedia: Peñasco Blanco (EN)

5. Mesa Arch

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Mesa Arch is a pothole arch on the eastern edge of the Island in the Sky mesa in Canyonlands National Park in northern San Juan County, Utah, United States. Mesa Arch is a spectacular natural stone arch perched at the edge of a cliff with vast views of canyons, Monster Tower, Washer Woman Arch, Airport Tower, and the La Sal Mountains in the distance. Access is via a relatively easy hiking trail, just a half-mile long from the park road.

Wikipedia: Mesa Arch (EN)

6. Sentinel Mesa

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Sentinel Mesa Domenico Convertini / CC BY-SA 2.0

Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterized by a cluster of sandstone buttes, the largest reaching 1,000 ft (300 m) above the valley floor. The most famous butte formations are located in northeastern Arizona along the Utah–Arizona state line. The valley is considered sacred by the Navajo Nation, the Native American people within whose reservation it lies.

Wikipedia: Monument Valley (EN), Website, Url

7. Patos Island Light

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Patos Island Light

Patos Island Lighthouse is an active aid to navigation overlooking the Strait of Georgia at Alden Point on the western tip of Patos Island in the San Juan Islands, San Juan County, Washington, in the United States. The station is the northernmost in the San Juan Islands and marks the division point between the eastern and western passages into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Wikipedia: Patos Island Light (EN), Website

8. Cattle Point Lighthouse

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Cattle Point Lighthouse

Cattle Point Lighthouse is a lighthouse on the southeastern tip of San Juan Island overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca where the Haro Straits meet the San Juan Channel, in San Juan County, Washington. The light lies adjacent to the state's Cattle Point Natural Resources Conservation Area and, since 2013, is part of the San Juan Islands National Monument.

Wikipedia: Cattle Point Light (EN)

9. John S. McMillan Memorial Mausoleum

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John S. McMillan Memorial Mausoleum Joe Goldberg / CC BY 2.0

Afterglow Vista is a mausoleum located in San Juan County, Washington, United States, near Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor. It is the final resting place of businessman John S. McMillin, his wife and children, and one of the family's employees. The design of the mausoleum incorporates numerous instances of symbolism, some of it Masonic in nature.

Wikipedia: Afterglow Vista (EN)

10. Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse

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Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse

The Lime Kiln Light is a functioning navigational aid located on Lime Kiln Point overlooking Dead Man's Bay on the western side of San Juan Island, San Juan County, Washington, in the United States. It guides ships through the Haro Straits and is part of Lime Kiln Point State Park, which offers tours during summer months.

Wikipedia: Lime Kiln Light (EN)

11. Animas Forks

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Animas Forks is an extinct mining town located 12 miles (19 km) northeast of Silverton in San Juan County, Colorado, United States. The area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. At an elevation of 11,185 feet (3,409 m), Animas Forks is one of the highest mining camps in the North America.

Wikipedia: Animas Forks, Colorado (EN), Website

12. Alkali Ridge

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Alkali Ridge

Alkali Ridge, also known as Alkali Point, is a set of widely scattered archaeological remains of the earliest forms of Puebloan architecture, representing a period of transition from scattered, pit-style dwellings to a settled agricultural lifestyle.

Wikipedia: Alkali Ridge (EN)

13. Casa Rinconada

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Casa Rinconada is an Ancestral Puebloan archaeological site located atop a ridge adjacent to a small rincon across from Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, northwestern New Mexico, United States.

Wikipedia: Casa Rinconada (EN)

14. Pueblo Bonito Great House

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Pueblo Bonito is the largest and best-known great house in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, northern New Mexico. It was built by the Ancestral Puebloans who occupied the structure between AD 828 and 1126.

Wikipedia: Pueblo Bonito (EN)


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