16 Sights in Lleida, Spain (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Lleida, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 16 sights are available in Lleida, Spain.

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1. Estació de Lleida-Pirineus

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Estació de Lleida-Pirineus Indibil / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Lleida Pirineus is an important railway station serving the city of Lleida in Catalonia, Spain. It is located between the neighbourhoods of Pardinyes and Rambla de Ferran. The first train services in Lleida date of 1860, but the station wasn't built until 1927, and it did not adopt its current official name until 2003, when it underwent an ambitious reform. As a transport hub connecting the interior of Spain with the Corredor Mediterráneo, it serves both broad gauge and standard gauge trains, operated by both Adif-Renfe and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. It is the terminus of several regional railway services centered in Aragon and Catalonia. It's also one of the stations on the Madrid–Barcelona high-speed rail line, and it was its north-eastern terminus until 2008.

Wikipedia: Lleida Pirineus railway station (EN)

2. Auditori Enric Granados

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Auditori Enric Granados is the main concert hall in Lleida also hosting the city's music conservatory. It contains a symphonic hall with 803 seats and a chamber music hall with a capacity of 245. This music institution is named after the composer Enric Granados, who was born in Lleida in 1867. Located on Plaça Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer, the building was designed by local architects Ramon Artigues and Ramon Sanabria and opened in 1994 after ten years of construction and was officially inaugurated by Queen Sofía of Spain on 14 February 1995. Ancient remains of Lleida were found under the venue.

Wikipedia: Auditori Enric Granados (EN)

3. CaixaForum Lleida

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CaixaForum is a cultural centre managed by Fundación “La Caixa” located in 3 Avinguda de Blondel, in the city of Lleida, cornering Avinguda de Madrid, in the building popularly known as Montepío after the former name of a bank located in this building. The building which was the site of Cine Viñes became the cultural centre of Fundación “La Caixa” in 1989, so we can say that this building has always been related to cultural activities. It was later renamed in 2008 to keep the same naming convention of other centres from La Caixa.

Wikipedia: CaixaForum Lleida (EN)

4. Monument a Indíbil i Mandoni

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The statue of Nderbil and Andoni is an academic work of Leda, which is listed in the 12th day of Architectural Remains of Matalunia. S A bronze sculpture group is located in Leda Glacier and Arriga Square, belonging to RC of Ante, which is the entrance of the ancient city and communicates with Ante and Arriga. LS warriors armed with chains, spears and falcons represent two lawless chiefs, Ndebil and Andoni. They defend Leda from the Kataiji and Romans, and successfully prevent the city from being swept through struggle and negotiation.

Wikipedia: Estàtua d'Indíbil i Mandoni (CA)

5. Palau de la Diputació de Lleida

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L Alau of Ledayipto is the Ledaya building in the town of Illan and Rain of Bullets Street, which has been the stronghold of Ledayipto since 1898, the local government of Ledaya Province. Comprehensively preside over power worship, solitary walking, economic worship, cultural and educational worship, human feelings worship, financial power worship, study worship, and all political activities such as music, residence, things, things, things and other inaction. S a building is protected as a local cultural boutique.

Wikipedia: Palau de la Diputació de Lleida (CA)

6. Església de Sant Llorenç

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Sant Llorenç is a Romanesque church in Lleida dating from the late 12th century, with Gothic additions from the 15th century. The initial architects of the church were Pere de Coma, the master of works who in charge of La Seu Vella, the old cathedral of Lleida. It has a nave and two aisles, built with the same height, and three apses; the nave is in the Romanesque style, whereas the aisles are Gothic, as is the octagonal bell tower. In 2002 part of the church was refurbished.

Wikipedia: Church of Sant Llorenç, Lleida (EN)

7. la Llotja de Lleida

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la Llotja de Lleida La Llotja de Lleida S.A / Public domain

La Llotja de Lleida is a theatre and congress centre in Lleida. It opened its doors in January 2010, and is owned by the city council. Giuseppe Verdi's Il Trovatore premiered there on 21 January that year. Its two congress halls, called A and B, have capacity for 400 and 200 people, while the main auditory, Sala Ricard Vinyes, has 1000 seats. It's located in Pardinyes, next to the river Segre and the Lleida Pirineus railway station, on the site of a former municipal market.

Wikipedia: La Llotja de Lleida (EN)

8. Plaça de la Constitució

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The Plaça de la Constitució is a public square in Lleida protected as a cultural asset of local interest. However, the square is better known by its popular name of Clot de les Granotes, which emerged during the neighborhood mobilization of the late 1970s that sought the consolidation of a green space instead of the blocks of flats that were planned there. The name of the neighborhood Príncep de Viana - Clot reflects this popular term.

Wikipedia: Plaça de la Constitució (Lleida) (CA)

9. Museu d'Art Jaume Morera

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Museu d'Art Jaume Morera ElnavarroG / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Museu d'Art Jaume Morera is a museum in Lleida (Catalonia) created by the Diputació de Lleida and the Lleida City Council with the collaboration of the painter Jaume Morera i Galícia. It is the museum of modern and contemporary art of the city of Lleida. Today is municipally owned and receives financial support from the Diputació de Lleida and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Its entrance is free.

Wikipedia: Museu d'Art Jaume Morera (EN)

10. la Paeria

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The Palace of La Paeria is the name the city hall of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, which currently houses the city council. The see is located on Plaça de la Paeria. Lleida's mayor is called Paer en cap, a term also used for Cervera's mayor. The term paer derives from Latin paciarum, meaning "man of peace". This title was given to Lleida's mayor as a special privilege by king James I The Conqueror in 1264.

Wikipedia: La Paeria (EN)

11. Casa Sauces

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The Sauces House, which houses the Mael Boutique, is one of lleida's most historic and legendary buildings. The emblematic construction has three facades that overlook the streets: Magdalena, Carme and the unnamed square in front of the Diputación. This place was formerly known as the butcher's square and stood out in a special way for the so-called Porxos d'en Massot, which were demolished in 1937.

Wikipedia: Casa Sauces (CA)

12. Biblioteca Pública de Lleida

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Biblioteca Pública de Lleida Indibil / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Public Library of Lleida, also formerly called Biblioteca Pública de la Maternitat, is a public library in the city of Lleida. Its legal owner is the Generalitat de Catalunya. The building was originally a 19th-century maternity house, that is, an orphanage located in the Rambla d'Aragó and has operated as the town's main library since 1998, when it was heavily reformed.

Wikipedia: Public Library of Lleida (EN)

13. Parc Municipal dels Camps Elisis

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LS Amps Lisis is an urban park in the city of Leda, located in Apopong, divided into French and romantic English garden areas, built on woodland basis. He is still on the reeds of Idray and Irene. LS Amps Lisis is Leda's work, which is listed in the list of architectural relics in Matalunia, and the music pavilion is also protected as a local cultural list.

Wikipedia: Camps Elisis (Lleida) (CA)

14. Castell de la Suda

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Uda or Asteldel El of Leda is a Suda or Alcasaba from the town of Leda, from Andalusia. S is located in the EU ELA on the hillside. Stand out from the important restoration of incorporating it into the old headquarters and EI Castle Monument, the castle and its playing centre have been available to visit since early 2011.

Wikipedia: Suda de Lleida (CA)

15. Teatre Principal

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The Teatre Principal is the oldest theatre in the city of Lleida. Located in Plaza Paeria, number 7. Currently it also functions as a cinema exhibition room with daily screenings, and it screened the first editions of Animac, the International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia.

Wikipedia: Teatre Principal (Lleida) (CA)

16. Font de la Sirena

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The Fountain of the Mermaid of Lleida is a fountain located in the Parc des Champs Elysees in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. It features a mermaid holding in a hand a conch, which released the water. The fountain is surrounded by a garden.

Wikipedia: Fountain of the Mermaid of Lleida (EN)

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