9 Sights in Wassenaar, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Wassenaar, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Wassenaar, Netherlands.

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1. Jeruzalemshof

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The Jeruzalemhof is a courtyard on the former Cellebroersgracht, which since the damping in 1875 is the Kaiserstraat, in the city center of the Dutch city of Leiden. It is the oldest surviving courtyard in Leiden. It was founded on May 16, 1467 by Wouter IJsbrandszoon in honor of God and the twelve apostles on the occasion of his visit to the holy sepulchre in Jerusalem. Originally, the courtyard consisted of 13 houses that were intended for thirteen poor men, who honored, and the one of good syn vergaen. A possible wife was also allowed to live in, because then she could take care of her husband. If her husband died, she had to leave. The fact that a courtyard was intended for men and not for women was special, because that had never happened before in the Netherlands.

Wikipedia: Jeruzalemhof (NL)

2. Samuel de Zee's hofje

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Samuel de Zee's hof is a courtyard in the Dutch city of Leiden. The courtyard was founded in 1723 for poor family members. The complex consists of 21 houses and is located on the Samuel de Zee's court. The entrance to the courtyard is located on the Doezastraat between house numbers 14 and 18 and contains the text: "Gives god only the honor for good dognie rich cousins and the nigten did Samuel de Zee this at sijn leeven stigten, 1723". After the entrance there is a gate with the text: "So was my sin: A yder talks after syn understanding ~ maer soo t not state to your pleasure blyft then buyten k can with myn gate your mouth not sluyten 1723 ~".

Wikipedia: Samuel de Zee's hof (NL)

3. Brandweermuseum

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The Wassenaar Fire Brigade Museum is a museum that has existed since 1923 and has been located since 1991 in the basement of the town hall of the South Holland town of Wassenaar in Huize De Paauw at Raadhuislaan 22. The collection is owned by the municipality of Wassenaar, which has entrusted the management to the Wassenaar Fire Brigade Museum Foundation. The volunteers of this foundation run the museum. There is also the Friends of the Wassenaar Fire Brigade Museum Foundation, which raises funds for special projects, such as the exhibition Fire Brigade in comic strips in 2012.

Wikipedia: Brandweermuseum Wassenaar (NL)

4. Bethlehemshof

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Bethlehemshof Rudolphous / CC BY 3.0

Bethlehemshof is a courtyard on the Levendaal in the Dutch city of Leiden. It was founded in 1630 by the Leiden merchant Gerrit Frankens van Hoogmade, who also chose the name of the courtyard. In 1701 the Mennonites of this courtyard joined the hofje De Houcksteen located on the Levendaal, but the administration remained separate. In 1811, for financial reasons, both courtyards were merged under the name Bethlehem. In 1897, the section on the Levendaal was provided with a contemporary fa├žade with an upper floor. In 1978 the courtyard was restored.

Wikipedia: Bethlehemshof (NL)

5. Barend van Namenhofje

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In the courthouse of Horseshoe Street, No.12, Dutch city. The court was established in 1730, and merchants named it for reformed childless couples over 50 years old. The court consists of 12 residences. Three courthouse houses were designed by us. Plastic film. The court was rebuilt in 1788. In 1915, it became Regent or W. W. The cost of. Dad is completely updated. In this way, it gives the impression that it is called "Villa Court". The court has a rain room and has the status of a national monument.

Wikipedia: Barend van Namenhof (NL)

6. Duinrell

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Duinrell is an amusement park situated in Wassenaar, Netherlands. Its main character is Rick the Frog. It also contains a caravan park and a camp-site. A variety of accommodation is also available including lodges, tents and static caravans. Bike and kart hire is available. The park has its own shop. Duinrell has been critically acclaimed for its attraction park with swimming pool, which has the longest waterslides in the Netherlands. The pool is open till 22:00 on most days.

Wikipedia: Duinrell (EN)

7. Tevelingshofje

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Tevelingshofje Rudolphous / CC BY 3.0

Tevelingshof is the court in the southern Dutch city. The court is located in the groove of the fourth inner fort. Tevelingshof was founded in 1655 and built in 1666, representing leading businessmen Jacob and Charles Tevel. During the plague of 1655, Charles Tevel stated in his will that Jacob, after his death, had to build a courthouse of 12 huts for childless couples over the age of 20. Jacob Island and his wife later extended this to twenty cabins.

Wikipedia: Tevelingshofje (NL)

8. Falcon

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Falcon milst1 on Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Falcon is a steel roller coaster at the amusement park Duinrell, located in Wassenaar, Netherlands. The roller coaster is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter model coaster which was opened to the public on 14 May 2009. At 97 degrees, Falcon has a steeper-than-vertical drop, and the steepest drop of any roller coaster in the Netherlands.

Wikipedia: Falcon (Duinrell) (EN)

9. Sint Annahof of Joostenpoort

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St. Nahov, or synagogue, is the courthouse of Victory Alley in the heart of the Dutch city. The court also has a (beautiful) port at the end of the target canal, where it is called the 5th Inner Fort Canal.

Wikipedia: Sint Annahof of Joostenpoort (NL)

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