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Explore interesting sights in Bath, United Kingdom. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 25 sights are available in Bath, United Kingdom.

Sightseeing Tours in Bath

1. Bath Abbey

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The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, commonly known as Bath Abbey, is a parish church of the Church of England and former Benedictine monastery in Bath, Somerset, England. Founded in the 7th century, it was reorganised in the 10th century and rebuilt in the 12th and 16th centuries; major restoration work was carried out by Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 1860s. It is one of the largest examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in the West Country. The medieval abbey church served as a sometime cathedral of a bishop. After long contention between churchmen in Bath and Wells the seat of the Diocese of Bath and Wells was later consolidated at Wells Cathedral. The Benedictine community was dissolved in 1539 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Wikipedia: Bath Abbey (EN), Website, Heritage Website

2. No.1 Royal Crescent Museum

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No. 1 Royal Crescent is the first building at the eastern end of the Royal Crescent in Bath, Somerset, and is of national architectural and historic importance. It is currently the headquarters of the conservation charity, the Bath Preservation Trust, and also operates as a public "historic house" museum displaying authentic room sets, furniture, pictures and other items illustrating Georgian domestic life both 'above stairs' and 'below stairs'. The house was the subject of a major renovation project during 2012 and 2013 which reunited No. 1 with its original service wing at No. 1A, from which it had been separated during the 20th century.

Wikipedia: No. 1 Royal Crescent (EN), Website

3. The Roman Baths

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The Roman Baths are well-preserved thermae in the city of Bath, Somerset, England. A temple was constructed on the site between 60 and 70 AD in the first few decades of Roman Britain. Its presence led to the development of the small Roman urban settlement known as Aquae Sulis around the site. The Roman baths—designed for public bathing—were used until the end of Roman rule in Britain in the 5th century AD. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the original Roman baths were in ruins a century later. The area around the natural springs was redeveloped several times during the Early and Late Middle Ages.

Wikipedia: Roman Baths (Bath) (EN), Website

4. The Egg

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The Egg

The Egg is a theatre in Bath, built specifically for the use of young people. It was converted from a former cinema and church hall by architects Haworth Tompkins. The Grade II listed Victorian building houses the eponymous 'egg'-shaped auditorium, around which an arts cafe, rooftop rehearsal space and basement technical workshop are arranged. The idea was supported by the children's author Bel Mooney. It opened in October 2005. In 2007, the Peter Hall Company made use of the space in order to stage a production of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Wikipedia: The Egg, Bath (EN), Website

5. Bath

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BathPedro Szekely from Los Angeles, USA / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bath is a city in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England, known for and named after its Roman-built baths. At the 2021 Census, the population was 94,092. Bath is in the valley of the River Avon, 97 miles (156 km) west of London and 11 miles (18 km) southeast of Bristol. The city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, and was later added to the transnational World Heritage Site known as the "Great Spa Towns of Europe" in 2021. Bath is also the largest city and settlement in Somerset.

Wikipedia: Bath, Somerset (EN), Heritage Website

6. Prior Park

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Prior Park

Prior Park Landscape Garden surrounding the Prior Park estate south of Bath, Somerset, England, was designed in the 18th century by the poet Alexander Pope and the landscape gardener Capability Brown, and is now owned by the National Trust. The garden was influential in defining the style known as the "English landscape garden" in continental Europe. The garden is Grade I listed in the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England.

Wikipedia: Prior Park Landscape Garden (EN)

7. Royal Crescent

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Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent in the city of Bath, England. Designed by the architect John Wood, the Younger, and built between 1767 and 1774, it is among the greatest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in the United Kingdom and is a Grade I listed building. Although some changes have been made to the various interiors over the years, the Georgian stone facade remains much as it was when first built.

Wikipedia: Royal Crescent (EN)

8. Saint Mary's Bathwick

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The Church of St Mary the Virgin is located on Darlington Street in the Bathwick area of Bath, Somerset, England. The church is Anglican and located near Pinch's Sydney Place (1808) and Bath's famed Sydney Pleasure Gardens. The church was constructed by the Pulteney family, who used it to replace the medieval parish church of St Mary's, Bathwick, known even in Georgian times as Bathwick Old Church. The churchyard is now part of Smallcombe Cemetery.

Wikipedia: St Mary the Virgin's Church, Bathwick (EN), Website, Heritage Website

9. Beckford's Tower

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Beckford's Tower, originally known as Lansdown Tower, is an architectural folly built in neo-classical style on Lansdown Hill, just outside Bath, Somerset, England. The tower and its attached railings are designated as a Grade I listed building. Along with the adjoining Lansdown Cemetery it is Grade II listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England.

Wikipedia: Beckford's Tower (EN), Website

10. Thermae Bath Spa

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Thermae Bath Spa is a combination of the historic spa and a contemporary building in the city of Bath, England, and reopened in 2006. Bath and North East Somerset council own the buildings, and, as decreed in a Royal Charter of 1590, are the guardians of the spring waters, which are the only naturally hot, mineral-rich waters in the UK. The Spa is operated by YTL Hotels.

Wikipedia: Thermae Bath Spa (EN)

11. Pulteney Bridge

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Pulteney Bridge is a bridge over the River Avon in Bath, England. It was completed by 1774, and connected the city with the land of the Pulteney family which the family wished to develop. Designed by Robert Adam in a Palladian style, it is highly unusual in that it has shops built across its full span on both sides. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building.

Wikipedia: Pulteney Bridge (EN), Heritage Website

12. Victoria Art Gallery

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The Victoria Art Gallery is a public art museum in Bath, Somerset, England. It was opened in 1900 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It is a Grade II* listed building and houses over 1,500 objects of art including a collection of oil paintings from British artists dating from 1700 onwards. The ground floor was at one time a public library.

Wikipedia: Victoria Art Gallery (EN), Opening Hours, Heritage Website

13. Royal Victoria Park

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Royal Victoria Park is a public park in Bath, England. It was opened in 1830 by the 11-year-old Princess Victoria, seven years before her ascension to the throne, and was the first park to carry her name. It was privately run as part of the Victorian public park movement until 1921, when it was taken over by the Bath Corporation.

Wikipedia: Royal Victoria Park, Bath (EN), Heritage Website

14. Holburne Museum

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The Holburne Museum is located in Sydney Pleasure Gardens, Bath, Somerset, England. The city's first public art gallery, the Grade I listed building, is home to fine and decorative arts built around the collection of Sir William Holburne. Artists in the collection include Gainsborough, Guardi, Stubbs, Ramsay and Zoffany.

Wikipedia: Holburne Museum (EN), Website

15. The American Museum (Claverton Manor)

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The American Museum and Gardens is a museum of American art and culture based at Claverton, near Bath, England. Its world-renowned collections of American furniture, quilts and folk art are displayed in a Grade I listed 19th-century house, surrounded by gardens overlooking the valley of the River Avon.

Wikipedia: American Museum and Gardens (EN), Website

16. Sydney Gardens

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Sydney Gardens is a public open space at the end of Great Pulteney Street in Bath, Somerset, England. The gardens are the only remaining eighteenth-century pleasure gardens in the country. They are Grade II listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England.

Wikipedia: Sydney Gardens (EN), Heritage Website

17. Ralph Allen’s Sham Castle

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Sham Castle is a folly on Claverton Down overlooking the city of Bath, Somerset, England. It is a Grade II* listed building. It is a screen wall with a central pointed arch flanked by two 3-storey circular turrets, which extend sideways to a 2-storey square tower at each end of the wall.

Wikipedia: Sham Castle (EN), Photo

18. Queen Square

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Queen Square is a square of Georgian houses in the city of Bath, England. Queen Square is the first element in "the most important architectural sequence in Bath", which includes the Circus and the Royal Crescent. All of the buildings which make up the square are Grade I listed.

Wikipedia: Queen Square, Bath (EN)

19. The Pump Rooms

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The Grand Pump Room is a historic building in the Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset, England. It is adjacent to the Roman Baths and is named for water that is pumped into the room from the baths' hot springs. Visitors can drink the water or have other refreshments while there.

Wikipedia: Grand Pump Room (EN), Website, Heritage Website

20. The Assembly Rooms

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The Bath Assembly Rooms, designed by John Wood the Younger in 1769, are a set of assembly rooms located in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath in England which are now open to the public as a visitor attraction. They are designated as a Grade I listed building.

Wikipedia: Bath Assembly Rooms (EN), Website, Heritage Website

21. The Francis Hotel

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The Francis Hotel

The Francis Hotel is a four star hotel located in a Grade 1 listed building on the south side of Queen Square, Bath, Somerset, England. It was part of Accor's MGallery luxury boutique hotel collection. On 1st April 2022, the Francis Hotel left the Accor chain.

Wikipedia: Francis Hotel, Bath (EN), Heritage Website

22. Saint John the Evangelist RC

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St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church is located on the South Parade in the south-east section of Bath City Centre – the old Ham District where John Wood the Elder, the Georgian architect, had originally planned his gigantic "Forum".

Wikipedia: St John's Church, Bath (EN), Website

23. Jane Austen Centre

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Jane Austen Centre

The Jane Austen Centre at 40 Gay Street in Bath, Somerset, England, is a permanent exhibition which tells the story of Jane Austen's Bath experience, and the effect that visiting and living in the city had on her and her writing.

Wikipedia: Jane Austen Centre (EN), Website

24. Prior Park

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Prior Park is a Neo-Palladian house that was designed by John Wood, the Elder, and built in the 1730s and 1740s for Ralph Allen on a hill overlooking Bath, Somerset, England. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building.

Wikipedia: Prior Park (EN), Website

25. Museum of Bath Architecture

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The Museum of Bath Architecture in Bath, Somerset, England, occupies the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, where it provides exhibits that explain the building of the Georgian era city during the 18th century.

Wikipedia: Museum of Bath Architecture (EN), Website


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