10 Sights in Schiedam, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Schiedam, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Schiedam, Netherlands.

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1. De Plantage

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Plantation is a park in the southern Dutch city of Steadam, between Long New Street and Garden Avenue. It was built by city architects in 1767. At that time, the area was a green area on the edge of the rock dam. In 1826, the plantation was renovated under the leadership of garden architect jan david zocher. Around 1954, the plantation was redecorated by jan Guilwer, which removed many elements from the 19th century and added a playground and a musical stage when requested. The update staff worked with Captain Janjacob, head of Sheidam factory department.

Wikipedia: Plantage (Schiedam) (NL)

2. De Vrijheid

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Freedom is a windmill shooting at a dam. The factory of North Vest 40 is the "neighbour factory" of the North Factory, built in 1785 and commissioned by some burners as the Stone Position factory between the North Factory and the former factory, but has the opposite meaning to several other burners. They worry that the new plant will hinder the wind power of other plants because of its width and size. It was not until 1917 that the plant operated in front of the combustion plant.

Wikipedia: De Vrijheid (Schiedam) (NL)

3. De Nieuwe Palmboom

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The Palm tree is a windmill in the South Holland city of Schiedam that was originally built in 1781 to grind raw materials for gin production. In 1901, during a fire on the other side of the Vest, a spark was skipped and the mill was completely burned out. The mill stump remained standing and was rebuilt in 1991-1993. The rebuilt mill was then given the name De Nieuwe Palmboom.

Wikipedia: De Palmboom (molen) (NL)

4. Babbersmolen

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Baby's factory is along the dock of the southern Dutch city. It is the oldest stone crusher in Holland. For a long time, the hull, which is only 16 meters high, remained intact, but since 2013, the pulverizer has been restored to its old state. The factory is located on the private garden complex of 'Five Locks'. From the subway to Cape Highland and wheeled agriculture.

Wikipedia: Babbersmolen (NL)

5. Grote of St. Janskerk

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The Large or Templar Church in Sheidam is a triple church built in the 13th century on the site of the church. The construction of today's church began in 1335. During the Reformation, the primitive Catholic Church fell into the hands of Protestants. The church is used by the "Protestant Church", which is part of the Dutch Protestant Church.

Wikipedia: Grote of Sint-Janskerk (Schiedam) (NL)

6. Liduina Basiliek

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H's cathedral. Liduna and Our Dear Rose Sutra Wife is a neo-Gothic Roman Catholic church at the Shooting Dam, built between 1878 and 1881. The church is famous for its unique church and ST name. Membership base. This is a design, is a student, p. J. H. Lovely person. The church is dedicated to shooting at the sacred members of the dam

Wikipedia: Basiliek van de H. Liduina en Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van de Rozenkrans (NL)

7. De Noord

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De Noord is a windmill located on the Noordvest 38 in Schiedam, Netherlands. It is the tallest windmill in the world with a roof height of 33.3 metres. Its wing span is 26.6 metres. The mill is one of the five remaining windmills in Schiedam, and is a national monument since 29 May 1969. Today De Noord houses a restaurant.

Wikipedia: De Noord (EN)

8. Oude Stadhuis

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The old town hall is located in the large market. The building erected in 1538 was rebuilt in 1606 after the fire (1604), and the present outer walls were provided in 1637. The history of double stairs can be traced back to 1717-1718. In 1782, it was modernized by then-urban architect Rutger van Boles.

Wikipedia: Oude stadhuis (Schiedam) (NL)

9. Korenbeurs

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The Schiedammer Korenbeurs or Koopmansbeurs is a national monument from 1786-'92. Malt wine, cereals and swill were traded in the Korenbeurs. This trade was directly related to the jenever distilleries located in Schiedam. The Beurs is seen as one of the monuments of the Schiedam jenever industry.

Wikipedia: Korenbeurs (Schiedam) (NL)

10. Nationaal Jenevermuseum

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The National Jenever Museum Schiedam has been located since 1996 in a former malt wine distillery and distillery De Locomotief at Lange Haven 74-76 in the South Holland city of Schiedam, the city that became known as the jenever capital of the world.

Wikipedia: Jenevermuseum (Schiedam) (NL)

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