6 Sights in Taichung, Taiwan (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Taichung, Taiwan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Taichung, Taiwan.

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1. 帝國製糖廠臺中營業所

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Taichung Sugar Factory (now the only remaining Imperial Sugar Factory Taichung Sales Office) is a Taiwanese sugar company located in the eastern district of Taichung City, the factory was established in 1912, closed in 1993, and officially entered the land development project in 2013. The total area of the expropriation and development case in the sugar factory section is about 22 hectares, of which the ecological pond and the surrounding area of the factory are planned to be 6.09 hectares of parks), the developable area is about 15.32 hectares, of which 8.88 hectares are classified as commercial areas, and Taiwan Sugar obtains 7.7 hectares, and in March 2016, after the completion of land development, investment was launched. At the end of 2019, the building was restored and renamed the Imperial Sugar Factory Taichung Sales Office, which was opened along with parts of the park (Taichung Imperial Sugar Factory Lakeside Park).

Wikipedia: 台中糖廠 (ZH)

2. 臺中神社

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臺中神社 原提供者:林良哲;Pbdragonwang翻拍 / Public domain

Taichung Shrine is a shrine located in Taichung city during the reign of Taiwan Japan. The first generation shrine was built in 1911 in 84 times, Taichung City, to the north of Taichung Park. The second generation shrine was built in Taichung City, 141, in 1937, and upgraded to the China dollar Shrine in 1942, while the old Taichung shrine in the original Taichung Park was demolished. After the upgraded Taichung Shrine under the jurisdiction over Changhua Shrine, Shimizu Shrine, member Lin shrine three townships and eight no cases.

Wikipedia: 臺中神社 (ZH)

3. 中山堂

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Zhongshan Hall, located in the north district of Taichung City, Taiwan, covers an area of 33,564.94 square meters, jianping 16,607.5 square meters, including underground two floors and three floors, the audience is divided into 1,557 seats (including 12 seats, 12 accompanying seats), is the most perfect indoor theater in central Taiwan. It is close to Zhongzheng Park, North District National Sports Center, China University of Medicine, Taichung Zhongyou Department Store and No.1 China Business District.

Wikipedia: 中山堂 (台中市) (ZH)

4. 寶覺禪寺

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Baojue zen temple, hereinafter referred to as bao jue temple, is located in Taiwan taichung city north dragon, created in 1928, mountain "is method", the era of mountain "eagle pingshan", mountain for the east China sea appropriate zen, first host wonderful zen master, Taiwan, world war ii soldiers and survivors will come to sacrifice, also for Japanese tourists tourist location.

Wikipedia: 寶覺禪寺 (ZH)

5. 湖心亭

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Hudong Pavilion, once known as Zhongzheng Pavilion, is a pavilion located in Sun Lake, Taichung Park, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan, China. It was built in 1908 to commemorate the opening of the longitudinal line. It is now a historic site and is regarded as the representative of Taichung image, such as door plate, public ticket, Taichung city government emblem, etc.

Wikipedia: 湖心亭 (臺中市) (ZH)

6. 望月亭

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The north gate of Taiwan Province (also known as Wangjing Moon Pavilion) is located in the north district of Taichung City. It was announced as a historical building on November 17, the 95th year of the Republic of China (2006). It is a Qing Dynasty memorial in Taichung Park. Although it is not its original appearance, it still has value for research and preservation.

Wikipedia: 臺灣省城大北門 (ZH)

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