8 Sights in Halmstad, Sweden (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Halmstad, Sweden. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Halmstad, Sweden.

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1. Norre Port

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Norre Port, also Norreport, city gate in Halmstad, Halland County, Sweden. Norre Port was completed in 1601 under the Danish king Christian IV. This was part of the city's fortifications, which also included Halmstad Castle and the ramparts you can see remnants of in Norre Katt's park and by Charles XsIs's road. The gate, which leads to the street called Storgatan, is angled in relation to this, a way to prevent shelling towards the city.

Wikipedia: Norre Port (EN)

2. Vapnö slott

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Wapnö Castle is located in Vapnö parish in Halmstad Municipality, Halland, Sweden. The main building houses a restaurant and conference center. The estate comprises 1400 hectares of productive agricultural land and 433 hectares of forest land. The main activity of the estate is milk production and operation of a dairy.

Wikipedia: Wapnö Castle (EN)

3. Olaus Petri kyrka

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The Church of Olaus Petri, formerly St. Nicolai's, is a church building belonging to the Parish of Hamilbusburg. It is located in the center of Prairie City. From the beginning, the name was Nicolai Chapel in Vegetation Parish, but when the name was divided in 1962, it was changed to Oraus Petri Church.

Wikipedia: Olaus Petri kyrka, Halmstad (SV)

4. Europa och tjuren

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The European and the Bull is a bronze fountain made of carl mill in the Grand Square of the Swedish Grass City, erected in 1926. The motive is derived from Greek mythology about when Zeus, in the suspicion of the bull, tore away the European princess.

Wikipedia: Europa och Tjuren (SV)

5. Sankt Nikolai kyrka

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Sanknicolai Church, formerly Grass City Church, is a church building that has belonged to Grass City Parish of Millet Pins since 2016. It is a three-story hall church, middle boat and cross-round elevated, located in the middle of thatched city.

Wikipedia: Sankt Nikolai kyrka, Halmstad (SV)

6. Sperlingsholms kyrka

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Sperlingsholm Church, formerly Sperlingsholm Chapel, is a church building that since 2016 belongs to Halmstad Parish in the Diocese of Gothenburg. It is located at the Sperlingsholm estate in Övraby parish in Halmstad Municipality.

Wikipedia: Sperlingsholms kyrka (SV)

7. Vapnö kyrka

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Vapnö church is a church building that since 2006 belongs to Söndrum-Vapnö parish in the diocese of Gothenburg. It is located on a height in Vapnö with a view of Vapanödalen in Halmstad municipality.

Wikipedia: Vapnö kyrka (SV)

8. Tolarp passage grave

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Tolarp's pedestrian gate in the parish of Snöstorp next to Fylleån in Halmstad municipality is southern Halland's largest stone chamber tomb. It is about 5000 years old, that is, from the Neolithic.

Wikipedia: Tolarps gånggrift (SV)


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