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Explore interesting sights in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 24 sights are available in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

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1. Cullerlie Stone Circle

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Cullerlie Stone Circle Bill McKelvie (User:Wmck) / CC BY 2.5

Cullerlie stone circle, also known as the Standing Stones of Echt, is a small stone circle situated near Echt, Aberdeenshire. It consists of eight irregular stones of red granite arranged at approximately equal intervals to form a circle of 10.2 m (33 ft) diameter, enclosing the same number of small cairns. The cairns are characterised by outer kerbs or rings of stones, with a double ring surrounding the central cairn and a single ring in the others. All but one of the cairns have eleven ringstones, with the last having nine. The whole circle sits on a patch of gravel which forms the end of a low gravel ridge linking the site with Leuchar Moss. It is regarded as "a later development from the recumbent stone circle", though its layout with kerbed cairns within the circle makes it unique.

Wikipedia: Cullerlie stone circle (EN), Website

2. Aberdeen Mosque & Islamic Centre

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The Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre (AMIC) is the largest main mosque and Islamic centre in North East of Scotland and Aberdeen, Scotland. AMIC is a charitable, non profitable, non political organisation. Its purpose is to hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious activities, with provision of free religious services to members of the Muslim community relating to Islamic marriage, birth, death and burial in accordance with Scottish law. AMIC also aims to promote unity and provide channels for better communication and understanding between the Muslims and non Muslims in the area. The mosque contributes to the local community by promoting and participating in projects related to areas of social concern. It operates from its new location at Frederick Street.

Wikipedia: Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre (EN), Website

3. Tivoli Theatre

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The Tivoli Theatre is a theatre in Aberdeen, Scotland, opened in 1872 as Her Majesty's Theatre and was built by the Aberdeen Theatre and Opera House Company Ltd, under architects James Matthews of Aberdeen and Charles J. Phipps, a London-based architect brought in to consult. The auditorium was rebuilt in 1897 by theatre architect Frank Matcham, but then closed temporarily in 1906, following the opening of the larger His Majesty's Theatre. The smaller theatre was extensively reconstructed in 1909, again by Frank Matcham, and re-opened in July 1910 as the Tivoli. The Tivoli was refurbished again in 1938.

Wikipedia: Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen (EN)

4. Seaton Park

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Seaton Park is a public park in the Old Aberdeen area of Aberdeen, Scotland. One of the city's biggest parks, it was bought by the city for use as a public park in 1947 from Major Malcolm Vivian Hay, a cryptographer during the First World War and a historian of Catholic and Jewish history. It was formerly the grounds of Seaton House, which had been the Hay family home for centuries, but was gradually wound down as a family house due to inheritance tax, the contents were sold off in 1959 and the already dilapidated house burnt down in 1963.

Wikipedia: Seaton Park (EN)

5. Aberdeen Science Centre

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Aberdeen Science Centre is a science museum in Aberdeen, Scotland. It displays exhibits and performs fun, educational and interactive shows and workshops which are aimed to be inclusive for all audiences. It attracts primary school groups around the year and its exhibits are "hands on" so that everything can be played with and examined. The centre is a registered charity under Scottish law. It is funded by the public and donations from local corporate sponsors. The attraction also contains a café.

Wikipedia: Aberdeen Science Centre (EN), Website

6. Aberdeen Art Gallery

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Aberdeen Art Gallery is the main visual arts exhibition space in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. It was founded in 1884 in a building designed by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie, with a sculpture court added in 1905. In 1900, it received the art collection of Alexander Macdonald, a local granite merchant. The gallery is noted for its fine collection of modern Scottish and international art, including works by Ken Currie, Gilbert & George, Ivor Abrahams, Bridget Riley and Bruce McLean.

Wikipedia: Aberdeen Art Gallery (EN), Website

7. Friendville

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Friendville Oakhill Apartments Ltd / Copyrighted free use

Friendville is a large manor house and estate in the Mannofield area of Aberdeen, Scotland, operated as a hireable exclusive use venue. It is notable for being situated in the city of Aberdeen itself yet containing an estate and gardens that are more commonly found in rural country houses. Friendville house is a category B listed building and the oldest residential property still in use in Aberdeen. It is one of Aberdeen's most valuable properties.

Wikipedia: Friendville (manor house) (EN)

8. Queen's Cross Parish Church

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Queen's Cross Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland. It is located at the intersection of Carden Place and Albyn Place, at Queen's Cross in the heart of Aberdeen's west end business community. It is a short walk from the main shopping areas of the city and several main hotels. The church was designated as a Category B listed building in 1967 and was upgraded to Category A in 1984.

Wikipedia: Queen's Cross Church, Aberdeen (EN)

9. The Gordon Highlanders Museum

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The Gordon Highlanders Museum is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and celebrates the story of the Gordon Highlanders regiment, which originated as the 92nd Regiment of Foot in 1794, merged with the 75th (Stirlingshire) Regiment of Foot to form the Gordon Highlanders in 1881 and was then amalgamated into a new larger unit of the British Army in 1994. It is a 5-star Scottish Tourist Board attraction.

Wikipedia: Gordon Highlanders Museum (EN), Website

10. The Kirk of St. Nicholas

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The Kirk of St. Nicholas see below / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Kirk of St Nicholas is a historic church located in the city centre of Aberdeen, Scotland. Up until the dissolution of the congregation on 31 December 2020, it was known as the "Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting". It is also known as "The Mither Kirk" of the city. As of 1 January 2021, the building falls under the care and maintenance of the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland.

Wikipedia: Kirk of St Nicholas (EN), Facebook, Website

11. St. Peter's Catholic Church

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St Peter's Church is a Roman Catholic Parish church in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was built from 1803 and opened in 1804. It is situated on Justice Street between Peacock's Close and Market Stance, next to St Andrew's Cathedral in the centre of the city. It was the first permanent Roman Catholic Church to be built in Aberdeen after the Reformation and is a category B listed building.

Wikipedia: St Peter's Church, Aberdeen (EN)

12. Blairs Museum

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St Mary's College, Blairs, situated near Aberdeen in Scotland, was from 1829 to 1986 a junior seminary for boys and young men studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood. Part of the former college now houses Blairs Museum, the museum of Scotland's Catholic heritage. The New Chapel is a Category A listed building, with the other buildings listed as Category B.

Wikipedia: Blairs College (EN), Website

13. Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption

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Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption original: Colin Smith derivative work: Rabanus Flavus / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Cathedral Church of St Mary of the Assumption, usually known as St Mary's Cathedral, is a cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. It is the home of the see of the Bishop of Aberdeen, who is the ordinary of the Diocese of Aberdeen in the Province of St Andrews & Edinburgh. It stands at 20 Huntly Street in Aberdeen.

Wikipedia: St Mary's Cathedral, Aberdeen (EN), Website

14. Torry Battery

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The Torry Battery is an artillery battery near Torry in Aberdeen, Scotland, which has overlooked the city's harbour since 1860. It was originally constructed for nine guns with a defensible barracks at the rear. In 1881 the battery mounted three 10-inch Smooth bore guns and five 68-Pounder Smooth bore guns.

Wikipedia: Torry Battery (EN)

15. Tolbooth Museum

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The Tolbooth in Aberdeen, Scotland is a 17th-century former jail which is now operated as a museum. The museum contains prison cells and exhibits various police and law and order related items. The building has been featured on popular television as the setting for a ghostlore story.

Wikipedia: The Tolbooth, Aberdeen (EN)

16. Codona's Amusement Park

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Codona's Amusement Park is an amusement park based in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was established by the Codona Family in 1970 and is currently managed by the third generation of the family. It is situated adjacent to the Aberdeen Beach and Queens Links on the coast of the North Sea.

Wikipedia: Codonas Amusement Park (EN)

17. Cathedral Church of St Machar

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St Machar's Cathedral is a Church of Scotland church in Aberdeen, Scotland, located to the north of the city centre, in the former burgh of Old Aberdeen. Technically, St Machar's is no longer a cathedral but rather a high kirk, as it has not been the seat of a bishop since 1690.

Wikipedia: St Machar's Cathedral (EN), Website

18. Queen's Terrace Gardens

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Queen's Terrace Gardens

Rubislaw and Queens Terrace Gardens are two small public gardens in Aberdeen, Scotland. Although they are officially two parks, they are bisected only by one road which runs between the 1 hectare rectangular area it covers, so can be considered as one park for this article.

Wikipedia: Rubislaw and Queens Terrace Gardens (EN)

19. Beach Ballroom

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The Beach Ballroom is an art deco building on the beach boulevard of Aberdeen, Scotland. It is home to one of Scotland's finest dance floors – famous for its bounce – which floats on fixed steel springs. It was built in 1926, and is a Category B listed building.

Wikipedia: Beach Ballroom (EN)

20. St. Andrews Cathedral

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St Andrew's Cathedral, or the Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew, is a cathedral of the Scottish Episcopal Church situated in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. It is the see of the Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, who is the Ordinary of the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney.

Wikipedia: St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen (EN)

21. Tyrebagger Hill Stone Circle

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Tyrebagger Hill Stone Circle

Tyrebagger stone circle is located at Dyce, near to Aberdeen in Scotland. It is a complete recumbent stone circle. It was used as a cattle pound in the past and now stands close to the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route. It is a scheduled monument since 1925.

Wikipedia: Tyrebagger stone circle (EN), Website

22. Gilcomston Church

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Gilcomston Church is an evangelical congregation, a member of the Didasko fellowship, which meets in the church buildings on Union Street, Aberdeen. The congregation was formerly part of the Church of Scotland and known as Gilcomston South Church.

Wikipedia: Gilcomston Church (EN), Website

23. His Majesty's Theatre

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His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen is the largest theatre in north-east Scotland, seating more than 1,400. The theatre is sited on Rosemount Viaduct, opposite the city's Union Terrace Gardens. It was designed by Frank Matcham and opened in 1906.

Wikipedia: His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen (EN), Website

24. Provost Skene's House

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Provost Skene's House

Provost Skene's House is a house in Aberdeen, built in 1545 and now housing a museum. It is named after Provost Skene, who bought it in 1669 and is thought to have commissioned its 17th century plaster ceilings.

Wikipedia: Provost Skene's House (EN), Website


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