29 Sights in New Taipei, Taiwan (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in New Taipei, Taiwan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 29 sights are available in New Taipei, Taiwan.

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1. Danshui Qingshui Temple

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Danshui Qingshui Rock, also known as Danshui Zu Temple, is located at No.87, Qingshui Street, Danshui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was built in the twelfth year of the Showa River (1937). The ancestor of the eminent monk Shimizu in Anxi, southern Fujian, is a Buddhist patriarch temple greatly influenced by Taoism and folk beliefs in Taiwan. Therefore, it is the belief center in Danshui. On the fifth and sixth days of the fifth lunar month, the "Qingshui Master Memorial Day celebration", commonly known as "Danshui worship", is a freshwater event. In 2022, it is listed as a high-quality palace culture by the Danshui Branch of the New Taipei Municipal Government, and is an example of "intangible cultural assets".

Wikipedia: 淡水清水巖 (ZH)

2. 廣承岩寺

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Guangchengyan Temple, also known as Guangchengyan, the temple site is located at No. 78, section 1, Jincheng Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City, opposite Tucheng MRT Station, enter the temple gate and go up the stairs, the first thing you see is the Maitreya Buddha statue, the first and second floors are the guest rooms for handling general temple affairs, the third floor is the "Jizo Hall" dedicated to Jizo Bodhisattva, Dharma Grandmaster and Guanyin Bodhisattva, the fourth floor is the "Hall of Great Compassion", the fifth and sixth floors are the "Daxiong Treasure Hall", the statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas enshrined in the temple are beautifully carved and solemn.

Wikipedia: 廣承岩寺 (ZH)

3. Jiufen Old Street

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Jiufen Old Street is an old street located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The main area is mainly gathered in Jishan Street, Shiqi Road and Light Road. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan, and tourists are coming throughout the year. According to the tourist source analysis, foreign tourists from Japan, South Korea and other places, tourists from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and domestic tourists account for half, and holidays are mainly national tourism, which is an international tourist attraction in North Taiwan. The business circle is clearly positioned, integrating history, natural scenery, food culture in a furnace.

Wikipedia: 九份老街 (ZH)

4. New Taipei Metropolitan Park

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New North Metropolitan Park is the largest park in New North City, with an area of 424 hectares. Its original name is "Greater Taipei Metropolitan Park", but some people tend to think it is located in Taipei city, so the New Taipei City government changed its name as "New Taipei Metropolitan Park" on August 18,2019. The English translation name has been New Taipei, and maintain the original name. In addition, although its name has the word "Metropolis Park", it is different from other Metropolis parks in Taiwan and is not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Wikipedia: 新北大都會公園 (ZH)

5. 新莊文昌祠

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Xinzhuang Wenchang Temple is located in Xinzhuang District, Xinbei City, Taiwan Province. It is a temple of Lord Wenchang. On August 19,1985, it was announced as a third-level historic site, and later changed to a municipality directly under the Central Government. Wenchang Temple was originally built on the right side of The Ciyou Palace of Xinzhuang in 1813. It is recorded in the Annals of Danshui Hall as one of the five Wenchang temples of Danshui Hall. It was moved to its current site in 1875.

Wikipedia: 新莊文昌祠 (ZH)

6. 金字碑

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The golden stele is a stele located in the Sanminling Ancient Road in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, which was inscribed by Liu Mingdeng, the commander-in-chief of Taiwan Town in the Qing Dynasty, in the winter of the sixth year of Muzong's reign (1867). It was announced as a national third-class historic site on August 19, 1985, and is now a designated historic site in New Taipei City. Due to its age, the handwriting of the inscription is a bit blurry, but it is largely preserved.

Wikipedia: 金字碑 (ZH)

7. 三峽興隆宮

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Three Gorges Xinglong Palace Mazu Temple, commonly known as Three Gorges Mazu Temple. It is a Taoist temple, the Lord is the Holy Mother of Heaven, located at No. 50, Minquan Street, Sanxia District, New Taipei City, founded in 1755, located in Three Gorges Old Street, together with the Three Gorges Ancestral Master Temple and the Three Gorges Fu'an Palace, collectively known as the three ancient temples in the Three Gorges District.

Wikipedia: 三峽興隆宮 (ZH)

8. 823 Memorial Park(No. 4 Park)

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823 memorial park, habit called "park", also known as "neutralization park", in Taiwan new Taipei city peace zone, peace street and peace road, the northeast corner and adjacent yongzhen road, is home to the national Taiwan library, an area of 11 hectares, located in the neutralization area, and in addition to the southwest, near and yonghe district adjacent or near, is the largest park, known as the "double lung".

Wikipedia: 八二三紀念公園 (ZH)

9. Hobe Mackay Hospital

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Huwei Kai Medical Center, referred to as Kai Medical Hall, is a hospital site located in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and the first hospital in the "north" of Taiwan, the predecessor of Mackay Memorial Hospital, which was assessed as a third-class historic site by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China in 1998, and is now a designated historic site in New Taipei City.

Wikipedia: 滬尾偕醫館 (ZH)

10. Yin Shan Si

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Yinshan Temple, commonly known as Deng Gong Temple, is a Dingguang ancient Buddhist Temple located in Dengkm, Danshui District, Xinbei City, Taiwan. It was built by the Hakka people in Tingzhou. It is known as "Danshui Temple", Danshui Longshan Temple " and Danshui Fuyou Palace, and is designated as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China.

Wikipedia: 鄞山寺 (ZH)

11. 石碇姑娘廟

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Shiyi Girl Temple is located near Yongding Creek, Shiyi District, Xinbei City, Taiwan, the worship of Wei Bian, the origin of the custom of borrowing "rich money" from the temple gods in Taiwan. The temple is adjacent to the Shengxing Palace, Shiyi Five Road Temple of Wealth, Shiji Mountain, Yuntai Mountain Daluo Jinxian House and other temples, forming a religious park.

Wikipedia: 石碇姑娘廟 (ZH), Website

12. Oxford College

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Oxford School, named as Li School Academy, is a Western-style modern school located in Danshui District, New Taipei City, founded by Ma Keimei, a missionary of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. In 1985, it was rated as a second-class historic site by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of China, and is now a historic site in New Taipei City.

Wikipedia: 牛津學堂 (ZH)

13. 凌雲禪寺

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Lingyun Zen Temple, in the 42 years of Meiji (1909), was donated by Liu Jinbo, a rich businessman in Dadaocheng, to help the establishment of Master Baohai. Lingyun Zen Temple is located on the Guanyin Mountain, Wufen District, New North City, Taiwan Province, just after the KaLingyun Temple. The temple is mainly dedicated to Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Wikipedia: 凌雲禪寺 (ZH)

14. 八里開臺天后宮

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Bali Tianhou Palace is the Mazu Temple in Bali District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is located near Bali Ferry Head, along with Guandu Palace and Danshui Fuyou Palace, and is the three historic Mazu temples in Danshui Estuary. With the West Longyan and Bali Dazhong Temple and known as the Bali three ancient temples.

Wikipedia: 八里開臺天后宮 (ZH)

15. 乾華新十八王公廟

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Changhua New Eighteen King Temple, or New Xinhua Eighteen King Temple, is located in Maolin Li, Shimen District, Xinbei City, Taiwan Province, with a huge statue of a dog. It was originally a new temple after the relocation of the eighteen Imperial Temple, as well as to relieve the danjin highway traffic.

Wikipedia: 乾華新十八王公廟 (ZH)

16. 汐止白雲派出所

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Xizhi Baiyun Police Station is a historical building in Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, built in 1939 as the 13th Police Officer Police Station, renamed Baiyun Police Station after the war, and was abolished in 1976, and was registered as a historical building in Taipei County in 2009.

Wikipedia: 汐止白雲派出所 (ZH)

17. The Maritime Museum

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The Tamkang University Maritime Museum is a museum on sea navigation located on the campus of Tamkang University in Tamsui District, New Taipei City in Taiwan. The museum is located in a ship-like formed building which formerly served as a training center for future sailors on trading ships.

Wikipedia: Tamkang University Maritime Museum (EN)

18. The Hobe Fort

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Huwei Tai, namely Huwei Fort, is located in Danshui District, today's New Taipei City, Taiwan Province. It is an artillery fort built in 1886, covering an area of about 8 hectares. The fort was built by Liu Mingchuan, Taiwan's first governor, to defend Taiwan's freshwater port.

Wikipedia: 滬尾砲台 (ZH)

19. 淡水水上機場

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Danshui Water Airport is the remains of the airport located in Danshui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Built in 1937, it is the second international airport in Taiwan (the first is Songshan Airport), which is currently designated as the historic site of New Taipei City.

Wikipedia: 淡水水上機場 (ZH)

20. 淡水燈塔

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Tamsui Port Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on the north shore of Tamsui Port (that is, Sharon on the north bank of the Tamsui River Estuary) in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and is the only lighthouse located in the estuary of the main island of Taiwan.

Wikipedia: 淡水港燈塔 (ZH)

21. Nanshan Fude Temple

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Nanshan Fude Palace, referred to as Nanshan Fude Palace, also known as the oven Land Temple, is located in Zhongli, Xinbei City, Taiwan, which is a small temple sacrificed by tea farmers, and later expanded into a temple with thriving incense, with a land statue.

Wikipedia: 烘爐地南山福德宮 (ZH)

22. 乾華十八王公廟

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Temple of the Eighteen Lords is a yin miao located in Ganhua Village, Shimen District, New Taipei, Taiwan. Located on Provincial Highway 2 beside Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant, the temple is dedicated to seventeen deceased sailors and one dog.

Wikipedia: Temple of the Eighteen Lords (EN)

23. Ōgon Shrine

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The Ōgon Shrine also known as the Jinguashi Shinto Shrine, Gold Temple or Spirits of the Mountain Shrine is a Shinto shrine located halfway up a mountain in the Gold Ecological Park in Jinguashi, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Wikipedia: Ōgon Shrine (EN)

24. 淡水氣候觀測所

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The Tamsui Climate Observatory is located in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, one of the most important climate observatories in northern Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation, and is currently a historic site in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Wikipedia: 淡水氣候觀測所 (ZH)

25. 太子廟

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Danshui Taizi Temple, also known as Kan Jinding Taizi Temple, is a zha Temple located in Kan Dingding, Lanhai New Town, Danshui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Province. It was retained when the first phase of Lanhai New Town was built.

Wikipedia: 淡水太子廟 (ZH)

26. 新莊武聖廟

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Xinzhuang wusheng Temple, also known as Xinzhuang Guandi Temple, is the Guandi Temple located in Xinzhuang Temple Street, Wenhengli, Xinzhuang District, Xinbei City, Taiwan, and is listed as the cultural assets of Xinbei City.

Wikipedia: 新莊武聖廟 (ZH)

27. 靈鷲山無生道場

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Lingshan Mountain is a three-way Buddhist monastery. And the highest point of Fujian, Gongliao District of Xinbei City, Taiwan, is about 387 meters in the outskirts of Fulong. It was founded by Master Shi in the 1980s.

Wikipedia: 靈鷲山無生道場 (ZH)

28. 吳沙公墓

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Wu Sha tomb is the tomb of Wu Sha in Yilan, Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty. In 1985, it was announced as a municipality directly under the Central Government, and what we see is the tomb of Wu Sha renovated in 1931.

Wikipedia: 吳沙墓 (ZH)

29. 女王頭

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女王頭 Alton (talk) Alton Thompson / CC BY-SA 3.0

Queen's Head is a mushroom-shaped rock located in Yyuli Yeliu Geological Park, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Province. It is also the most famous of the park's differential erosion landscape.

Wikipedia: 女王頭 (ZH)


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