8 Sights in Ipswich, United Kingdom (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Ipswich, United Kingdom. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Ipswich, United Kingdom.

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1. Christchurch Mansion

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Christchurch Mansion is a substantial Tudor brick mansion house built in Ipswich, Suffolk by Edmund Withypoll around 1548–50. The Grade I listed building is located within Christchurch Park and sits by the southern gates close to the town centre of Ipswich. The mansion belonged to various noble families throughout its history but was purchased by the Ipswich Borough Council in 1884. Since 1885, the building has been used as a museum and is today run by the state funded Colchester + Ipswich Museums organisation. The museum's rooms are preserved as past inhabitants would have known them, complete with original items such as furniture, fine clothing and children's toys. The museum also holds a collection of paintings by renowned local artists including John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough. The Mansion is free to enter and booking is not required.

Wikipedia: Christchurch Mansion (EN)

2. Saint Mary at the Quay

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St Mary-at-the-Quay Church is a former Anglican church in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. The medieval building is under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. and since September 2021 it has been used by River Church to implement an approach to evangelicism developed by Holy Trinity Brompton as part of the network of HTB church plants. The church originally served the thriving industry around the docks area of the town and those that worked there. After closing for regualr worship in the 1950s the church was transferred to the CCT in 1973 and underwent a major restoration programme completing in 2016.

Wikipedia: St Mary at the Quay Church, Ipswich (EN)

3. Giles Family

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The Giles family is a fictional British family created by cartoonist Carl Giles at the end of World War II, appearing first on 5 August 1945. Much of Giles's World War II work had been cartoons featuring Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and the typical British Tommy, but he felt the need to expand after the War, hence the family. The format was a single-panel cartoon, published daily in the Daily Express and Sunday Express newspapers from 1945 until 1991. An annual collection was published each Christmas.

Wikipedia: Giles family (EN)

4. Blackfriars

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Ipswich Blackfriars was a medieval religious house of Friars-preachers (Dominicans) in the town of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, founded in 1263 by King Henry III and dissolved in 1538. It was the second of the three friaries established in the town, the first being the Greyfriars, a house of Franciscan Friars Minors, and the third the Ipswich Whitefriars of c. 1278–79. The Blackfriars were under the Visitation of Cambridge.

Wikipedia: Ipswich Blackfriars (EN)

5. Ipswich Regent

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Ipswich Regent Theatre is a theatre and concert venue located at St Helen's Street in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. The auditorium was refurbished in 2007 and now holds 1,551 people, having lost around 150 seats. It is East Anglia's largest theatre. It has also been known as the Gaumont Theatre. It was designated as a Grade II Listed Building in 2000.

Wikipedia: Regent Theatre (Ipswich) (EN)

6. Gippeswyk Park

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Gippeswyk Park is a park in the South West of Ipswich in England. It was bequeathed to Ipswich by the MP Felix Cobbold. The park is located very close to the train station and the park's primary use is for recreation and includes numerous football pitches as well as two tennis courts which are always popular during the summer months.

Wikipedia: Gippeswyk Park (EN)

7. Ipswich Museum

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Ipswich Museum is a registered museum of culture, history and natural heritage located on High Street in Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk. It was historically the leading regional museum in Suffolk, housing collections drawn from both the former counties of East Suffolk and West Suffolk, which were amalgamated in 1974.

Wikipedia: Ipswich Museum (EN), Website

8. St Pancras, Ipswich

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Saint Pancras is an active Roman Catholic parish church serving the town centre of Ipswich, England. The neo-gothic church was built as part of the British Catholic revival in the nineteenth century, and was the target of anti-Catholic riots soon after completion.

Wikipedia: St. Pancras, Ipswich (EN)

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