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Explore interesting sights in Umeå, Sweden. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Umeå, Sweden.

Sightseeing Tours in Umeå

1. Västerbottens museum

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Västerbottens museum in the Gammlia area of Umeå, Sweden is a county museum with responsibility for the cultural history of Västerbotten County. The museum consists of the Gammlia open-air museum, a ski exhibition, an exhibition of Fishing and Maritime, the popular movement archive of Västerbotten County and a number of Sami camps. The museum is working all over Västerbotten County with, amongst other things, numerous contract activities, mainly in the archaeological field. The museum produces the quarterly journal Västerbotten for the Västerbotten County district association.

Wikipedia: Västerbottens Museum (EN), Website

2. Broparken

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Broparken in Umeå was built in 1897. The park is located on a south-facing slope down towards the promenade by the Ume River, next to the Old Bridge, and consists of a large grassy area with large old trees, including poplar and oak. Thanks to the seating – and after the rebuilding also "food carts" – closest to Storgatan and the park's contact with the river, it is a popular place in the summer. In recent days, sportsmen have begun to use the park's sloping nature as a basis for setting up a small ski and snowboard slope during the winter months.

Wikipedia: Broparken, Umeå (SV)

3. Tullkammaren

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Tullmagasinet – often referred to by Umeå residents as "Tullkammaren" – is a brick building of 12,000 m² on the north bank of the Ume River, which was originally built to house the port of Umeå's warehouse and customs. The entrance is facing Västra Strandgatan 9, and the eastern short side faces Thulegatan 1. Just to the west of Tullmagasinet is Hamnmagasinet. Tullmagasinet has been a listed building since 1980.

Wikipedia: Tullmagasinet, Umeå (SV)

4. Döbelns park

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Döbelns park is in central Umeå in northern Sweden. It is the oldest park in Umeå, created in 1865. It is named after the General Georg Carl von Döbeln, and his monument was placed in the park in 1867. This park should not be confused with "Döbelns plan" which is a smaller communal area elsewhere further west in the city.

Wikipedia: Döbelns Park (EN)

5. Öbackaparken

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Öbackaparken is a green area by the Ume River in Umeå, which stretches from the Arts Campus just south of the city centre to the bend in the river southwest of the hospital area – opposite Ön. Parts of the park, like the Öbacka residential area, were an industrial area during the first half of the 1900s.

Wikipedia: Öbackaparken (SV)

6. Lev!

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Lev! is a 170-meter (560 ft) long glass artwork in the pedestrian and bicycle tunnel between the Railway Station Square in central Umeå and Haga District in Sweden. It was inaugurated on 17 November 2012 in conjunction with the festival Autumn Light and the reopening of Umeå Central Station.

Wikipedia: Lev! (EN)

7. Rådhusparken

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Rådhusparken is a park in central Umeå, located on the southern slope towards the Ume River, between the town hall at Storgatan in the north and Västra Strandgatan in the south, Handelsbanken in the east and Stora hotellet/kulturhuset Väven in the west.

Wikipedia: Rådhusparken, Umeå (SV)

8. Umeå Folkets Hus

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Umeå Folkets Hus is a community centre, inaugurated in 1986, located in central Umeå at the Vasaplan bus terminal. The building houses a number of concert halls, stages and conference rooms, of which Idun is the largest, accommodating 1150 people.

Wikipedia: Folkets hus, Umeå (SV), Website

9. Grön eld

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Grön eld is a glass sculpture by Vicke Lindstrand at Järnvägstorget, which is located in front of Umeå Central Station, in Umeå, Sweden. It was, at nine meters, the tallest glass sculpture in the world at the time of its inauguration in 1970.

Wikipedia: Grön eld (EN)

10. Vasakyrkan

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Vasakyrkan in Umeå is located in the same building as the former Hotel Vasa next to Vasaplan in central Umeå. The church is run by EFS and has activities for many ages. The Vasa Church has about 300 members.

Wikipedia: Vasakyrkan, Umeå (SV)


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