6 Sights in Visby, Sweden (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Visby, Sweden. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Visby, Sweden.

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1. Sankta Maria domkyrka

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Visby Cathedral, formally Visby Saint Mary's Cathedral is a cathedral within the Church of Sweden, seat of the Bishop of Visby. It lies in the centre of Visby, the main town on the Swedish island Gotland. It was built as the church of the German traders in the city during the 13th century. The very first church was probably a wooden church, which was later replaced by a stone building. Originally built as a basilica, it was successively expanded and rebuilt during the Middle Ages. At the end of this period it had been transformed to a hall church, which it still is. In 1361, Gotland and the church became part of Denmark. Following the Reformation, it was the only medieval church in the city left in use, and in 1572 raised to the status of cathedral. Since 1645 Gotland and the cathedral have been part of Sweden. A major renovation was carried out in 1899–1903 under the guidance of architect Axel Haig.

Wikipedia: Visby Cathedral (EN)

2. Sankt Hans och Sankt Pers kyrkoruiner

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S:t Hans and S:t Per are two built-together church ruins in Visby, Gotland. The now standing churches were built in the 1200s and were consecrated to the evangelist John and the apostle Peter, respectively. The oldest St. Hans was probably the first stone church built on Gotland, on the site of the former pagan viet (sacrificial site). This has happened around 1060, when Christians outmaneuvered and expelled the Old Believers and it is not unlikely that the church was preceded by a pagan temple.

Wikipedia: Sankt Hans och Sankt Pers kyrkoruiner (SV)

3. DBW's Botanical Garden

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Visby Botanical Garden, the Society of the Bathing Wannners, is a botanical garden near the sea and the promenade in Visby. The garden was built in 1855 by the public benefit society Sällskapet DBW., at the suggestion of Master Hans Petter Gustavsson. In the early 1930s, a thorough renovation of the garden was carried out and it was then given its current design.

Wikipedia: Visby botaniska trädgård (SV)

4. Gotland art museum

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Gotland Art Museum is an art museum on Sankt Hansgatan in Visby, Sweden. Gotland Art Museum was opened in 1988 with Jan Brunius as director of Gotland's first elementary school building from 1847. The museum is part of gotlands museum. The museum's own art collection consists mainly of paintings and crafts related to Gotland from the early 1800s to the present.

Wikipedia: Gotlands konstmuseum (SV)

5. Drottens kyrkoruin

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The church of the Queen's Church is the common name for the ruins behind the triple church in the Church of Notre Dame on Gothic. The word "drot" is mentioned in the Gutalai Law, where it is called the owner of the timber, but in other cases it usually means a prince or king. The Queen's wife is called the Queen. Therefore, this sometimes happens.

Wikipedia: Drottens kyrkoruin, Visby (SV)

6. Sankt Nicolai kyrkoruin

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Sankt Nicolai church ruin is a church building (ruin) in Visby in the Diocese of Visby. The church has had several different stages of construction and the first church on the site was built around 1215–1220 and was named after the patron saint of seafarers, St. Nicolaus.

Wikipedia: Sankt Nicolai kyrkoruin, Visby (SV)

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