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Explore interesting sights in San Sebastián, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in San Sebastián, Spain.

1. Iesu eliza

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Iesu Church is a Catholic church located in Donostia, in the Garden of Remembrance, Loyola Ribera parish, built by Tutarian architect Rafael Moneo. With a minimalist appearance, it is located next to the Garden of Remembrance, on the left side of the Urumea River. It was consecrated on May 14, 2011, in a service conducted by Bishop José Ignacio Munilla. Several priests took part in the consecration celebration, including the emeritus bishop of Donostia, Juan Maria Uriarte, the two vicars, Joseba Gonzalez and Juan Kruz Mendizabal, and the local parish priest, Jesus Mari Zabaleta.

Wikipedia: Iesu eliza (EU)

2. Mendeurren plaza

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Mendeurren plaza EzezagunaUnknown author / CC BY-SA 3.0

Centennial Square is a square in Donostia (Gipuzkoa), which opens at the end of Calle Urbieta (Donostia) and Calle Prim, next to Araba Park. It is bisected by the road that stretches from the end of Urbieta street to the city road of Antso Jakituna. There are two monuments in the square: the monument of Maria Christina of Austria (1918) and the Stela sculpture by Ricardo Ugarte (1970). It also has remarkable buildings around it, such as the Arrano house, where the writer Aitzol lived, and building number 1, where Julio Urkixo lived.

Wikipedia: Mendeurrenaren plaza (Donostia) (EU)

3. Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo

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Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo Roller Coaster Philosophy / CC BY 2.0

The Monte Igueldo amusement park is an amusement park located at the top of Mount Igueldo, in the neighborhood of El Antigua de San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Basque Country, Spain. It was inaugurated on August 25, 1912 and today it still remains in operation. You can reach the park by car or in funicular. The entrance to the park requires the purchase of a ticket, and the attractions are paid apart.

Wikipedia: Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo (ES), Website

4. Estela

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Stela is an iron sculpture created by Ricardo Ugarte in the 1960s. Awarded in the 1st edition of the Donostia International Sculpture Biennale, it was inaugurated on January 20, 1970. It is located in Donostia's Centennial Square. The sculpture is based on the play of balance between empty cubes of different sizes throughout the ten meter structure made of iron metallized with zinc.

Wikipedia: Estela (eskultura) (EU)

5. Mentxu Gal Lorategiak

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The Mentxu Gal Gardens are a square in the San Sebastian neighbourhood of Amara that connects Calle Easo with Avenida Sancho el Sabio. After a long time without a name, the Municipal Council of March 26, 2015 decided to give that name in homage to the painter Mentxu Gal.

Wikipedia: Mentxu Gal lorategiak (EU)

6. Zorroagako eliza

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The Church of Zorroaga or the Church of San Jose is a neo-Gothic church in the capital of San Sebastián in Gipuzkoa. The Zorroaga district of Miramon-Zorroaga is located on the street. It is owned by the Zorroaga Foundation.

Wikipedia: Zorroagako eliza (EU)

7. Aita Karmeldarren eliza

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The Church of Carmelites in the Amara district of San Sebastián is a church in the corner of Easo and Pedro Egaña streets. Attached to the church is the convent of Carmelites. It was inaugurated on October 15, 1915.

Wikipedia: Aita Karmeldarren eliza (Donostia) (EU)


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