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Welcome to your journey through the most beautiful sights in Warmond, Netherlands! Whether you want to discover the city's historical treasures or experience its modern highlights, you'll find everything your heart desires here. Be inspired by our selection and plan your unforgettable adventure in Warmond. Dive into the diversity of this fascinating city and discover everything it has to offer.

1. Nieuwe Hofmolen

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The Nieuwe Hofmolen in Warmond is a seesaw mill that was moved in 1981 to replace the Hofmolen. During the Second World War, it was demolished in one night and burned as firewood. Originally, the current mill was built in 1859 under the name Veermolen to drain the Veerpolder further south. In 2008, the mill drains the Hofpolder on a voluntary basis. The mill has the status of a national monument.

Wikipedia: Nieuwe Hofmolen (NL)

2. Faljerilmolen

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The Faljeril Mill is a seesaw mill on the island of Faljeril in the Kagerplassen in Warmond. The mill, actually a meadow mill, is owned by the Rhineland Mill Foundation, which bought it for 1.50 guilders from the previous owner. In 2007 the watercourse was restored, so that the mill can grind. Like most meadow demolens, it is equipped with a centrifugal pump.

Wikipedia: Faljerilmolen (NL)

3. Boterhuismolen

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The Boterhuismolen in Warmond is a polder mill built in 1744 to replace an earlier seesaw mill from 1634. The mill was in operation until 1960 and then sold to the Rijnlandse Molenstichting, which had several major restorations carried out on the Boterhuismolen, the last of which was carried out in 2002. The mill now drains the Boterhuispolder on a voluntary basis.

Wikipedia: Boterhuismolen (NL)

4. Sint Matthiaskerk

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St. Matthias Church is a Roman Catholic church at Herenweg 76 in Warmond, the Netherlands. The church was built in 1858 and was designed by architect Theo Molkenboer and in neo-Romanesque style. It's building is a municipal monument. Behind the church is a forest with, among other things, a statue of Mary. The Catholic cemetery is also located in the forest.

Wikipedia: Sint-Matthiaskerk (Warmond) (NL)

5. Zweilandermolen

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The Zweilandermolen is a seesaw mill in the Zweilanderpolder in the east of the former municipality of Warmond, now the municipality of Teylingen. The mill has been owned by the Rhineland Mill Foundation since 1968. He drains the polder on a voluntary basis. During the restoration of 2000, the auger was extended, so that the mill can cope with the lowered polder level.

Wikipedia: Zweilandermolen (NL)

6. Protestantse Kerk

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Protestant Church is a church building on Herenweg 82 in the village of Warmond in South Holland. The church is built in red brick on a T-shaped floor plan under a gable roof. On top of the church is an octagonal roof rider with a wooden lantern and striker. There are two round arch windows above the entrance.

Wikipedia: Protestantse Kerk (Warmond) (NL)


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