9 Sights in Coimbra, Portugal (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Coimbra, Portugal. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Coimbra, Portugal.

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1. Biblioteca Joanina

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The Biblioteca Joanina, sometimes known in English as the Joanine Library, is a Baroque library in Coimbra, Portugal, located at the heart of the University of Coimbra. The Biblioteca Joanina is regularly considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Wikipedia: Biblioteca Joanina (EN)

2. Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo

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Teatro da Cerca de São Bernardo / Attribution

Escola da Noite - Grupo de Teatro de Coimbra is a Portuguese professional theatre company, based in Coimbra since its foundation in 1992, being an Institution of Public Utility since 1998. He has premiered so far 72 shows and presented about two thousand sessions in Coimbra and on tour, national and international. In choosing the repertoire, it seeks a balance between classical and contemporary authors, with two special points of interest: the work of Gil Vicente and the dramaturgy in the Portuguese language. Aeschylus, Euripides, Chekhov, Lorca, Beckett, Heiner Müller, José Sanchis Sinisterra, Nelson Rodrigues, Plínio Marcos and Abel Neves are some of the authors he has worked with. In recent years, it has deepened a new front of work – the scenic adaptation of non-dramatic texts from, for example, the works of Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, Rubem Fonseca and Franz Kafka and, in poetry, of Adélia Prado and Manoel de Barros.

Wikipedia: A Escola da Noite (PT)

3. Santa Clara Monastery (Sofia)

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Coimbra University, named Coimbra University, is a historical and cultural group that was awarded UNESCO World Heritage in 2013. The four concessions of the college come from the historical center of Coimbra in Coimbra, Portugal. Coimbra University is one of the oldest universities still in operation in the world and the oldest university in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries and regions.

Wikipedia: Universidade de Coimbra - Alta e Sofia (PT)

4. Memorial Irmã Lúcia

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Lúcia de Jesus Rosa dos Santos was a nun of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, known in Carmel as Sister Maria Lúcia de Jesus e do Coração Immaculata and by most Portuguese simply as Sister Lúcia, who, along with her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, claimed to have received several apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the place of Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal.

Wikipedia: Lúcia de Jesus dos Santos (PT)

5. Igreja da Sé Velha

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The Old Cathedral of Coimbra is a Romanesque Roman Catholic building in Portugal. Construction of the Sé Velha began some time after the Battle of Ourique (1139), when Prince Afonso Henriques declared himself King of Portugal and chose Coimbra as capital. The first Count of Coimbra, the Mozarab Sisnando Davides, is buried in the cathedral.

Wikipedia: Old Cathedral of Coimbra (EN)

6. Penedo da Saudade

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Penedo da Saudade

Penedo da Saudade, previously known as Pedra dos Ventos is a historical public garden in Coimbra, Portugal. The garden has partial views of Coimbra skyline and the Coimbra City Stadium. A long winding walkway leads down the hill through a wooded area, from the main section of the garden all the way down to Infanta Dona Maria street.

Wikipedia: Penedo da Saudade (EN)

7. Igreja de Santo António dos Olivais

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The Church of Santo António dos Olivais, also referred to as Convent of Santo António dos Olivais, Parish Church of Santo António dos Olivais and Sanctuary of Santo António dos Olivais, is located in the parish of Santo António dos Olivais, in the city, municipality and district of Coimbra, Portugal.

Wikipedia: Igreja de Santo António dos Olivais (PT)

8. Palácio de São Marcos

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The Monastery of St. Mark of Coimbra, now the Palace of St. Mark, was a male convent belonging to the Order and Congregation of St. Jerome. It is located near Tentúgal, in the farm of São Marcos, parish of São Silvestre, municipality and diocese of Coimbra.

Wikipedia: Mosteiro de São Marcos de Coimbra (PT)

9. Aqueduto de São Sebastião

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The San Sebastiao Aqueduct, commonly known as the Garden Arch, is located on the Martim de Freitas sidewalk opposite the Se Nova Botanical Gardens in the city of Coimbra in the Portuguese district of Coimbra.

Wikipedia: Aqueduto de São Sebastião (PT), Heritage Website Sipa, Heritage Website


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