6 Sights in Tavira, Portugal (with Map and Images)


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Explore interesting sights in Tavira, Portugal. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Tavira, Portugal.

Sightseeing Tours in Tavira

1. Igreja do Hospital do Espírito Santo

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Igreja do Hospital do Espírito SantoVitor Oliveira from Torres Vedras, PORTUGAL / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Church of São José do Hospital, also known as the Church of the Holy Spirit, is a religious building located in the city of Tavira, Portugal. The church dates back to the fifteenth century and is classified as MIP - Monument of Public Interest. Belonging to the former Royal Hospital of the Holy Spirit, this temple was rebuilt in 1752, as well as the hospital facilities, in the reign of King João V.

Wikipedia: Igreja_de_São_José_do_Hospital (PT)

2. Ermida de Santa Ana

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Ermida de Santa Ana

The Ermida de Santa Ana or Church of Santa Ana, is located in the eastern part of the city of Tavira, in Alto de Santana. The date of origin is not certain, but there are records, from the year 1518, at the time of the visitations of members of the Order of Santiago. In the eighteenth century, it was the chapel of the Governor and Captain-General of the Algarve.

Wikipedia: Ermida de Santa Ana (Tavira) (PT)

3. Ermida de São Sebastião

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Ermida de São Sebastião

The Chapel of São Sebastião, also known as the Chapel of São Sebastião, is located in the parish of Santiago, in the city of Tavira, near the Atalaia Barracks. The date of its construction is not certain, but in 1723 there is already a record of its existence, perhaps located on the site of a small hermitage.

Wikipedia: Capela_de_São_Sebastião_(Tavira) (PT), Heritage Website Sipa, Heritage Website

4. Quartel da Atalaia

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Quartel da Atalaia Osvaldo Gago / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Atalaia Barracks, located in the parish of Santiago, in Tavira, was built in 1795 by the Governor General of the Algarve, the Count of Vale dos Reis, Nuno José Fulgêncio de Mendonça Moura Barreto. To this barracks came the so-called Infantry Regiment No. 14 (R.I.14), from the city of Faro.

Wikipedia: Quartel da Atalaia (PT), Heritage Website

5. Arraial Ferreira Neto

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The Arraial Ferreira Neto was the support structure for the fishing traps, located in Quatro Águas, in Tavira, having been transformed into a hotel unit, Hotel Vila Galé Albacora, with a thematic museum on the art of tuna fishing.

Wikipedia: Arraial_Ferreira_Neto (PT), Heritage Website Sipa, Heritage Website

6. Forte do Rato

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Forte do Rato

Fort Santo António of Tavira, also known as Rato Fort or Lebres Island Fort, is located east of the Quatro Águas site, at the mouth of the Gilão River, next to the bar of the city of Tavira, in the District of Faro, in Portugal.

Wikipedia: Fort Santo António (Tavira) (EN), Heritage Website Sipa, Heritage Website


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