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Explore interesting sights in Postojna, Slovenia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Postojna, Slovenia.

1. Pivka Jama

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Beer Pit is located in a karst cave not far from Post, with an organized guided tour. Along the cave, the underground Pifka River passes through and has entered the Posterling Cave in the underground world. Beer pits are otherwise part of an extensive back hole system. At the entrance to the beer pit is the car camp at the beer pit, where the restaurant is 65 meters deep in the ecliptic abyss. From here you can see the underground Pifko River. This cave is also connected with the black pit through a 100-meter-long artificial ditch. The underground Pifka River continues its path to the cave, where it joins the Lak River and runs further beneath Unika (the last karst vanity in the tributary of the Liublika River).

Wikipedia: Pivka jama (SL)

2. Lekinka

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Lekinka is a horizontal karst cave with an entrance on the northeastern edge of the Postojna Basin not far from Postojna or more specifically the village Velika Otok in southwestern Slovenia. It is part of the more extensive postojna cave system, with which it has no transient connection; In Lekinko ponika Črni potok, it runs through it to the final siphon and reaches the nearby Island Cave underground, in which it then flows into the River Pivka. The black stream flows almost horizontally along Lekinka in the length of 1032 m to the final siphon, at which distance the vertical difference in the riverbed is only 5 m.

Wikipedia: Lekinka (SL)

3. Planinska jama

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Planinska jama Boštjan Burger (Lander) at sl.wikipedia. / CC BY-SA 3.0

Planina Cave, formerly also Little Castle Cave after Little Castle in the vicinity of its entrance, is one of the longest Slovenian active caves. It is a huge tunnel and the subterranean bed of the Unica River. It is located in Inner Carniola. Five hundred meters from the entrance into the cave is a confluence of two underground rivers: the Pivka River, flowing from the Postojna Polje through Postojna Cave, and the Rak River, flowing to Planina Cave through Weaver Cave from Rak Škocjan. This is one of the largest confluences of subterranean rivers in Europe.

Wikipedia: Planina Cave (EN)

4. Ravbarjev stolp

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Ravbarjev stolp

The small castle is a medieval castle near the entrance of the cave. Because of his name, the cave was once called Malugat Cave. Among sources, he was first known as the "Fort Klein" castle in 1444. His master was first the Earl of the Gorilla, and later Mr. Alben, Seveny, and the Habbes bourgeoisie. At 15. For a century, he was endowed with Reeve's blood in the provincial capital-maharaja feudalism. It is also known as Lavalbata, according to them, and it is the only surviving part of the castle.

Wikipedia: Mali grad, Planina (SL)

5. Arheološko najdišče Betalov spodmol

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Betal Rock Shelter, a karst cave located on the south-eastern edge of the Lower Pivka river valley on a slope just above the road from Postojna to Bukovje is a site where rich cultural sediment layers with remains of stone tools, artifacts, and numerous fossilized bones of contemporary animals were found. Its entrance was formed by the collapse of the 174 m (571 ft) long cave's ceiling, carved out by the waters of the Pivka River.

Wikipedia: Betal Rock Shelter (EN)

6. Črna jama

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Black holes are karst caves and one of the entrances of underground piedmont cave systems. Originally called independent caves, they were later linked to a unified upright cave system through new discoveries. Located in the middle of the forest karst plateau 3 kilometers northwest of Poznan. She can reach it on the way from Post via the Big Island. The entrance to the cave opens at the bottom of the large bedroom garden.

Wikipedia: Črna jama (SL)

7. Notranjski muzej Postojna

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The Notran Museum is located in Postojna, Notransjko Kraška Region, Slovenia. The museum houses the largest exhibition about karst in the world, skeletons of ice age animals, an interactive tour of all 11,693 caves of Slovenia. The exhibition space covers 700 square meters on two floors of the Notran Museum building. The museum offers guided tours in English and Italian.

Wikipedia: Нотранський музей (UK), Website, Facebook

8. Predjama Castle

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Predjama Castle is a Renaissance castle built within a cave mouth in south-central Slovenia, in the historical region of Inner Carniola. It is located in the village of Predjama, approximately 11 kilometres from the town of Postojna and 9 kilometres from Postojna Cave.

Wikipedia: Predjama Castle (EN)


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