5 Sights in Kłodzko, Poland (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Kłodzko, Poland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Kłodzko, Poland.

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1. Muzeum Ziemi Kłodzkiej

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Museum of the Kłodzko Land in Kłodzko – established in 1963 a museum and scientific institution covering the area of the Kłodzko land and its multinational cultural heritage, in particular geology, geography, history, history, history of material culture and art of the region. The seat of the museum is the former Jesuit convent in Kłodzko. It is administratively subordinate to the city. In 2001 it was entered into the State Register of Museums.

Wikipedia: Muzeum Ziemi Kłodzkiej w Kłodzku (PL)

2. Kościół Matki Bożej Różańcowej

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The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Kłodzko – a Roman Catholic parish church, located on the Sand Island in Kłodzko. The present building was built on the site of older ones in the years 1628-1631. The church has a three-nave, orientated and brick basilica layout with a semi-circular closed chancel separated from its body. Two towers stand in the west façade. The facility was significantly damaged during the flood in July 1997.

Wikipedia: Kościół Matki Bożej Różańcowej w Kłodzku (PL)

3. Most gotycki na Młynówce

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The Gothic Bridge over the Mill is a historic stone bridge on the Mill Canal in Kladzk, Lower Silesia. The bridge, featuring Gothic architectural features, connects Sandbar Island and the ancient section of Krokshika on Fort Hill with the bazaar and fort, and is part of one of the region's main traffic routes in the past. The bridge is closed to circular traffic. Under the bridge on the east side is the town square.

Wikipedia: Most gotycki na Młynówce w Kłodzku (PL)

4. Pręgierz

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Wargierz in Kladzk is a replica of Wargierz, which was abolished in 1793, and is located to the east of the market, near a well in the city of Kladzk and the entrance to the city hall. Waggierz was rebuilt in 2011. The replica is made from Radkowski sandstone; It is 460 cm high. On the pedestal was a small statue of a farmer with a sack of grain on it.

Wikipedia: Pręgierz w Kłodzku (PL)

5. Podziemna Trasa Turystyczna

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Underground Tourist Route of the Millennium of the Polish State in Kłodzko – a part of the undergrounds, located under the Old Town of Kłodzko, is open to the public. The route has a length of about 700 m and there are several thematic rooms with exhibits on the history of the city.

Wikipedia: Podziemna Trasa Turystyczna w Kłodzku (PL)

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