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Explore interesting sights in Linköping, Sweden. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 19 sights are available in Linköping, Sweden.

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1. Gamla Linköping

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Ancient flax purchasing is an open-air museum in the western flax purchasing and the eastern flax purchasing. The open-air museum consists of three parts: city blocks, valla farms and poppy woods. In urban areas, all buildings except the clown booth, which was completed in 2012, have been moved from the lens shopping center to the museum. These properties are owned by the cultural asset Linpi Buy A, and the wholly owned subsidiary of the museum activity is managed by the old Linpi Buy, which is a performance unit of the Linpi Buy Municipal Cultural and Leisure Management Department. In addition to the museum activity, there are 30 apartments as private residences, as well as places for associations, shops and craftsmen. The area did not own the Seamount amphitheater until the summer of 2013, which was demolished and replaced by the National Park Theater in 1921; It was then moved to the Old People's Park and reopened on May 9, 2015.

Wikipedia: Gamla Linköping (SV)

2. Sankt Lars kyrka

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St. Lal's Church is a white, stone church building located in the eastern county of Central Alinmai. It is located in the big square between the big square and the pole tip. The church belongs to the church pastor of St. Lal Parish and Limpudding Parish. The church was sacred to eat the laurel of truth. Historically, dioceses were made up of rural areas outside the city boundaries, although churches were located in places within the city, on the land of church congregations in the district. The boundary with the congregation of the Church of Judgment was changed in 1961 and is now in Abbey Street, a block west of St. Rahl's Church.

Wikipedia: Sankt Lars kyrka, Linköping (SV)

3. Trädgårdsföreningen

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The Garden Association in Linköping is a large green and park area in the central part of the urban area, 13 hectares large. An association for operation and promotion was formed March 22, 1859 at a meeting at Linköping Castle. According to a sculpture in the park, it was founded by Anders Gustav Svensson. In 1997, they began to restore the culverted Kärringbäcken that flows through the Garden Association's park. During the stream's hike out to Stångån, a number of ponds have been formed. Kärringbäcken has its uptime in the duck pond, behind the former soldier's home. The creek was finished in the spring of 1998.

Wikipedia: Trädgårdsföreningen, Linköping (SV)

4. Vattentornet

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The linen purchasing water tower is located at a height in the corn fire area in the frame shed of the urban area, and is well visible from a large area of the city. Since 1958, the water tower underwent a major renovation in 2009 and was newly completed on December 22, 2009. Mainly concrete exterior walls, which are now being renovated for the first time. When painting, it ate 5000 liters of paint. The tower is now painted white and gray. In addition, new decorative lighting has been installed, which can change the color and intensity after the season and working day.

Wikipedia: Linköpings vattentorn (SV)

5. Skäggetorps kyrka

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Beard's Church is a brown brick church with a sealed design. It is located at Flax Quarry, the market town of Flax Quarry, and in addition to this town includes the Tacun industrial area and sparse construction land between e4 and roxen. Built against the backdrop of the emergence of the Bearded Snake as a block in the 1970s, the church falls just behind the Bearded Snake's shopping centre. The church building also includes a parish residence. There is a separate clock frame next to the entrance of the church, in which two clocks are hung.

Wikipedia: Skäggetorps kyrka (SV)

6. Flygvapenmuseum

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The Swedish Air Force Museum is located at Malmen Airbase in Malmslätt, just outside Linköping, Sweden. Malmen is where Baron Carl Cederström, nicknamed the "Flyer Baron" founded his flying school in 1912. Malmen Airbase is home to the Royal Swedish Airschool operating SAAB 105 (SK60) jet trainers. Along with the Swedish Army Museum (Armémuseum) in Stockholm, Flygvapenmusem constitutes the government agency Statens försvarshistoriska museer.

Wikipedia: Swedish Air Force Museum (EN), Website

7. Landeryds kyrka

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The Terrestrial Church is a terrestrial church building, a terrestrial parish on the land of the East, of 11th century descent. It is located one mile southeast of the linen purchase to the east of the pole. The church is the parish church of the land parish, as well as the pastor of the linen purchasing parish church. The present appearance of the church is from its inauguration in 1753.

Wikipedia: Landeryds kyrka, Östergötland (SV)

8. Östergötlands Järnvägsmuseum

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Östergötland Railway Museum is located in Valla outdoor recreation area, Gamla Linköping in Linköping. Here you will find the entire railway history of Östergötland gathered, ranging from narrow gauge vehicles, 891 mm and even 600 mm, to drawing collection from ASJ. In addition, there is a large collection of steam locomotive models of famous locomotives from all over the world.

Wikipedia: Östergötlands Järnvägsmuseum (SV), Website

9. Stora teatern

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Stora teatern This photo (C) 2006 by Lars Aronsson / CC SA 1.0

Stora teatern in Linköping was inaugurated on 18 December 1903. The house was designed in Art Nouveau style by Axel Anderberg and can accommodate about 400 people. Today, Stora teatern in Linköping is one of Östgötateatern's two houses and where Linköping's theater house is slightly smaller than the theater house in Norrköping.

Wikipedia: Stora teatern, Linköping (SV)

10. Belvederen

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Belvederen is a building in Linköping, Sweden. It is located on Kjettilberget (Kjettil-hill) in the center of the town. The hill reaches 45 m over the lake Roxen and is the second highest point in Linköping. The building is 22 m high and was built in 1881. This gives the visitor a vantage point of approximately 67 m.

Wikipedia: Belvederen (EN)

11. Ansgarskyrkan

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Ansgarskyrkan is a church in the district of Gottfridsberg, Linköping, Sweden. The church belongs to Gottfridsberg Parish and Linköping Cathedral. The parish was split from the Cathedral Parish on 1 January 2006. The congregation collaborates with efs mission association in Linköping, which also owns the church.

Wikipedia: Ansgarskyrkan, Linköping (SV)

12. Linköping Cathedral

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Linköping Cathedral This photo (C) Lars Aronsson / CC SA 1.0

Linköping Cathedral is an active Lutheran church in the Swedish city of Linköping, the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Linköping in the Church of Sweden. One of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, it is situated opposite Linköping Castle, on a site that has been in use as a church since the 11th century.

Wikipedia: Linköping Cathedral (EN)

13. Kaga kyrka

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Kaga kyrka Håkan Svensson Xauxa / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Kaga Church is the church building of Kaga Parish in Flax Purchasing Commune in East Gut County. It is located on the East Foothill Plain, 6 kilometers northwest of the Lentil Quarry near the Black Line Bay exit of Keel Lake, and belongs to the core assembly of the Lentil Quarry.

Wikipedia: Kaga kyrka (SV)

14. Sankta Maria i Johannelund

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Johnny Long's Mountain-free Mary is a church building in flax procurement, eastern land. It is located in the town of johannelund, the parish church of the town of johannelund, where Lin buys pins. It belongs to the flax procurement judgment standard.

Wikipedia: Sankta Maria i Johannelund (SV)

15. Kärna kyrka

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Kärna kyrka Håkan Svensson Xauxa / CC BY 3.0

Kärn kyrka is a church building in Kärn parish, Linköping Municipality, Östergötland, Sweden. It is located in Malmslätt about 6 km west-northwest of Linköping city center and belongs to Kärn parish in Linköping diocese.

Wikipedia: Kärna kyrka (SV)

16. Sankt Hans kyrka

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Sankt Hans kyrka is a church in the Ekholmen district of Linköping, Sweden. The church belongs to Landeryd's congregation and Linköping Cathedral. The church is dedicated to and named after the evangelist St. John.

Wikipedia: Sankt Hans kyrka, Linköping (SV)

17. Vikingstads kyrka

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Vikingstad Church is a church building in Vikingstad parish and parish in Östergötland, Sweden. It is located 1 mile west-southwest of Linköping, 3 km south of Vikingstad and belongs to the Diocese of Linköping.

Wikipedia: Vikingstads kyrka (SV)

18. Tannefors kyrka

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Tannefors Church in Tannefors belongs to the Diocese of Linköping, Tannefors Parish and Linköping Cathedral. The church is located in the tannefors district of Linköping. It is located on a small elevation.

Wikipedia: Tannefors kyrka (SV)

19. Ledbergs kyrka

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Ledberg Church is a church building in Ledberg Parish, Linköping Municipality, Östergötland, Sweden. It is located 1/2 mile northwest of Malmslätt and belongs to Kärn parish in the Diocese of Linköping.

Wikipedia: Ledbergs kyrka (SV)


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