7 Sights in Winterthur, Switzerland (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Winterthur, Switzerland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Winterthur, Switzerland.

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1. Kunsthalle Winterthur

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The Kunsthalle Winterthur is an art museum in Winterthur. It is located on the upper floor of the former Waaghaus in the old town of Winterthur, which is listed in the list of cultural goods of national importance. The Kunsthalle shows five to six alternating exhibitions of contemporary art every year, including international positions as well as those of Winterthur artists.

Wikipedia: Kunsthalle Winterthur (DE)

2. Burg Rossberg

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Rossberg Castle (German: Burg Rossberg) is an abandoned hilltop castle (motte) south of Winterthur on the territory of the Winterthurer Aussenwacht Rossberg, near the village of Kemptthal. At that time, the castle's possessions also included the courtyard with the Rossberg chapel, which lies about 800 metres north of the castle and still exists today.

Wikipedia: Burg Rossberg (DE)

3. Kunst Museum Winterthur / Reinhart am Stadtgarten

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The Kunst Museum Winterthur | Reinhart am Stadtgarten, formerly Museum Oskar Reinhart, is an art museum in Winterthur, Switzerland. Since 2018 it has been run by the Kunstverein Winterthur under the umbrella of the Kunst Museum Winterthur together with the former Kunstmuseum Winterthur and the Villa Flora, which is currently being renovated.

Wikipedia: Kunst Museum Winterthur – Reinhart am Stadtgarten (DE), Website

4. Stadtkirche

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The city church of Winterthur is the Protestant-reformed city church of Winterthur and as such one of the symbols of Winterthur. The city church is led by the federal government in the list of cultural goods of national importance in the canton of Zurich.

Wikipedia: Stadtkirche Winterthur (DE)

5. Burgstelle Buch

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Burgstelle Buch Fundriver / CC BY-SA 3.0 ch

Buch Castle (German: Burg Buch) is a ruined castle in Winterthur, Germany, which was located on the slope of the Dättnauerberg between Dättnau and Brütten, now known as Schlösslibuck or Maierislibuck. It was the seat of the Knights of Brütten.

Wikipedia: Burg Buch (Winterthur) (DE)

6. Rathaus

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The Winterthur town hall is the seat of the large municipal council and home of the Briner+Kern museum, several shops and a bistro. The town hall is of national importance in the Canton of Zurich in the list of cultural goods.

Wikipedia: Rathaus (Winterthur) (DE)

7. Ruine Kloster Berenberg

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Mariazell am Beerenberg Abbey (Kloster Mariazell am Beerenberg) was an Augustinian monastery whose ruins lie on the eastern slope of the Beerenberg, west of Wülflingen, a district of Winterthur in Switzerland.

Wikipedia: Kloster Beerenberg (DE)


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