10 Sights in Radom, Poland (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Radom, Poland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Radom, Poland.

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1. Muzeum Historii Radomia

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Muzeum Historii Radomia Stanisław Zbigniew Kamieński / CC BY-SA 4.0

Radome Museum of Contemporary Art, a branch of the museum. Jack Malczewski was founded on 10 November 1990 and is the first museum in Poland officially named the Museum of Modern Art. He has a large collection of Polish art from the mid-20th and early 21st centuries, increased almost entirely through donations. Donors include the most outstanding artists from different circles and generations: J. J Nowosilski. E. Mazieska. Joseph Rosenstein, J. J. Skarzinski. Wolfgang Kraupe. S. Fangor. J. Gierowski. Tarasin, Z. J. Makowski. Sempolinski, H. K. Baleznicki. R. Bereznicki, R. L. Winarski. E. Korolkiewicz. W. Kuryluk. J. Hasior. E. Bereszek. J. Ovidzka. Berdyszak, I. E. Gustowska. J. Dwurnik. J. Waltos. Gaj, S. G. Baj. T. Bednarski. A. Boruta. J. Mickiewicz. M. Sroka. S. Smoczynski. Ambroziak; The late artist A. M. Nacht. Oberländer, Z. Timoszewski, Z. J. Karpinski. Lukomski. Stehnova and A. The works of Hoffmann. Between 1992 and 2013, the museum received more than 2,500 works as gifts. The outstanding Polish creator is the co-creator of the museum collection. Some of their collections were donated by Christina Zakhvatovic and Andrew Vaida. One of the most important Polish art collections of the period was established for educational programmes aimed at high school youth. The museum has held individual exhibitions and problem exhibitions for 25 years.

Wikipedia: Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej w Radomiu (PL)

2. Kościół pw. Trójcy Przenajświętszej

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Holy Trinity Church-The first wooden church was built in the first half of the 17th century, along with the Benedictine Sisters Monastery of the Barbara Spawning Foundation. This wooden temple was destroyed in the Swedish flood. From 1678 to 1733, Tilman of Gameren designed and built a masonry church. In 1774, a fire destroyed the monastery and church procession. In 1809, the monastery established a military hospital, and in 1819, after Casata, the monastery established a prison. In 1837, it was renamed PW Orthodox Church. Santa Claus. After the uprising in January 1864. The building was reconstructed by the addition of a superstructure with a dome and the addition of a triangular top supported by pilasters to the top of the second floor. The whole facade was pierced. During the First World War, the Austrians laid out a warehouse inside, leaving the facility in ruins. From 1924 to 1925, 19th-century reconstructions were demolished and designed by architect Kazimierz Prokulsky to reconstruct baroque exterior walls. The church has been run by OO since 1947. Jesuits. In 1982, the church was being renovated. Until 1997, the monastery was a prison and detention center and is now the seat of the bishops' college. The facility is part of the Radomia Monument hiking route.

Wikipedia: Kościół Świętej Trójcy w Radomiu (PL)

3. Kościół pw. Opieki Najświętszej Maryi Panny

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Kościół pw. Opieki Najświętszej Maryi Panny Rafał T / CC BY-SA 3.0

PW Cathedral. The Temple of the Virgin Mary of Radom is a neo-Gothic temple located at 16 Henry Seenkevich Street in Radom. Built from 1894 to 1911, according to the design of Joseph Pius Zkonsky. In 1981. . . Sandomierski-Radomskii Parish Union Cathedral was founded on 25 March 1992. -Radom Parish Cathedral. It is the church of NMP nursing parish. The facility is part of the Radomia Monument hiking route.

Wikipedia: Katedra Opieki Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Radomiu (PL)

4. Muzeum im. Jacka Malczewskiego

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IM Museum. Jack Malczewski is a cultural institution in the province of Mazowiyates, headquartered in Radom, founded in 1923. The main statutory objective of the facility is the collection, preservation, scientific development and display of Polish cultural assets in the archaeological, historical, literary, natural and artistic fields.

Wikipedia: Muzeum im. Jacka Malczewskiego w Radomiu (PL)

5. Kościół pw. Świętej Katarzyny Aleksandryjskiej

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Radom St. Bernard Abbey Band is a late Gothic saint band located in the former Lubland suburb, next to the city of Kazimirovsky. Funded in 1468. It is one of the best preserved monastery complexes in Poland. Establish in stages. The facility has the status of a historic monument and is part of the Radomia Monuments tourist route.

Wikipedia: Klasztor i kościół oo. Bernardynów w Radomiu (PL)

6. Pomnik Marii i Lecha Kaczyńskich

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Monument to Lech and Maria Kaczyński – the first sculpture in Poland depicting Lech and Maria Kaczyński, unveiled on 18 June 2013 in Radom. Its author is Andrzej Renes, the author of m.in monuments of priest Ignacy Skorupka standing in Warsaw, or the Prague Backyard Band.

Wikipedia: Pomnik Lecha i Marii Kaczyńskich w Radomiu (PL)

7. Kościół pw. Świętego Wacława

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St. Waclawa in Radom was built in 1216 and funded by Prince Charming Leszek. Equipped by his son Poleslaw Shame. In 1440, it was expanded and partially rebuilt in Gothic style. The facility is part of the Radomia Monument hiking route.

Wikipedia: Kościół św. Wacława w Radomiu (PL)

8. Kościół Ewangelicko-Augsburski

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Radom Gospel-Augsburg Church is Radom Gospel-Augsburg Parish Church. It belongs to Warsaw Parish. It is located on Nikolaj Rej Street near the town of Kazimierowsky. The facility is part of the Radomia Monument hiking route.

Wikipedia: Kościół ewangelicko-augsburski w Radomiu (PL)

9. Kościół pw. Świętego Stanisława Biskupa i Męczennika

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St. Louis Garrison Church. Bishop Stanislav of Radom-Roman Catholic Garrison Church in Radom. It is located on Constitution Square in the city center on May 3. The facility is part of the Radomia Monument hiking route.

Wikipedia: Kościół garnizonowy św. Stanisława Biskupa w Radomiu (PL)

10. Mury miejskie

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The walls of Radom-a series of medieval fortifications, as well as a defensive structure around the new parliament-were built in the second half of the 14th century. It was demolished in the mid-19th century.

Wikipedia: Mury miejskie w Radomiu (PL)

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