7 Sights in Algeciras, Spain (with Map and Images)


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Explore interesting sights in Algeciras, Spain. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Algeciras, Spain.

1. Torre de San Garcia

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The Torre de San García was a beacon tower located at the tip of San García, in the Andalusian town of Algeciras, Spain. This defensive construction, of which few remains are currently preserved, was part of the surveillance system of the Strait of Gibraltar and the bay of Algeciras since the seventeenth century along with other watchtowers and the defense system completing the action of the fort of San García since the eighteenth century.

Wikipedia: Torre de San García (ES)

2. Torre Vigía de El Fraile

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The Torre del Fraile is one of a set of military watchtowers built around the South and East coast of Spain to keep an eye on passing shipping and Barbary pirates. The watchtowers were in sight of one another and it was therefore possible to get a signal to Gibraltar from the watchtower in Tarifa. The tower was designed by Luis Bravo and Juan Pedro Laguna in 1588.

Wikipedia: Torre del Fraile (EN)

3. Factoria Romana de Salazones

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The Roman fish salting factory was a salting factory established on the seafront of Algeciras, southeastern Spain by the Romans. It belonged to the fishing village of San Nicolás, part of what was called Caetaria. A site of archaeological and historical interest, it was declared a Bien de Interés Cultural site on 27 June 2002.

Wikipedia: Roman fish salting factory (EN)

4. Torre Vigía del Lobo

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Torre del Arroyo del Lobo is a ruined medieval defensive tower near Algeciras, Spain. It is located in the cove of Getares, and monitored the stretch of coast from Punta Carnero to Punta de San García between the cities of Algeciras and Tarifa as part of the defensive system of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Middle Ages.

Wikipedia: Torre del Arroyo del Lobo (EN)

5. Mercado de Abastos de Algeciras

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The Mercado de Abastos de Algeciras, also called Mercado Ingeniero Torroja, is a rationalist building designed by the civil engineer Eduardo Torroja Miret and executed by the architect Manuel Sánchez Arcas in 1935 in the Plaza Nuestra Señora de La Palma replacing the market built in the same place in 1827.

Wikipedia: Mercado de Abastos de Algeciras (ES)

6. Centro de Interpretacion de la Cultura Andalusi

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The Interpretation Centre of Andalusian Culture (CICA) is an exhibition hall located in the Andalusian town of Algeciras and dependent on the Municipal Museum of the town dedicated to the exhibition of archaeological remains and replicas related to the medieval history of Al-Jazeera Al-Jadra.

Wikipedia: Centro de interpretación de la cultura andalusí (ES)

7. Acueducto (siglo XVIII)

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Acueducto (siglo XVIII)

The Aqueduct of Algeciras is one of the most important buildings in Algeciras, Spain. Numerous textbooks, dictionaries and guidebooks cite this building as Arabic or Roman, but it was built in the eighteenth century.

Wikipedia: Aqueduct of Algeciras (EN)


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