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Explore interesting sights in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 35 sights are available in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Sightseeing Tours in Sheffield

1. St James - Midhope

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St James’ Church, Midhopestones is situated in the small rural hamlet of Midhopestones, just within the northern boundary of the City of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Since April 1969 it has been a Grade II* listed building. St James is small church which is often referred to as a chapel, in fact it is situated on Chapel Lane. The church is officially dedicated to James the Less and not James the Greater although there has always been some confusion. Some modern historians and clergy maintain that the church should be dedicated to James the Greater as the scallop shells carved above the church door are the traditional emblem of James the Greater. It is possible that it was re-dedicated to James the Less in the Victorian era because of the smallness of the church. The church is in the Parish of Penistone within the Diocese of Wakefield.

Wikipedia: St James' Church, Midhopestones (EN)

2. Millennium Gallery

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Millennium Gallery Andy Brown / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Millennium Gallery is an art gallery and museum in the centre of Sheffield, England. Opened in April 2001 as part of Sheffield's Heart of the City project, it is located in the city centre close to the mainline station, the Central Library and Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, and Sheffield Theatres. Designed by architects Pringle Richards Sharratt, the building is primarily made from concrete and glass, with a series of galleries extending from a central avenue, which connects Arundel Gate with Sheffield Winter Garden. In 2011, the gallery was listed as the 15th most-visited free attraction in the country by Visit England. It is managed by Museums Sheffield.

Wikipedia: Millennium Gallery (EN), Website

3. Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

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Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is an industrial museum in the south of the City of Sheffield, England. The museum forms part of a former steel-working site on the River Sheaf, with a history going back to at least the 13th century. It consists of a number of dwellings and workshops that were formerly the Abbeydale Works—a scythe-making plant that was in operation until the 1930s—and is a remarkably complete example of a 19th-century works. The works are atypical in that much of the production process was completed on the same site. A more typical example of water-powered works in the area can be found at Shepherd Wheel.

Wikipedia: Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet (EN), Website, Opening Hours

4. Medina Mosque

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The Madina Mosque or Madina Masjid, also known as the "Wolseley Road Mosque", is the first purpose-built mosque in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. After some problems with funding, the project was completed in October 2006. Users of the mosque raised several million pounds to pay for the new mosque and Islamic centre which includes 19 rooms and two large halls, a library and a day centre. The project is estimated to have cost £5 million. The mosque was built on Glover Road, Sheffield, and intended to serve the Muslim populations of Nether Edge and Sharrow. The mosque has a capacity of 2,300.

Wikipedia: Madina Mosque (Sheffield) (EN)

5. Oakes Park

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Oakes Park

Oakes Park is a privately owned, historic park land in the green-belt area of south Sheffield. It contains 15 private homes as well as a 17th-century English country house which now operates as The Oakes Holiday Centre, a Christian, residential activity centre for young people between the ages of 8 and 18. It is set in extensive grounds which make it very difficult to be seen by the general public. It is situated on Norton Lane in the suburb of Norton within the City of Sheffield in England. The house is a Grade II* listed building, as are several other buildings and features.

Wikipedia: Oakes Park, Sheffield (EN)

6. Cathedral Church of Saint Marie

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The Cathedral Church of St Marie is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Sheffield, England. It lies in a slightly hidden location, just off Fargate shopping street, but signals its presence with a 195 feet (59 m) spire, the tallest in Sheffield. It is an especially fine example of an English Roman Catholic Cathedral, with much fine interior decoration. Re-ordering of the Sanctuary following the Second Vatican Council, has been sensitive. There are several particularly notable side altars, as well as historic statues and painted tiles.

Wikipedia: Cathedral Church of St Marie, Sheffield (EN)

7. The Crucible

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The Crucible Crucible Theatre / PD

The Crucible Theatre, or simply known as The Crucible, is a theatre in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England which opened in 1971. Although it hosts regular theatrical performances, it is best known for hosting professional snooker's most prestigious tournament, the annual World Snooker Championship, which has been held at the venue since 1977. Its name is a reference to a process in the local steel industry. In May 2022 plans were unveiled to build a new 3,000-seat venue nearby with a bridge connecting the two buildings.

Wikipedia: Crucible Theatre (EN)

8. Church of Saint Mary's

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The Church of St Mary, Ecclesfield, is situated on Church Street in the village of Ecclesfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It is situated 4.3 miles (7 km) north of the city centre. It is a Grade I listed building, one of only five within the Sheffield city boundary. It was originally the parish church for Hallamshire, one of the largest parishes in England and in the seventeenth century was known as the "Minster of the Moors" due to its then rural situation.

Wikipedia: Church of St Mary, Ecclesfield (EN)

9. Sheffield Cathedral

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The Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, Sheffield, more commonly known as Sheffield Cathedral, is the cathedral church for the Church of England diocese of Sheffield, England. Originally a parish church, it was elevated to cathedral status when the diocese was created in 1914. Sheffield Cathedral is one of five Grade I listed buildings in the city, along with the Town Hall, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, and the parish churches at Ecclesfield and Bradfield.

Wikipedia: Sheffield Cathedral (EN), Website, Heritage Website

10. Heeley White Horse

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A hill figure is a large visual representation created by cutting into a steep hillside and revealing the underlying geology. It is a type of geoglyph usually designed to be seen from afar rather than above. In some cases trenches are dug and rubble made from material brighter than the natural bedrock is placed into them. The new material is often chalk, a soft and white form of limestone, leading to the alternative name of chalk figure for this form of art.

Wikipedia: Hill figure (EN)

11. Carl Wark

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Carl Wark is a rocky promontory on Hathersage Moor in the Peak District National Park, just inside the boundary of Sheffield, England. The promontory is faced by vertical cliffs on all but one side, which is protected by a prehistoric embankment. The cliffs and embankment form an enclosure that has been interpreted as an Iron Age hill fort, though the date of construction and purpose of the fortifications remains unknown. The site is a scheduled monument.

Wikipedia: Carl Wark (EN)

12. Devonshire Green

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Devonshire Green is a small public open space at 53.3789°N 1.4783°W within Sheffield city centre in South Yorkshire, England. It covers an area of approximately 9000 square metres and is designated as a district park by Sheffield City Council. It stands in the Devonshire Quarter of the city centre, bordered on its four sides by Devonshire Street, Fitzwilliam Street, Eldon Street and Wellington Street. It is the only large green space in the city centre.

Wikipedia: Devonshire Green (EN)

13. Manor Lodge

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Manor Lodge

Sheffield Manor Lodge, also known as Sheffield Manor or locally as Manor Castle, is a lodge built about 1516 in what then was a large deer park southeast of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, to provide a country retreat and further accommodate George Talbot, the 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, and his large family. The remnant of this estate is now known as Norfolk Park. The housing estate of Manor is named after Sheffield Manor Lodge.

Wikipedia: Sheffield Manor Lodge (EN)

14. Victoria Hall

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Victoria Hall is a Methodist place of worship situated on Norfolk Street in Sheffield city centre. It is the most important Methodist building in Sheffield and it is a Grade II listed building. It is a large many roomed building which stands between the side streets of Chapel Walk and George Street. Although the main entrance to the church is on Norfolk Street, there is a separate administration entrance on Chapel Walk.

Wikipedia: Victoria Hall, Sheffield (EN)

15. St Nicholas Church

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The Church of St. Nicholas, Bradfield is situated in the small village of High Bradfield, which is located 6 miles (10 km) north west of the centre of the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. It is one of only five Grade One Listed buildings in Sheffield. The church is situated 260 metres (850 ft) above sea level, overlooking the Peak District National Park.

Wikipedia: Church of St Nicholas, Bradfield (EN)

16. University of Sheffield Drama Studio

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The Drama Studio is an intimate 177 seat theatre venue owned by the University of Sheffield and operated by the University’s Performance Venues department. Opened in 1970, it is housed in the former Glossop Road Baptist Church and retains many of the original architectural features. The studio also offers 3 individual rehearsal spaces that are available to hire.

Wikipedia: Drama Studio, University of Sheffield (EN)

17. Sheffield City Hall

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Sheffield City Hall is a Grade II* listed building in Sheffield, England in Barker's Pool, one of the city's central squares. It was built and is owned by Sheffield City Council but is now managed by the Sheffield City Trust, under a 99-year lease and is operated by Sheffield International Venues as a venue for concerts and other events in its various rooms.

Wikipedia: Sheffield City Hall (EN), Website

18. The Immaculate Conception

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Immaculate Conception Church is a Roman Catholic Parish church in Spinkhill, Derbyshire, England. It was built in 1846 and designed by Joseph Hansom. It is situated on Spinkhill Lane opposite Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary School south of Mount St Mary's College in the village. It was founded by the Jesuits and is a Grade II listed building.

Wikipedia: Church of the Immaculate Conception, Spinkhill (EN)

19. Wadsley Church

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Wadsley Parish Church is situated within the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It is located on Worrall Road, 3 miles (5 km) north west of the city centre in the suburb of Wadsley, which was formerly a village outside the city boundary. The church is quite unusual in that it is not dedicated to a saint. It is a grade II listed building.

Wikipedia: Wadsley Parish Church (EN)

20. The Sacred Heart

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Sacred Heart Church is located in Forbes Road in the Hillsborough district of the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England at grid reference SK333894. It is a Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Hallam and is a Grade II listed building. The church is situated in an elevated position and its tower is a prominent landmark in the area.

Wikipedia: Sacred Heart Church, Hillsborough (EN)

21. Millhouses Park

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Millhouses Park Richard Newall / CC BY-SA 2.0

Millhouses Park is a public urban park located in the Millhouses neighbourhood in south of Sheffield, England. It is a 12.87-hectare (31.8-acre) park stretching approximately 0.75 miles (1.2 km) along the floor of the valley of the River Sheaf, sandwiched between Abbeydale Road South (A621) and the railway tracks of the Midland Main Line.

Wikipedia: Millhouses Park (EN)

22. Hill Top Chapel

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Attercliffe Chapel, also known as the Hill Top Chapel, is a Gothic chapel in Attercliffe, now a suburb of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The chapel was constructed in 1629, when Attercliffe was a township separate from Sheffield, although in the same parish. Consecration took place on St. Matthias' day, 24 February 1630.

Wikipedia: Attercliffe Chapel (EN)

23. Graves Park

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Graves Park is a large parkland area in the South of Sheffield, between the districts of Norton, Woodseats and Meadowhead. The park was developed by Alderman J. G. Graves between 1926 and 1936, to protect the thousand year old woodland from building development. Mr Graves donated the 100.362 hectares park to the city.

Wikipedia: Graves Park (EN)

24. I Love You Will U Marry Me

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I Love You Will U Marry MeMr Razamataz Hi. You cannot claim any copyright disclaimer to material that is already copyrighted. The Graffiti, my intellectual property is copyrighted and should read :- © JASON LOWE 2001 Please remove your disclaimer. Kind regards. Jason Lowe / CC BY-SA 4.0

I Love You Will U Marry Me was a message added as graffiti to a high concrete bridge at the Park Hill housing estate in Sheffield in April 2001, after the estate was listed at Grade II in 1998 and before renovations began in 2006. The slogan was removed due to maintenance work in 2021, but reinstated in 2022.

Wikipedia: I Love You Will U Marry Me (EN)

25. Cholera Monument Grounds

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The Cholera Monument is a memorial in Sheffield, England, to the victims of a cholera epidemic of 1832. Of the 402 disease victims, 339 were buried in grounds between Park Hill and Norfolk Park adjoining Clay Wood. Money from the treasurers of the Board of Health was set aside for a monument for the site.

Wikipedia: Cholera Monument Grounds and Clay Wood (EN)

26. Cementation Furnace

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The Cementation furnace in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England is a Grade II Listed Building and is the only example of this type of steel making furnace to survive intact in Great Britain. It is situated on Doncaster Street in the St Vincent's Quarter just 0.6 miles (1 km) north west of the city centre.

Wikipedia: Cementation furnace, Sheffield (EN)

27. Fitzalan Square

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Fitzalan Square is a municipal square situated in the city centre of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. The present day square is one of the busiest areas of the city centre, with traffic and pedestrians continually moving through the area. It has a Sheffield Supertram stop and a taxi rank.

Wikipedia: Fitzalan Square (EN)

28. Graves Art Gallery

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Graves Art Gallery

Graves Art Gallery is an art gallery in Sheffield, England. The gallery is located above the Central Library in Sheffield city centre. It houses permanent displays from the city’s historic and contemporary collection of British and European art along with a programme of temporary exhibitions.

Wikipedia: Graves Art Gallery (EN), Website

29. York and Lancaster Regiment War Memorial

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The York and Lancaster Regiment War Memorial is a war memorial to members of the York and Lancaster Regiment, in Weston Park, Sheffield, England. It was erected in the park in 1923 to commemorate the 8,814 members of the regiment who died in the First World War. The original inscription reads:

Wikipedia: York and Lancaster Memorial, Sheffield (EN)

30. Saint Matthew's Church

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St Matthew's Church, more usually known as St Matthew's Carver Street, is situated on Carver Street in the centre of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It is a Grade II listed building located at grid reference SK351871. The church is part of the Anglo-Catholic movement.

Wikipedia: St Matthew's Church, Sheffield (EN)

31. Walders Low

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Bolsterstone is a village in South Yorkshire, England, south of Stocksbridge, and 8.5 miles to the northwest of the City of Sheffield and within the city borough. It lies on the border of the Peak District national park. Bolsterstone had a population of 386 in 2011.

Wikipedia: Bolsterstone (EN)

32. Bishop's House

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Bishops' House is a half-timbered house in the Norton Lees district of the City of Sheffield, England. It was built c. 1500 and is located on the southern tip of Meersbrook Park. It is one of the three surviving timber-framed houses in the city.

Wikipedia: Bishops' House (EN), Website

33. Upper Chapel

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Upper Chapel is a Unitarian chapel on Norfolk Street in Sheffield City Centre. It is a member of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, the umbrella organisation for British Unitarians. The Chapel is Grade II listed.

Wikipedia: Upper Chapel (EN)

34. Sheffield War Memorial

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The Sheffield War Memorial also known as Sheffield Cenotaph, is a Grade II* listed war memorial located at Barker's Pool, Sheffield, standing to the south of Sheffield City Hall, which is also Grade II* listed.

Wikipedia: Sheffield War Memorial (EN)

35. Lady's Bridge

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Lady's Bridge is the oldest bridge across the River Don in the City of Sheffield, England. It is located in the central section of the city, linking the Wicker to the north with Waingate to the south.

Wikipedia: Lady's Bridge (EN)


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