10 Sights in Montblanc, Spain (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Montblanc, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Montblanc, Spain.

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1. Ermita de Sant Josep

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The hermitage of Sant Josep de Montblanc, in Conca de Barberà, is a very visited natural space, a place for holding gatherings and meeting campers. Hermitage of small dimensions and great structural simplicity. Basically the interest lies in the stone voussoired doorway and a stone engraved on it, where an angel is depicted. Built during the first third of the eighteenth century promoted by the merchant Francesc Sabater. During the nineteenth century it was owned by the Gassol family. In the course of the Spanish Civil War it was destroyed and remained abandoned for a few years. Thanks to the initiative and personal effort of Josep Civit i Solé it was rebuilt. Subsequently, the municipal administration has been concerned about the maintenance of the area.

Wikipedia: Ermita de Sant Josep de Montblanc (CA)

2. Pla de Santa Bàrbara

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Pla de Santa Bàrbara Enrique Íñiguez Rodríguez (Qoan) / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Pla de Santa Bàrbara is a hill in the heart of the town of Montblanc, in fact a small plateau that rises about twenty meters from the surrounding land. This enclave was occupied by an Iberian settlement of the Cossette tribe. The various archaeological excavations carried out in the twentieth century of the Iberian village documented a structure in the form of a radius, with small rectangular houses attached and silos that were used to store grain. The houses had a stone base and the elevation of tovot and plant elements. The houses were small, rectangular and with a fireplace. Along the wall, a work bench acted as a seat.

Wikipedia: Pla de Santa Bàrbara (CA)

3. Convent de la Serra

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Convent de la Serra tina vallès from barcelona / CC BY 2.0

La Mare de Déu de la Serra is a sanctuary and former convent of Clarisses sisters in the municipality of Montblanc. In the fifteenth century, it was the second sanctuary with the most pilgrims in Catalonia, after Montserrat. The Clarisses convent was the sixth oldest in Catalonia. The Virgin of the Sierra is venerated there. It is a protected building as a cultural asset of local interest.

Wikipedia: Santuari de la Serra (CA)

4. Santa Maria

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Santa Maria Josep Renalias / CC BY-SA 3.0

Santa Maria de Montblanc or Santa Maria la Major is a fourteenth-century Gothic church in the municipality of Montblanc, with the main doorway considered to be from the Renaissance. It is located on top of a promontory from where you can see the old city of Montblanc. It is also known as The Mountain Cathedral. It is a work declared a cultural asset of national interest.

Wikipedia: Santa Maria de Montblanc (CA)

5. Portal de Bové

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Portal de Bové Till F. Teenck / CC BY-SA 2.5

The walled enclosure of Montblanc is formed by the set of towers, portals and walls that surround the historic center of the town of Montblanc, in the Catalan region of Conca de Barberà. It has been declared a cultural asset of national interest: the fortified enclosure in the category of historical monument and the intramural complex as a historical site.

Wikipedia: Recinte emmurallat de Montblanc (CA)

6. Església de Santa Tecla

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Anta Church ECLA is a church in Anteblanc Township, which is listed in the 10th place in the architectural code of Atalonia. At the kissing place in Aix Street is a small church with a very simple structure-a stone gate with shields and birds, and a round window. And he has half a door, a work that may be from the 17th century.

Wikipedia: Església de Santa Tecla (Montblanc) (CA)

7. Museu-Arxiu de Montblanc

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L Os On Ortugue is a Gothic building of OntBlanc dating back to the 13th century, and today its headquarters is OntBlanc and the county's USUS-RXIU entity, founded in 1958. The original l is located at 6 Ausa Street and contains the fresco site of Ontblanc and the Redodes of Anta Aria Church.

Wikipedia: Casal dels Josa (CA)

8. Sant Francesc de Montblanc

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L OntBlanc's Ant Corps, probably founded at the end of s's third decade. , maybe the present location, or nearby, and a simple temporary building. N in any case, we can't talk about crowding out just because there was no wall at that time. And the old monastery is only left with churches.

Wikipedia: Convent de Sant Francesc de Montblanc (CA)

9. Sant Miquel

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Ant Iquel of OntBlanc is a church in the village of OntBlanc. Served as a deacon of the parish before and during the architect of Aria Anta. 'Being loaded...' The Catalan Cathedral, held in 1307, 1333 and 1370, is a building protected as a cultural site of local interest.

Wikipedia: Església de Sant Miquel de Montblanc (CA)

10. Església de l'Hospital de Santa Magdalena

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The Church of the Hospital de Santa Magdalena de Montblanc is a religious building of Gothic art totally linked to the adjoining old Hospital of Santa Magdalena by history and construction. In fact, internally both buildings are separated only by a small courtyard.

Wikipedia: Església de l'Hospital de Santa Magdalena (CA)


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