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Explore interesting sights in İzmir, Turkey. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in İzmir, Turkey.

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1. Konak Mosque

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Konak Mosque, also called Yalı Mosque, is a mosque in İzmir, Turkey. It is located on Konak Square in the heart of the city next to the Governor's Mansion and the İzmir Clock Tower. Despite its relatively small size, it is considered one of the landmarks of the city for its distinctive octagonal shape and elaborate tilework.

Wikipedia: Konak Mosque (EN)

2. Teos

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Teos or Teo was an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia, on a peninsula between Chytrium and Myonnesus. It was founded by Minyans from Orchomenus, Ionians and Boeotians, but the date of its foundation is unknown. Teos was one of the twelve cities which formed the Ionian League. The city was situated on a low hilly isthmus. Its ruins are located to the south of the modern town of Sığacık in the Seferihisar district of Izmir Province, Turkey.

Wikipedia: Teos (EN)

3. Hisar Mosque

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Hisar Mosque Francisco Anzola / CC BY 2.0

Hisar Mosque or Hisarönü Mosque is a historical Mosque in İzmir, Turkey. It has been recorded to have been constructed by Ottoman governor Aydınoğlu Yakup Bey who was Bey of İzmir between 1592 and 1598. The 16th century Mosque is one of the biggest in the city centre and its interior contains one of the most striking examples of Ottoman Islamic artwork in İzmir.

Wikipedia: Hisar Mosque (EN)

4. İlk Kurşun Anıtı

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The First Bullet Monument is a monument in İzmir, Turkey dedicated to Hasan Tahsin, the Turkish War of Independence, and the Occupation of Smyrna. The monument depicts journalist Hasan Tahsin holding a gun in his right hand and a flag in his left. Both sides of the monument represent murals of the people of the Turkish War of Independence.

Wikipedia: First Bullet Monument (EN)

5. Konak Meydanı

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Konak Meydanı

Konak Square is a busy square at the southern end of Atatürk Avenue in the Konak district of İzmir, Turkey. The square is the busiest part of the city, as Konak is the main place of İzmir. The square is named after the Vali Konağı of İzmir Province, which is located here

Wikipedia: Konak Square (EN)

6. Salepçioğlu Camii

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Salepçioğlu Mosque is a Mosque in İzmir, Turkey located next to Konak Square in the heart of the city. The mosque which was constructed in the year 1905, is named after its patron Salepçizade Hoca Ahmed Efendi.

Wikipedia: Salepçioğlu Mosque (EN)

7. Elhamra Sahnesi

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Elhamra Cinema was built in 1926 in Izmir, Turkey. It was designed by Architect Tahsin Sermet Bey. It was built for public use as a theatre, currently it is being using as the Izmir State Opera and Ballet.

Wikipedia: Elhamra Theater (EN)


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