7 Sights in Nitra, Slovakia (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Nitra, Slovakia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Nitra, Slovakia.

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1. Mariánske súsošie

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Mariánsky Column is a plague column in Nitra. This High Baroque sculpture, the largest in the city, is situated on the southern slope of the castle hill. Bishop Imrich Esterházi had a column erected to commemorate the great plague epidemics of 1710 and 1739, during which about a quarter of the city's population died. The sculpture was built in 1750 and its author is the Austrian stone sculptor Martin Vögerl from Bruck an der Leitha. The restored monument was approved on April 29, 2008.

Wikipedia: Mariánsky stĺp (Nitra) (SK)

2. Kostol sv. Petra a Pavla

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Kostol sv. Petra a Pavla

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Janíkovce is the parish church of the Parish of Nitra – Janíkovce. Today's appearance of the church dates back to the 17th century. The church is dedicated to St. Michael. To Peter and Paul, the apostles. It has been declared a cultural monument. The church has two naves, the main one and the side one. It also has two side chapels, the Chapel of St. Michael. St. Anne's and St. Anne's Chapel. Francis of Assisi.

Wikipedia: Kostol svätých Petra a Pavla (Janíkovce) (SK), Website, Url

3. Divadlo Andreja Bagara

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Divadlo Andreja BagaraMartin Hlauka (Pescan) 19:43, 15 March 2008 (UTC) / Attribution

The Andrej Bagar Theatre is a theatre located in Nitra, Slovakia. It opened in 1949. The theatre was known as Nitrianske krajové divadlo and Krajové divadlo Nitra before being named after actor Andrej Bagar in 1979. Various productions from the theatre have been recognised in the annual DOSKY Awards. The director of the theatre from 2001 was Ján Greššo, until being succeeded by Jaroslav Dóczy in 2016.

Wikipedia: Andrej Bagar Theatre (EN)

4. Kostol sv. Michala archanjela

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Kostol sv. Michala archanjela

Dražovský kostolík is one of the oldest churches in Slovakia, dating from the 11th century, located at Dražovce. It is a typical early Romanesque architecture single-nave building with thick enclosure walls and small roundish apse. It is no longer used. Research from 1947 and 1948 discovered 55 graves around the church.

Wikipedia: Dražovce church (EN), Website, Url

5. svätého Martina

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svätého Martina Farský úrad Nitra - Chrenová / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Church of St. Martin is a Roman Catholic parish church standing in the Chrenová housing estate in Nitra. It was consecrated by the Bishop of Nitra, Mons. William Judak on November 10, 2013. Until this day, the church had only been blessed by the Bishop of Nitra, Mons. Karol Kmeťko on November 14, 1943.

Wikipedia: Kostol svätého Martina (Nitra) (SK), Website

6. svätého Ladislava

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The Church of St. Ladislav forms a complex of objects on the streets of Paris in Nitra. The complex consists of churches, colleges and gymnasiums. The church ranks high among one of the most striking single buildings in the city, and is also the largest church in and around Nitra.

Wikipedia: Kostol svätého Ladislava (Nitra) (SK), Website

7. Kalvária

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The Nitra Calvary is a calvary from the turn of the 18th – 19th centuries, located on the dominant rocky hill of the same name in the southeastern part of the city of Nitra. From the top there is a panoramic view of the city, Zobor Hill and the wider surroundings.

Wikipedia: Kalvária (Nitra) (SK)


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