14 Sights in Valkenburg, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Valkenburg, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 14 sights are available in Valkenburg, Netherlands.

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1. Romeinse Katakomben

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The Roman Catacombs are an underground corridor system in Valkenburg in Dutch South Limburg. It is an extremely careful replica of parts of the catacombs in Rome. At the beginning of the 20th century, parts of the most important catacombs in Rome were carved with great precision in the limestone of Valkenburg in the Heidegroeve under the direction of architect Pierre Cuypers. The entrance to the Roman Catacombs are located on the Plenkertstraat near the De Leeuw beer brewery, the flint mines of Valkenburg and geological monument Quaeve Einde Plenkertweg. Above the quarry is the Polferbos.

Wikipedia: Romeinse Katakomben (Valkenburg) (NL)

2. Museum Land van Valkenburg

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Museum Valkenburg, formerly Streekmuseum Land van Valkenburg, is a museum in the center of Valkenburg, in the Dutch province of Limburg. The museum is located in the former town hall and post office of Valkenburg, a national monument. The permanent collection includes diverse collections in the fields of geology, Roman and medieval archaeology and local history. In addition, the museum collects Limburg art and organizes changing exhibitions. The organization is entirely in the hands of volunteers.

Wikipedia: Museum Valkenburg (NL)

3. Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Altijddurende Bijstandkerk

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The Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Altijddurende Bijstandkerk is a church building in Valkenburg in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul in the Dutch province of Limburg. The church is located on the north side of the Walramplein on the Sint Pieterstraat, just after the Geul has split into two branches at the Walram weir. About 200 meters to the west is the H. H. Nicolaas en Barbarakerk.

Wikipedia: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Altijddurende Bijstandkerk (Valkenburg) (NL)

4. Alphagroeve

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The Alphagroeve is a limburg marl quarry in the Dutch municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul in South Limburg. The underground quarry is located on the west side of Valkenburg on the Plenkertstraat in Plenkert on the northern edge of the Plateau of Margraten in the transition to the Geuldal. On site, the plateau plunges steeply down a few meters.

Wikipedia: Alphagroeve (NL)

5. Grafkelder Plenkertstraat

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In the valley of South Limburg, Holland's Vakenburg Commune is a catacomb and marginal marl quarrying. The underground quarry is located on the west side of the valley, on Plenary Street in Plates, north of the plateau on the edge of the valley's transitional stage. At the scene, the plateau dived steeply for several meters.

Wikipedia: Grafkelder Loisel (NL)

6. H.H. Nicolaas en Barbarakerk

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The church of H. H. Nicolaas en Barbara, or Oude Kerk, is a Roman Catholic parish church in the center of the Dutch-Limburg town of Valkenburg. The partly Romanesque, partly Gothic and partly Neo-Gothic building is a national monument. North of the church flows on the other side of the street the river Geul.

Wikipedia: H.H. Nicolaas en Barbarakerk (NL)

7. Kasteel Oost

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Kasteel Oost is a castle-like country house, located on the Oosterweg in a bend of the river Geul east of the town of Valkenburg in Dutch Limburg. The castle, which is surrounded by a formal garden and a landscaped garden, is a national monument and is also part of the Buitengoed Geul & Maas.

Wikipedia: Kasteel Oost (Valkenburg) (NL)

8. Sint-Jozefkerk

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St. Jos Church is Falcon Pants Church in Falcon Fort, South Limburg, Netherlands, located in the valley. It is located in the heart of the region from Fort Falcon to strakeebeg, houthem (-ยป gerlah) and the lake. The building is a national monument dedicated to theology.

Wikipedia: Sint-Jozefkerk (Valkenburg) (NL)

9. Franse Molen

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The French Mill or Fransche Molen is a water mill that uses the water of the river Geul and is located in the middle of Valkenburg. The water from the mill is transported by the Walram weir via the mill branch to the water mill where it first passes the Oude Molen.

Wikipedia: Franse Molen (NL)

10. Goudsberg

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The Goudsberg Wachtpost was a late Roman guard post or watchtower on the Heuvel de Goudsberg in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul in the south of the Dutch province of Limburg. The guard post was probably built to prevent Frankish raids.

Wikipedia: Wachtpost Goudsberg (NL)

11. Kasteel Valkenburg

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Valkenburg Castle is a ruined castle in Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands. It is unique in the Netherlands in that it is the only castle in the country built on a hill. The castle is listed in the top hundred of Dutch cultural monuments.

Wikipedia: Valkenburg Castle (EN)

12. Kloosterkerk

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The Franciscan monastery, also called Sint Joseph Instituut, is a former monastery in the Dutch-Limburg town of Valkenburg, located at Oosterweg no. 1. The neo-Gothic monastery chapel is also referred to as the Monastery Church.

Wikipedia: Franciscanessenklooster (Valkenburg) (NL)

13. Nicolaas-perroen

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Nicolaas Perroen is a platform in the Dutch town of South Limburg, located in valkenburg in the valley. The chapel is next to h.h. nicolaas and barbarakerk, located in the center of Falcon Fort, are close to gullies and ditches.

Wikipedia: Nicolaas-perroen (NL)

14. Provinciaal Verzetsmonument

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The Provincial Resistance Monument on the Cauberg near Valkenburg in the Dutch South Limburg municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul is a memorial chapel in honor of the Limburg resistance in the Second World War.

Wikipedia: Provinciaal verzetsmonument Limburg (NL)

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